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Aquarius Love Horoscope October 2020

aquarius in love october 2020

Love Horoscope 2020 for Aquarius in October

There is a great deal of courage coming from the cosmos for Aquarians this month, and it is thus a good time to tackle any relationship problems or issues. It is time to stand up for yourself and take back lost ground. It is also a time to start talking about what have become taboo subjects – what is hidden, neglected, or suppressed must now come to light for the sake of the future of the relationship. It is not a month where you can skate on the surface pretending that nothing is going on, where in reality you can both feel something brewing.

There is a fair amount of tension and conflict, but this does not need to be petty and trivial, it can be the time of confrontation that brings resolution and real progress. Earlier in the year, you moved on from certain issues and wiped the slate clean, but now is the chance not just to forgive and forget, but to make changes which reflect the new realities of the relationship and where you both are now. This is also a time to embrace solutions that may seem unconventional, but which could work – you cannot judge or measure your relationship by the yardstick of other people, and so you need to shut out comparisons and focus on what would make you both happy.

Single Aquarians can be quite reckless in love this month – there is a need for adventure and experimentation; it is almost as if you need to test your own boundaries or limits, sexually, and emotionally.

october horoscope 2020 for aquarius

Monthly Horoscope Predictions 2020: Aquarius October

Your drive to learn and make inventive and original choices is high this month, but there is tension as elements of your own subconscious could be undermining you. You want to be more expansive, open, and to take more risks in life, especially when it comes to defying convention, and yet some part of your ego is clinging to the past, and that needs to be dealt with.

Things that no longer serve you are on their way out of your life right now, and yet they will cling on, thrashing about doing their best to undermine your attempt to forge ahead. When you make decisions, expect others to echo the doubts and the problems; it is up to you to remain locked on the positives and not distracted by the safety and security of what you may be leaving behind.

The only way is up, and there is no reverse gear in life. With change always comes uncertainty and risk, but if that uncertainty and risk were always given into, then no progress would ever be made, and we would stagnate in a life that would be dreary and pointless.

This month could be one where you put your own best interests on the line to speak up about things which you think are wrong – you may walk away from a job, relationship, or your studies in protest or because you do not want to be part of what the job, etc. now represents. Principles matters, but so do people, and your conscience will play a very big role in decisions you make.

What Aquarians need to be a little wary of is acting out the collective unconscious. You may be part of a group who are all fired up and talking about action; you may decide that ‘yes’ you feel strongly, and you may go ahead and act thinking all the others will back you up, but finding to your shock that they all back out, and you are left to deal with the consequences.

In October you may get the blame for something that everyone else has also done, but somehow you are singled out. Take care to avoid this. This is NOT a month to go along with doing something just because everyone else gets away with it.

No matter what, this is a transformative month when cycles will be broken and new phases will begin, often with a baptism of fire.

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