Saturday, July 18, 2020

Cancer Love September 2020

cancer love predictions september 2020

Love Horoscope 2020: Cancer in September

In relationships where you feel like an equal partner and where you and your spouse or lover have an equal share of power, things will go very well with you able to draw strength and stability from the relationship and where you are willing to support and spur on your loved one. Sex life can become even more fulfilling as the relationship enters a new phase where commitment is deeper, and trust is unquestionable. Positive relationships with solid foundations are highly fulfilling this month and can reach new levels of intimacy, sexual fulfilment, and connectivity on a deeper level. This can be a time when couples who are not married decide to move in together or start a family as they feel solid as a unit and comfortable with each other.

However, when the relationship is one in which you depend on your selfworth or define yourself in terms of the relationship or your partner, things can be very uncomfortable. The lesson this month is developing a strong sense of self and sense of purpose irrespective of your relationship status. As in previous months, you are inspired to think about your own needs and not to become wrapped up in the needs of your partner or the demands of the relationship. A relationship should be an important part of your world and not your whole world, and when it has become your whole world, then there is a problem. The planets this month are calling you to take back your independence and rediscover your identity as separate from the relationship.

A relationship is far stronger and happier with two strong individuals, and so ensure your relationship grows and benefits you; you have to be that strong individual.

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