Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Libra Weekly Horoscope September 2020

September Weekly Horoscope 2020 for Libra

weekly horoscope 2020 for libra in september

Libra First Week in September 2020

Between 1st & 2nd enemies or rivals will stand defeated and the money inflow will be good and fast. You’ll work with more enthusiasm. Some opposite sex person will be specially favourable to you in your progress. In the legal cases also you’ll score victory. But between 3rd & 4th you may suffer some monetary loss and the various problems may corner you. The govt. agencies may also cause much trouble to you but you’ll manage to get out of them soon. Between 5th & 7th you’ll use your all talents and abilities to get their commensurate benefit as well. Sources of income may multiply.

Libra Second Week in September 2020

Between 8th & 9th you may get only mixed results. Relations with the partner or associate will remain cordial. The female natives may get success very fast. Your excellence performance may get you some important assignment as well. Your some decisive and solid changes with work place may give you good returns, enhancing your share of profit. Between 10th & 12th you’ll earn good money. You’ll alter your style of functioning to get more benefit. But between 12th evening 15th to your haughtiness and arrogance may ruin all your plans. You’ll invite problems by your harsh attitude. Keep a check on your tongue and temper if you need relief. Some domestic tussel may deteriorate your health. May have to rush to the hospital.

Libra Third Week in September 2020

On 16th the guests may come and you’ll remain busy in their welcome. But the Moon+Ketu combination may crop up some familial problem, though undaunted you’ll work fast to get over it. May get a good news between 17th & 18th. Your property dispute may get settled by someone’s mediation. Yet some domestic issue may remain unresolved.

Service class people can expect some hike in salary or promotion. Between 19th & 20th a chance meeting with an inspiring person may open up the vista of some grand success for you. Domestic issues may keep you occupied. Between 21st & 22nd you must drive your vehicle cautiously as somethin

g untoward may happen. Monetary loss is also indicated. On 23rd the obsequies rites may exhaust you to make you feel lethargic.

Libra Fourth Week in September 2020

May get a good news on 24th. Friends and relations will be very helpful and cooperative. Between 25th & 26th you may go out to attend a feast or a banquet. Professionally things will move in their grooves. But before taking any big decision you must think twice. Between 27th & 29th money inflow will be substantial. Students may fare well. You may get success in legal cases. But any negligence in the work field may give you some deadly consequences. On 30th Sept. your wrong decision may cause you a big loss.

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