Thursday, July 2, 2020

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope August 2020

weekly horoscope of august 2020 for aquarius

Aquarius: First Week of August 2020

Between 1st & 3rd you may get good news and property related disputes will be settled amicably. The house ladies shall take full care of the house. Professional conditions will improve. If you are a guardian you’ll try to solve all problems concerning your wards. Your sincere care will be duly rewarded. In service you could be entrusted with an important assignment. Between 4th & 5th with your tact and dedication you’ll find solution to your every problem. Health may have minor fluctuations. Between 6th & 7th some unpleasant event may take place. In your business you’ll intelligently make fresh investment. The project which you worries about most will be easily completed.

Aquarius: Second Week of August 2020

On 8th your rapport with your spouse may be quite disturbed. Enemies and rivals may batch a sinister conspiracy to trap you. You must closely monitor your workers activities. From 11th August your efficiency in work will improve. If in service you may get the right guidance from an experienced person, and your targets will be easily achieved. Loveaffairs will be crowned with success. Between 12th & 13th you may go out on picnic to enjoy the week-end. You may find a way out of the problem you face now. Between 14th & 15th patriotism may surge forth in your heart. But some professional lapse may throw you in a severe financial crunch.

Aquarius: Third Week of August 2020

Between 16th & 18th the tide may you turn again. You suspend all your no. two deals for the time being, else you could be in a great trouble. All your govt. related cases will be held up. Professional journeys may fail to achieve their purpose. But the youth power will be quite energetic and enthusiastic. On 18th you’ll celebrate Rakshabandhan with your siblings with much gaiety. Between 19th & 20th your long pending projects may be duly revived. You’ll pass quality time with your friends and colleagues. With renovations you can bring about a revolution in your work field. Between 21st & 22nd you’ll work with your full capacity, using your intelligence and experience to the hilt. On 23rd you may be crowned with a spectacular success in your work field. Your talents and capability will exhibit their class before all.

Aquarius: Fourth Week of August 2020

On 24th you’ll get many opportunity to enhance your business field. A chance of meeting with your old friend will make you nostalgic. Between 25th & 26th refrain from poking your nose in others’ affairs if you want your welfare. Use your discretion and tact at this juncture or you’ll land yourself into a major problem, or be trapped in a conspiracy. Between 27th & 28th the planetary configuration may bring about a radical change in your attitude and thinking. Then you’ll succeed in whatever you do. The students will be totally devoted in their studies. Between 29th & 31st domestic issues may keep you awfully busy. Senior family members and your parents may lovingly bless you. May hear interesting news about your some close relation.

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