Monday, July 6, 2020

Taurus Weekly Horoscope August 2020

weekly horoscope of august 2020 for taurus

Taurus: First Week of August 2020

A grand beginning of the week as between 1st & 3rd you’ll be able to utilize your time. May complete your some very significant project. Business may give you profit but you’ll have to be careful about your partner. Mentally you’ll feel relaxed and tension-free to accomplish your target. You’ll sign a significant deal during this phase. You may reset your targets for future. But between 4th & 6th the Moon in 4th may give you much hardships. You may lose some of your big order or deal. The enemies may dominate you. Your progeny may give you tension. On 7th your studies may become more methodical. Rapport with spouse may be achieved. But your hard work may not be duly compensated.

Taurus: Second Week of August 2020

On 8th professional rivalry may turn more intense.
May employ some new techniques in your work. Between 9th & 11th home atmosphere may turn more congenial. Affection with siblings will be intensified. Mutual affection will rise. At work place you’ll feel happy to get your desired project. You’ll go for your health’s routine check-up. Between 12th & 13th you’ll enjoy much peace. Meeting old friends will cheer you up.

However, the phase between 14th & 15th may prove quite trying. Dominating enemies may start a slanderous complain against you. Professionally things will be quite dull and slow. May lose a case in litigation. Mentally you’ll quite restive. Avoid any verbal confrontation.

Taurus: Third Week of August 2020

Between 16th & 18th all your govt. related cases will gather momentum. You’ll bring changes in your work suiting to your capabilities and available resources. May install some new machines. A controlled love affair is likely. If you’re in sales line your attraction may do the wonders. Between 19th & 20th your reputation and honour will swell. If you’re in govt. service expect a hike or even promotion during this phase.

Physical comfort levels will become still better. Your progeny’s some achievement may delight you to no end. You’ll love to indulge in religious worship and meditation. Between 21st & 22nd you’ll have a good phase. The Moon in 11th will give you a wind-fall also. You’ll have some time to take care of yourself. But on 23rd, a journey may prove hazardous if undertaken.
So avoid it.

Taurus: Fourth Week of August 2020

On 24th you’ll have a bad period. Your trusted persons may deceive you. Saturn’s transit in 7th may deteriorate your health a bit. Body joint pains may crop up. Between 25th & 26th the Moon in front will give you the desired success. Relations with the beloved will be better.

You may succeed in foreign trade if you indulge in this line. Between 27th & 28th the students will fare well and complete their homework in due time. The youth may achieve their targets. Between 30th & 31st doing all your tax related work will give you much solace. Writing work may give you good money. May go abroad if you like.

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