Monday, July 6, 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope August 2020

weekly horoscope of august 2020 for gemini

Gemini: First Week of August 2020

Barring the last day of the week, you’ll enjoy this whole week. Between 1st & 3rd you may indulge in a bit of self appraisal. You’ll mend your mistakes and shall polish your hidden talents. The work situation may remain unchanged but you’ll enjoy a mental satisfaction. Between 4th & 6th your financial condition will improve. May recover your some bad-debted loan suddenly. The jobless may get a job. Students may get their entry in the desired institution in the choicest subject. On 7th your health may remain rather poor. You may also take some wrong decisions.

Gemini: Second Week of August 2020

Your chronic disease may crop up on 8th suddenly. Be cautious about your health. Between 9th & 11th you’ll enrich your knowledge. May remain busy in journey, business etc. May start a love affair. You’ll pay full attention to your progeny and parents. Between 12th & 13th expenses may mount but matching income may keep you at even keel. Held up projects will be duly revived. Marital bliss will be enjoyed. In politics your supremacy will mount. May meet someone much beloved to you. Between 14th & 15th patriotism may overwhelm you. Through some club or school you’ll render some national service and feel mentally satisfied. You’ll do some very hard work on this day.

Gemini: Third Week of August 2020

Not a good opening of the week as the Moon between 16th and 18th may give inauspicious results. Hectic activities may exhaust you. Your opponents and adversaries may indulge in your back biting. Your seniors may be displeased with you. May lose some big order or contract and have a hefty loss. But between 19th & 20th things will change in your favour. You’ll be at your creative best. Students will fare well. Between 21st & 22nd you will get honour. Your hard work will be duly rewarded. The more you work the more you earn will be the norm during this phase. On 23rd, you may get gains from whatever you do. In service your some work will be widely admired.

Gemini: Fourth Week of August 2020

A good phase upto 24th noon, then upto 26th not favourable. May feel quite lonely and sad. Money won’t stay and you may try to escape your responsibilities which may create problems with your spouse. Between 27th & 28th your efficiency and capacity to work will be widely admired. You’ll be more particular about your physical comfort and services. Socially you’ll have quite an enjoyable time. All high education related problems will be sorted out. May come forward to help someone distressed and may take some risk as well. Affection among the siblings shall swell.

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