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Capricorn Love Horoscope October 2020

capricorn in love october 2020

Love Horoscope 2020 for Capricorn in October

Love is complicated his month as it will run up against ego issues, your career, and your family. Your partner may demand to know where your priorities lie as it may seem to them that they are last on the list.

In existing relationships, you may struggle to find time to devote yourself mentally and emotionally to the union as you are in high demand within your family and at work, and while the relationship is important to you, you have your own goals which you are desperate to keep on track.

Communication is vital, but you will tend to neglect to begin quality conversations with your partner as you will tend to be more involved with social media and perhaps tending to all those new friends and networking contacts. There is so much vying for your attention right now.

This can be a very good month for couples who are both highly engaged in work and busy in their career as your partner will be more empathetic. This month is tougher for Capricorns who have a partner who is a little needy or demanding – in this case, you need to encourage them to pursue their own interests. In all relationships, there are times when it is about you both as a unit and other times when it is about you as an individual, i.e., your friends, your work, your goals, and you may be made to feel as if you have to compromise – you don’t. 2017 is very much about your growing and metamorphosising into a new you, and that cannot be held back by a partner who is behaving like a child, not an adult.

Single Capricorn may develop a crush on the boss or have a brief fling with a senior in your office.

october horoscope 2020 for capricorn

Monthly Horoscope Predictions 2020: Capricorn October

Group goals are very important this month, and you may set aside differences you have with others to unite and pursue goals that matter to you all. Often, having a common enemy or cause can be a uniting factor, and you may begin to build up a rapport with people you previously did not see eye to eye with.

This month is about mastering the art of self-promotion – Capricorn are ambitious and yet also self-effacing; you tend to be more comfortable as the underdog or the one people underestimate, but often you need to be able to sell yourself and blow your own trumpet. Capricorn are witty and have a very amusing dry sense of humour, which should be incorporated more into your public persona. You need to learn to use humour as a tool in business, in making presentations, and in coming up with slogans and catch phrases.

This is a very good time for those undertaking study as you have both the concentration and mental tenacity to get to grips with challenging subjects and to nail exams or complex assignments. You can benefit a great deal via study groups, and it may be a good idea to get your peers together to discuss the subject rather than just learning in isolation – you can gain from the ideas and also mistakes of others.

This is a very social month with events and parties to attend – you may also make new friends via work get-togethers and conferences. There is much to be gained by cooperation, and so you should extend the hand of friendship wherever possible for the sake of broadening your social life, networking or regarding reaching out to the disaffected in society.

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