Friday, July 17, 2020

Leo Love September 2020

leo love predictions september 2020

Love Horoscope 2020: Leo in September

You can look at your emotions and emotional reactions in a very analytical and rational way – this means you will get an insight into the way you react in certain highly charged situations, especially in relationships.

Many Leo may (if they are female) suddenly realise that they react to men in a very similar way to which their mother did. It may shock you when you realise how much you are repeating history, and not always in a positive way, by reacting to situations in the way your mother did. It is time to be conscious of this and to take ownership of your emotional reactions, not behaving like a chip off the old block.

Men may find they attract women who display traits of their mothers in both helpful and damaging ways. Your new relationship may be a chance to work out unresolved issues you had with your mother. In marriages, you may find yourself wanting your partner to be your mother, and this could make you hypersensitive and demanding – you need to learn to mother yourself and let go of issues connected to her so you can move forward in relationships.

This month is all about breaking bad habits in your love relationships and not allowing memories and negative automatic reactions (possibly absorbed in childhood) to influence your current relationships.

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