Saturday, July 4, 2020

Libra Weekly Horoscope August 2020

weekly horoscope of august 2020 for libra

Libra: First Week of August 2020

On 1st the Moon’s sojourn in 8th may increase your troubles. May have a tiff with someone close, so as not to have even the talking terms. Between 2nd & 3rd you may not achieve anything significantly in your profession barring good rapport with your seniors. Domestic issues may also keep you much engaged. Between 4th & 5th you’ll work with much zest and enthusiasm whose favourable results will make you happy. May plan some new and novel ventures. Between 6th & 7th your flexible thoughts may help you above your end well. Progeny may cause you concern but with someone’s solid advice you’ll find a solution to the problem.

Libra: Second Week of August 2020

On 8th your close ones may nurse an ill-will for you. In profession your colleagues may try to drag you back deliberately. But between 9th & 11th the favourbale Moon-transit may ease your march of the path of progress. You may think of starting something afresh. Domestic peace and happiness shall prevail. Invest after much deliberation in shares and speculation. Be careful about seasonal afflictions. Your professional duty will keep you tied to your work. May take avid interest in charity and philanthropic acts. May be entrusted with an important assignment. You’ll be brimming with patriotic and altruistic sentiments. Friends will be quite helpful and cooperative.

Libra: Third Week of August 2020

Between 16th & 18th you may have quarrel with someone without any reason. You must remain submissive in the matters of mutual relationship. Your money may get stuck up in some business transaction. Investment at this juncture may sink down your money. Tensions may crop up between you and your friends on a trifle issue. Between 19th & 20th you may go out with your friends to enjoy the charm of the season. But you may still remain too busy to afford any outing. Between 21st & 22nd August, your planned journey may require some minor changes. In the workfield the success may appear quite evasive. On 23rd August your health will become better.

Libra: Fourth Week of August 2020

Business loss is feared between 24th & 26th August. Some familial or domestic issues may pester you. Terms with the spouse may turn sour on little misunderstanding. Between 27th & 28th your patient working style may give its quiet favourable results. Despite all these problems you’ll be in a joyful mood and may find time for your family and friends. Between 29th & 31st a close contact with some VIP may help you grow fast in your profession. At the month end some special jobs keep you occupied. You will get total support and cooperation from your friends. You may plan for the coming month, Sept.

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