Career Horoscope November 2020

Every Zodiac Signs Career Horoscope: November 2020

all signs career horoscope november 2020

Aries Monthly Career Horoscope November 2020

There is success indicated in all legal matters – so if you are involved in a dispute, a legal wrangling or are working on a big case, this month should see a turnaround or a breakthrough. Whatever kind of dispute you may be having, either at work, in business, or personally, do not shut down the channels of communication right yet as this month could see a shock change of attitude from the other side.

Those who work in building, architecture, or interior design could see a big new contract, which is very exciting, and this is a good time to start a business in these fields.

November is a great time for forging new alliances in business, i.e., getting together to run joint advertising campaigns or perhaps joining with other similar businesses geographically or in the same industry to lobby local or national government.

November is excellent for seasonal promotions running up to December, and sales can be strong – customer loyalty discounts and customer events can be especially successful. Doing word of mouth promotions are also great right now, i.e., get 50% off for introducing a friend.

Relations with superiors, especially male ones, can be frustrating, and you will just have to bite your tongue.

An excellent month for publishing and releasing research papers or theses.

Aries who are studying have remarkable insights and can make some stunning leaps in learning this month. Also a very good month for any Arian involved in teaching, no matter what the subject, as you are skilled at putting ideas across in an inspiring way.

Taurus Monthly Career Horoscope November 2020

One thing to be careful of is familiarity at work – you need stronger boundaries with those you work closely with, i.e., business partners, work team mates as getting romantic right now in a situation where you have to work closely with someone day to day can be exciting for only so long before it becomes uncomfortable.

This month is an interesting one for those who work in law enforcement or are lawyers; you will need to get your financial caps on to investigate fraud or money laundering. In any business, you need to be more vigilant about security and make sure that the checks and balances you have at work do indeed work and can prevent or flag up anything from fraud to petty theft.

It is a month where financial details or investigation can take up time and even be quite irritating – you may be looking for some receipts that have vanished, chasing up bad debts, trying to negotiate better terms or sussing out which clients are risky. The lesson is to be more organised about your money and your records. Even if you do not have any issues, this is a good month to make sure your tax affairs are organised or to visit a tax specialist to help you reorganise to save money.

Taureans do not react well to bossy people, they tend to bring out the stubborn side of you; a new colleague may breeze into the office looking to take over, and this will get your back up. It is best to stay out of their way as Taurus are not in the mood to have their methods second-guessed by a newcomer.

Gemini Monthly Career Horoscope November 2020

This month bodes well for speculative investments and projects where there is some degree of risk or uncertainty. In the arts, you can never be quite sure how a project you have worked on for ages will be received, and so this month will bring you positive results and encouragement for your artistic projects and ideas.

In your financial dealings, there can be gains and losses, but you should overall come out on top – you will need to hold your nerve when things are not going well and just keep plugging away until the tide turns, and it will.

The test for you this month is in mental perseverance and being able to stick to the plan and believe in it even when things are not going well.

This month throws up some challenges when dealing with business partners – you may find their way of thinking or doing things frustrating or annoying, and yet you will have to accept their methods and accommodate them in the short run. You may also pay for some advice from an expert and not like what you are told, i.e., a lawyer or accountant may have some news for you that presents a short-term obstacle or annoyance.

Use your power to delegate wisely, and use this to save time for more important roles.

Keeping up with the latest technology in work is vital, and you may need to make outlays on new technology. You will also need to spend time reading up on the latest research or developments in your industry to keep abreast.

You are highly conscientious this month about sticking to rules and regulations, especially when it comes to environmental issues and recycling – you will want to incorporate more green technology into your work practices.

Cancer Monthly Career Horoscope November 2020

This month is excellent for the hospitality, restaurant, catering, and hotel industry with very good bookings ahead of the holidays – you may get more clients now than in December and so time promotions and discounts for November. This is a very good time to promote yourself if you run a restaurant or B&B, etc. by standing out from the competition. What can you offer that no one else can, what is novel and offers value to clients? You can use this month to generate lasting goodwill for your hospitality business by offering a better and unique experience. Use your imagination and do not be ordinary.

Attention to detail is vital in all work, and so check details and check again and then follow up with emails. Do not be afraid to nag clients and colleagues – keep checking up on them as you will find others forgetful and unreliable right now, and so do not assume that they will do what you instructed.

Get any orders you need before Christmas finalised in early November and make sure you get confirmation.

This month can be very profitable for Canercians in health, diet, and fitness fields, and so promotions can also be helpful. It is usual for folks to look into health from Jan 1 due to New Year’s Resolutions, etc. However, this year, November can also be a profitable time for well-being products.

In all work, you need to expand on your core competencies and spend less time with work peripheral to what you excel at. It is very important to touch base with clients and suppliers and shore up your supply chain. Ensure you use this season to communicate with valued staff, colleagues, and firms which offer you support services to foster good relationships and mutual cooperation in the New Year.

