Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Sagittarius Love Horoscope October 2020

sagittarius in love october 2020

Love Horoscope 2020 for Sagittarius in October

All love relationships, both short and longer term ones have a friendly quality. Some relationships are based on lust and passion more than friendship, and some relationships are convenient or arranged. However, this month the friendship side of relationships can grow no matter what the prevailing factors. If you have always been good mates, your friendship will be even more rewarding; if you are in an arranged marriage, this is a time when the friendship side can grow. Even in relationships where you have drifted apart, you can restore good relations this month.

Plutonic relationships can turn into love relationships. In some cases, an exlover can become a firm friend again even if there has been animosity.

Ego needs in relationships are tempered this month, and this makes gaining understanding, cooperating, and working together much easier. Pride is also less of a problem, and this bodes well for taking all matters forward rather than repeating negative cycles and getting bogged down in pettiness for the sake of avoiding a climbdown.

october horoscope 2020 for sagittarius

Monthly Horoscope Predictions 2020: Sagittarius October

This is a just in time sort of month. You may have an idea that saves the day, or you may wake up in the middle of the night and remember something important you need to do. A little bit of luck may save your rear. This month, things will go your way even when you don’t really deserve it; it is like you have a little bit of good karma in the bag which will be there to help you avoid a crisis.

While I do not recommend pushing your luck, this is a month when you can leave things until the last minute, spot for an exam or cut corners and still come up trumps.

One danger this month is taking on too much and lumbering yourself with obligations and commitments you will not have time or even the inclination to fulfil. One problem in October is that what seems like a wonderful idea one minute, an idea which you are all on board with, can seem like a waste of time the next morning and something you need to engineer a way out of.

It is important for you to have boundaries when it comes to helping or advice giving. Within work and also in family matters, you should take care not to be dragged into other’s emotional battles, their problems or their battles. It may be that people are looking for someone to moan and complain to rather than for advice, and these people cannot be helped as they do not want help; they want sympathy, so do not get dragged into that.

This is a very social month, and you will have many engagements to attend for work and in terms of social circle. You may be the person designated to organise the office end of year party.

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