Thursday, August 20, 2020

Pisces November 2020

pisces love horoscope 2020 november

Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope November 2020

This is a pleasant time in relationships with a free flow of affection and lively light-hearted communication. This month is ideal for romance: cosy nights in with a movie or some good food. The theme is wine, women/men and song.

It is also an excellent time for those courting (sorry for the very old-fashioned terminology) to exchange written communications and love letters.

This month favours new relationships which start up as email exchanges after meeting up on Facebook or perhaps a dating website. Love can blossom in the cyberworld, and so this suits the beginning of long-distance relationships where the bulk of your initial relationship is developed via text or messenger rather than in person. Emotions can be exchanged more easily in writing, and that means that a real connection can be established fast. It may also be easier for you to drop your guard with effectively a stranger over the web than with a real person over a coffee table, and this can be very liberating and exciting.

In marriage, it is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder and a period apart due to work, or to do with you travelling with an interest group and leaving your partner alone for a few nights can do wonders for your mutual appreciation. While apart, try texting only rather than speaking on the phone, and you may be surprised at how this enhances communication.

pisces general trends for november 2020

Pisces Horoscope November 2020

You are quite incisive this month and can come across as being a little too blunt when putting your views out there. This can come as a surprise to you as you are only saying what you think is common sense, and it is; others are being too sensitive. You will find that censorship takes many forms, and those who get upset at your comments may be subtly trying to censor you – do not let that happen.

You have a flair for tracking things down this month, and so whether you are looking up an old friend, lost relative, members of your extended family tree or something special on auction or on eBay, you will have success. ‘Seek, and ye shall find’ should be this month’s motto.

You are rather inquisitive, and everything will attract your attention. They say that when looking at any story, what should be there and isn’t is just as important as what is there. You can spot a lie or liar a mile away and will not fall for it.

Even if you are not keen on writing per se, you may spend more time this month writing blogs, comments, or your opinions on matters which have stirred or angered you.

You are disciplined this month and also ambitious – you are devising ever greater goals for yourself as you feel that you have the tenacity and will to achieve them.

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