Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Scorpio Love Horoscope October 2020

scorpio in love october 2020

Love Horoscope 2020 for Scorpio in October

Love life can be disrupted this month. Your partner may have to go away for work or perhaps it is you who will have to go away, and there will be a period spent apart – however, this can be a very good thing. You need space in relationships right now; this is not really a cosy month where you want to live in each other’s pocket.

While much of this year you were happy to spend time with your partner, often alone and enjoying a relaxed togetherness, you are clicking into a different phase where you are far more restless and need to either go off on your own and experience new things or do exciting things with your partner.

You will be the one to initiate changes which will make your marriage or partnership more spontaneous and inject some novelty in day to day life and sex life.

New relationships can start suddenly and develop along unusual lines, but this will be perfect for you right now as you are looking for unconventional relationships that have excitement and which do not tie you down.

In establishment relationships, Scorpio will set new ground rules, and those will most certainly involve more freedom for you!

october horoscope 2020 for scorpio

Monthly Horoscope Predictions 2020: Scorpio October

This month marks Jupiter’s entry in Scorpio and the start of a 12-year period of expansion and personal growth and opportunity. It is time to recognise your need for new pastures and also a degree of adventure in your life. This is the beginning of a year where you will feel more pioneering and proactive.

The degree of success and property (both material and spiritual) this year is in direct proportion to what you believe you deserve, and so it is important to develop self-esteem and to be in touch with your needs to get the most out of this time. You need to halt patterns of self-denial, brutal selfcriticism and a feeling of being undeserving. You need to embrace the mantras of ‘I CAN’ and ‘I deserve the very best in life’ and keep saying them to yourself.

Reach out and feel the power in the universe. Let it flow through you and allow the light to shine into your soul, banishing dark and destructive thoughts.

The more you value yourself and your attributes, the greater confidence you will have; there is nothing to be gained now from being self-effacing – this is where a confident and positive new you emerges. You have much to offer others this coming year regarding guidance and wisdom, but you also have much to offer yourself – you must embrace new opportunities and not be held back. You should be at the top of your list right now as this period will bring opportunities that can shape the next decade of your life and are thus not to be missed.

Test yourself by taking on challenges and trying things which push your boundaries – it is time to extend your beliefs about what is or is not possible.

The power for creative change and widening horizons is there, but it cannot happen without you reaching out to tap into that energy and getting the ball rolling – so this cannot be a passive ‘wait for a lotto win’ time; it must be an active period of planning and implementation of potential life-changing or defining goals.

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