In the workplace (if you are a boss or an employee) take time to notice the contribution everyone makes and make everyone feel valued to encourage moral. This is a key time to increase productivity by promoting team spirit.

Leo Monthly Career Horoscope November 2020

You will look to assert your opinions and views on others. You identity strongly with your point of view and sometimes will not back down even in the face of new information. However, you will be very candid and will not hold back. It can be quite a release to get to that point where you just spit out your views regardless. You will not skirt around issues, you will get right to the point and may not be diplomatic. It could well be that all your diplomacy is exhausted in the home environment, meaning that you are more snappy and irritable with colleagues, but that can work in your favour in that you waste no time beating about the bush. You just lay it out there like it or lump it.

You can be very tough in negotiations and will ram home an advantage and go in for the kill. Even if you are not in the right, you will go ahead anyway – sometimes it works that way. If you choose a position, it can be better to stick with it than back down and admit you are wrong.

Your ability to come across as erudite, well-spoken and to use a powerful vocabulary is enhanced, and when you get debating, you can be quite mesmerising.

You may use this month to give someone a piece of your mind – it need not be a personal attack, you may write an angry letter to the town council complaining about an issue or organise a petition against a local issue impacting on you and other businesses.

You have a great deal of attack in whatever you do, which means you are very successful this month and highly effective.

Virgo Monthly Career Horoscope November 2020

Dealings in real estate, farming, construction or catering are favoured in November. It is a good time to buy or invest in these sorts of businesses.

You may also wish to invest in gold or silver, but you need to buy the actual thing not the paper right to gold/silver.

Those involved in heritage tourism can make gain due to added business and good reviews. If you run a B&B, you may get a listing in Frommer’s or an award which is a boost to business; in restaurants, you may get a great review from a well-known food critic. Conversely, if you run any business which caters for the general public, be sure that your health standards are high as there may be spot checks by officials, and make sure you are following all the guidelines.

November is a successful month for those involved in conservation and environmental protection; however, if your business is not very green or is following a business plan that involves high pollution levels, etc., you may find that new laws could cause great disruption to your plans. You may run into difficulties with local groups who oppose your plans to build or extend; however, this month diplomacy and mediation can be very successful and so whatever difficulty you have regarding dealing with opposition groups, do not slam the door; keep the conversation going and look to make compromises and find common ground.

This is not a month when you can act like an ostrich, blocking out any facts, figures or news that does not suit you – no man, or indeed, no business is an island, and you need to be more aware of the externalities your business creates. If you do decide to run a business from home, bear in mind that neighbours may complain about extra cars coming and going, noise or other perceived inconvenience. You should pre-empt these problems by opening up discussions with anyone who is affected by your business plans – if you keep them informed, it is far harder for them to complain.

This is a good month for trade fairs and for sourcing new suppliers, especially if they are fair trade, organic or from sustainable sources. Think ethics when you conduct your business.

Libra Monthly Career Horoscope November 2020

A good month to send out resumes and seek employment (if you are unemployed). This is an excellent month for those getting their first job. This favours both part-time, full-time and freelance work.

It is a good time to tender for contracts or woo bigger clients. You are feeling positive about your professional abilities and more willing to put yourself out there and jockey for position with the industry leaders.

It is very important to keep your eye on what the leaders in your field are doing – what tactics and business strategies do they use and how do they market? Make sure you mirror their practises and keep up with changes they make which could give you clues to how things are going. Be observant and watch the competition closely.

In many cases you need to spend money to make money – this may mean additional investment; extra advertising or refurbishment of your restaurant or B&B (i.e., any business where you cater for the public).

This is a good month to change your business image or focus. You may change your deli into a Mezi or Sushi Bar or your accounting practise into a tax advisory service, etc. You may see the demographic of your High Street or town is changing, and you may adapt to that by changing the nature or style of your business.

Scorpio Monthly Career Horoscope November 2020

Scorpio are good leaders but reluctant leaders as leadership often involves a loss of privacy and a loss of control, but this month you may have leadership thrust upon you just because you are the most knowledgeable on a subject or best prepared, not because you necessarily want the position. This chance to take up the reigns can have a few effects: you can learn more about your ability to manage and lead, and you can get a valuable experience for the resume.

This is a time of balance where you can implement the new while still maintaining structure – there are less tricky compromises to be made, and you can effectively have your cake and eat it as well.

Changes that begin as challenges quickly become part of your everyday life, and your ability to adapt and master new technical or scientific methods is excellent.

While the need for change and new opportunities is strong, you have the patience needed to wait for the right time and sense where the best opportunities lie. You can set out your plans in a logical and yet original way, and this will gain you the support you need.

What Scorpio are masters of right now is having the right blend of originality and yet also that ability to work within existing structures and guidelines.

Your ideas are exciting but not outlandish or threatening, and this is why you will get acceptance for your ideas as well as funding or the green light.

You can impress your superiors or your lecturers right now with the quality of your work and the systematic and thorough way in which you set out your stall.

