Monday, August 17, 2020

Taurus Weekly Predictions October 2020

october weekly horoscope 2020 for aries

Taurus First Week Horoscope October 2020

This week shall prove to be quite knowledge enriching particularly 1st & 2nd and rest of the days will be spent in a grand manner. You’ll love to acquire new knowledge. You’ll buy things after much bargaining. Reading books shall be your favourite past time. Between 3rd & 4th you’ll make good investments after getting some money. You’ll have a zest for life. Guests may come to your home. May go for house repairs and buy spectacular show pieces for your home. Between 5th & 6th you’ll have good rapport with your spouse. The youth will be zestful and children quite happy getting their desired things.

Taurus Second Week Horoscope October 2020

Between 8th & 9th you could be hurt. Your close ones may deceive you. You may feel sore hearing some scathing remark. You may feel helpless to suffer these agonies. May love to retire to a private career. But between 11th & 12th you’ll succeed in some interview and tests.

May also plan an auspicious ceremony. Marriage proposals for progeny could be received. May participate a ceremony at your in-law’s place. You have a knack of holding your sway at any place; you’ll manage to draw people towards yourself. May have a good time between 13th & 14th. Your wishes will be fulfilled. You’ll give much time to your family persons. 15th may prove a favourable day.

Taurus Third Week Horoscope October 2020

Not a good beginning of the week as between 16th & 18th you may suffer much difficulty. Overload of work and inability to complete work in time will vex you. Body ache may trouble you. Be careful about the secret conspiracies hatched by your enemies. Between 19th & 20th you’ll feel physically better. May concentrate on seeking new sources of income. Sale & purchase activities will keep you awfully hurt. Friend’s cooperation will help you achieve your objective. Love relations will have many ups and downs. You’ll try to mend your ways. May seek astrology and vaastu to ensure success of your work. Between 21st & 22nd you’ll have much happiness. Work-condition will be normal. On 23rd you may hit a lottery.

Taurus Fourth Week Horoscope October 2020

On 24th you’ll have good relations with your spouse. Avoid minor difference to escape tension. Nevertheless, in financial field you’ll beat all hollow. May have hurdles in your work. You’ll have an even vision for everyone. Avoid going near fire and relying on anyone. Be careful to spill out your secrets to anyone. Between 27th & 29th things will be quite positive. Close friends will be quite supportive. Lead a well regulated life. In property matters be tenacious to get desired success. Between 30th & 31st your income may boost up. Guests may pour in to cheer you up.

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