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Virgo November 2020

virgo love horoscope 2020 november

Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope November 2020

This is a month when you and your partner may decide to start a family or even to add to your family after a long break, i.e., you may have a teenage child, and suddenly you feel that you are so secure and financially stable that it would be great to do it all over again. This is also a time when adoption or fostering can be a serious consideration.

You are in a generous mood and may be looking for a special gift or way of surprising your partner over the holidays – it may be a unique gift you have created yourself; something aspirational you know they have wanted for ages or even a holiday to somewhere like Paris.

This is a very good month for new relationships as Virgo feel confident, positive, and carefree – you can let your hair down, and you are likely to drop your normal criteria and become more open-minded about the type you will go for. Sometimes expectations in all love relationships can be disproportionate, and this can lead to short-term disappointments – you need to make allowances for the multitude of factors which can have an impact on your partner’s mood, lust or reactions, and not take anything they say or do personally. It is possible that they will not be as excited about everything as you are in an elevated and buoyant frame of mind, so don’t let that get you down; they are not trying to rain on your parade but just lack energy.

Try and spread yourself between friends, family, and your partner as your need for love, affection, and enjoyment is too high to be supplied by one person. If you are with a partner exclusively, he may find you too demanding or exhausting.

virgo general trends for november 2020

Virgo Horoscope November 2020

Home life and even your physical home are important in terms of the month’s focus. You may look to make home repairs and improvements, especially with a view to impressing family who may come over for the holidays. If you have let anything drift regarding painting or general maintenance for your home, this month you will be inspired to give it a lick of paint, new carpet or flooring to improve resale value and the ergonomics.

You can take centre stage within your extended family, making important decisions and providing direction or even resources towards something of mutual concern.

This is a month when you feel responsible for family members, and you may extend a helping hand regarding finances, practical help, i.e., childcare or inviting a family member who is studying to stay in a spare room. You may feel an emotional obligation, even if you are not on the best of terms with this person/people. You have the opportunity to be a positive role model for younger family members, i.e., nieces or nephews and offer practical advice and assistance, e.g., helping them onto the first step of a career path by virtue of your connections.

You may be in the process of turning your home into a small home business, e.g., you may adapt the home so that you can do childcare or you may build on an office so that you can see clients at home or get equipment for your kitchen so that you can run a catering business.

Family is a major theme of this month, but so is your past – the greater contact with family this month can cause you to revisit past relationships, past phases of life and perhaps draw strength from the values instilled in you by your family. You can increase your inner sense of security and well-being by renewing ties and family bonds and also getting in touch with your roots.

November can bring you back down to earth and remind you who you are and where you come from.

There will be parties to attend in your neighbourhood or family birthdays and occasions in addition to Christmas parties, and so this can be an expensive month – buy clothes that suit many such occasions.

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