Saturday, August 22, 2020

Capricorn November 2020

capricorn love horoscope 2020 november

Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope November 2020

You have a need to assert your individuality in relationships. If you have felt you have given too much in the relationship and are getting too little back, you will strike out against this sometimes quite spontaneously. This year, you have had opportunities to rebalance relationships and see the inner working of that relationship in more perspective; however, if you have missed these opportunities to remould the relationship diplomatically, this is a month when you may seek change more argumentatively.

Any relationship is a delicate balance of give and take both emotionally and sexually, and both your needs are complex and dynamic, and this is why ructions that happen this month should not be taken to heart. You should rather perceive any altercations as part of a readjustment process, and you should use them to assert yourself more strongly. Arguments are not indications of fatal flaws; rather, they are part of a natural process of relating.

If arguments happen this month, you need to use the incident to raise issues that really matter rather than just using the time to throw trivial and pointless insults at each other. Redefine what you both need from each other and what you both feel you can give at this time; be more explicit about what you want (this includes in the bedroom) – spell it out.

This is not a month to drop subtle hints – be direct and say it how it is or nothing will change.

capricorn general trends for november 2020

Capricorn Horoscope November 2020

You are motivated and energetic this month. This is a great time for involvement in activities that are competitive and require courage. You are inspired to start new ventures, and so this is ideal for activities which require initiative. It is also a good time to compete against others for contracts or funding.

You are feeling physically strong and eager to be active. This is an ideal time for all sporting activities and ventures which are competitive in nature. You are stronger and more confident than usual, and this will ensure success or significant progress.

Anything which requires a lot of energy will flow, and you will make the right decision on the spur of the moment. You may underestimate how hard you have worked; just because it is going swimming well, you could neglect to leave enough time for rest and recovery, and so however well it went, you still need to allocate adequate time to recover. If you are not in peak physical condition, you should not suddenly take up vigorous activity or work as you could have a surge of energy and false sense of what you can accomplish.

This could lead to over-exertion, and so remember to warm up and pace yourself.

This is a month when you can be promoted to team leader or manager – you may be given a chance to prove your leadership in a retail environment over the Christmas season.

This month, you can be involved both socially and workwise with arty creatives or highly intelligent yet erratic people – this can be quite an eyeopening experience and one which will be inspiring, taking you out of your usual comfort zone.

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