No matter what came before you (in terms of you taking over a position from someone else), you can take the best of what they were doing forward while knowing how to radically alter what they were not doing very well.

Sagittarius Monthly Career Horoscope November 2020

This is an excellent month for all of you who work with technology, i.e., IT, teaching computer programming or developing software. Ideas tend to flow, and your mind is in the dead right space to problem solve and reach technical solutions. This is also a good time for technical writing or those who write on scientific or mathematical subjects.

November is wonderful for all of you whose career involves thinking independently as you will have ideas and perspectives that are unique and interesting. This is not a time when Sagittarians can be told what to think or where you go along like a sheep.

This month favours those in the independent media as well as Sagittarians who work in new age fields or write on these subjects.

Sagittarians who work in authoritarian or high structured environments may find themselves easily distracted, or you may indeed try to stir things up and get some changes implemented. You are in the mood to introduce more progressive methods into your work life, and you may try to create a groundswell of opinion by talking colleagues around and collectively putting pressure on the boss.

Sagittarians will not sit by and tolerate what they do not see as right. While you may ruffle some feathers when you stick your neck out, you may actually be amazed at the power you have to create changes by communicating in a simple and logical (unemotional) way how you can be a beacon for both change and reconciliation.

Capricorn Monthly Career Horoscope November 2020

This is an excellent month for those of you who do community or humanitarian work. You have a compassion for others that is also constructive; this is not an idealistic time where you bemoan what is wrong and theorise about it, it is a time where you have the vision to see not only the problem but a way forward.

November is ideal for Capricorn studying social sciences and also philosophy as you will have very clear insights and can write about and draw conclusions. This is an exciting time for all those who study history as the past will have more relevance, and you may find it enthralling comparing and contrasting, especially as we do live in some unpredictable times which we are all seeking to understand. One problem this month is being swept away by a cause of movement where the message is rather seductive but the aims a little more obscure – Capricorn may soon get frustrated as you are likely to want to be more constructive and those around you may be the idealistic types who pontificate and never really do anything.

November is a successful month for start-up businesses involving healing – this can be traditional medicine, i.e., GPs or pharmacists, but also for homeopaths and those who practise aromatherapy. You are more in tune with your clients and can help them on many levels – it is not just about a good bedside manner, but looking beyond the obvious to holistic solutions.

What sets Capricorn apart in November is their ability to act with sympathy and compassion in whatever line of work you are in – you are the one who will look to lead in a way that is inclusive and which aspires to higher principles.

Aquarius Monthly Career Horoscope November 2020

While there are obstacles this month, you can tackle them head on with vigour. Aquarians are highly aspirational right now, and you may look ahead to obstacles you know you will inevitably encounter and decide to get a head start on tackling them rather than just waiting for them to crop up down the road. So, it is a time of looking down the road, anticipating barriers and hurdles, and beginning to work them out now. Often, these barriers could be to do with government regulation, reaching a VAT threshold, professional requirements, finding bigger premises, etc., but you will begin to lay plans on how to deal with those now.

Complying with rules and regulation can cause you both frustrations and delays – it could be that your products need further testing or you need to submit more data. Even events you organise could experience sudden problems due to overcrowding, lack of security or damage to infrastructure.

Organising large scale events is tricky right now, and you need contingency plans as last minute events, especially weather or electrical, can cause headaches.

You will feel under pressure this month, but there is the potential for great progress and achievement. This is not a lazy time but a very energetic time.

You should not allow any negative feelings or lack of confidence to get the better of you as part of the dynamic of this month is ups and downs where you experience bursts of invincibility countered by moments of despair. You need to manage you own emotions as much as you do your work.

This month favours work where you need to ferret out secrets, i.e., detective, forensic, audit, investigative journalism or psychology work – your need to keep digging will ensure you get to the heart of the matter, but others are not going to like it.

Pisces Monthly Career Horoscope November 2020

Your powers of persuasion and ability to drive a message home are enhanced right now. You are operating very well on the mental plane, with great powers of memory, observation, and the knack of having the right word for the right moment to make your point and make it well. You can deliver your argument or pitch in a way that is simple and yet also effective and more importantly salient. Pisces have the ability to see what is important and hone in on that to the exclusion of the peripheral rubbish that may sway others off course.

They say that if you cannot baffle them with brilliance, you should befuddle them with bullsh*t – Pisces are alert to this and will not be conned. You may, however, at first, be the only one to see this, and you may be called cynical and too sceptical, but you are on the money and should stick to your guns.

This is a productive month for those who work in think tanks or those who work with focus groups to suss out consumer trends and needs. Pisces can make sense of data this month and are good at editing out what is useless and drawing conclusions that can be helpful in devising new products or campaigns.

Pisces have a boost when it comes to product development or product placement strategies.

A keen understanding of human nature is very helpful to those in recruitment and those looking to further careers in human resources and also teaching.

You are becoming more aware of and confident in your ability to see through the fa├žade people put up and perceive their true intent.

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