12 Signs Career Horoscope September 2020

all signs career horoscope in september 2020

Aries: Career of September 2020

Needs for freedom and autonomy must be balanced with your need to work within a system and follow certain rules and guidelines in your work.

Caution and pragmatism are important, but so is listening to the inner voice and playing your cards close to your chest.

In business, it is very important to protect your ideas or any trade secrets which you rely on. Supplier or client lists must be kept safely, and if you are a journalist, you must protect your sources even under pressure.

You are not willing to take on work or responsibilities which are not yours, and in that you are resolute – each man for himself is your motto this month.

This is a thrifty time when you are spending and investing with prudence; you are able to make sound business decisions.

Your timing in social contacts and forming new work relationships (i.e., of a financial, business or networking nature) is excellent. If you bide your time, there will be occasions this month when you are indeed in the right place at the right time. You do need to resist mixing too much pleasure with work.

This month is favourable for getting your ideas or organisational skills noticed – you should not be scared to speak up when you have a new slant on a matter. Your ingenuity and ability have a new insight into an old problem, and can help gain you recognition.

This is a good month for receiving academic awards, bursaries, or grants for study – hard work in research is rewarded.

Taurus: Career of September 2020

You may be asked to perform a number of tasks not usually within your scope, and this can make work more interesting. You can also discover that skills you have in one area are readily transferable, and this will open up your options.

This is a powerful money month and time to make some decisions – there can be conflict between long and short-term investment decisions, and you will need to make serious cutbacks to make investments to do with long-term growth, or you will have to sacrifice on your longer term ambitions to keep up the status quo. It is all about priorities and juggling your resources. You should think twice before shelling out money for creative services – you need to be sure of the quality and specifications of what you are to be receiving.

Changing suppliers or negotiating better deals with your suppliers can sure up your supply chain. It is a month when you do need to do cost value analysis in your business to ensure efficiency. You may move to new business premises or expand to reach new geographical locations and a broader range of customers.

This is a busy month for family business, and there can be an injection of enthusiasm from a younger member or some modernisation. A busy month for those who run restaurants and B&B’s, you may need to change or employ more contractors to help with laundry, cleaning, or buy labour saving equipment to make your business more efficient.

Feng Sui can be quite a helpful way of approaching organisation and design within the office environment – there is a need right now to make your work area more organised, free from clutter and functional. Keep a neat desk for when your boss comes past, as you may be judged negatively on any messy tendencies.

Gemini: Career of September 2020

There is a chance this month to change your daily habits and routines to increase your speed and efficiency. It is a highly organised time for you, and any work to do with list making, compiling data, consolidating client lists, scheduling or creating diaries and agendas will progress with ease.

This month is ideal for rational and logical thinking, and you will be able to make dispassionate and fair decisions without the emotional complexes blurring issues.

At work, you may be more involved with community and environmental impact assessments, or if you are self-employed, you may reach out to other small businesses in your community to link up or share information, client lists, or premises.

This month is ideal for Gemini looking to change jobs – whether you are starting a new job and learning the ropes or doing training or writing resumes and attending interviews, things are very auspicious.

This month is very creatively productive, and so for any Gemini who work in the arts, both traditional and electronic, you can generate exciting new concepts, ideas and creations that can take off and gain you recognition fast.

This month is ideal for gaining acceptance of even your most outrageous ideas by peers within your industry.

Cancer: Career of September 2020

This month marks an important new phase regarding money and finances.

Your financial position may well improve for the better between now and the next 10 months. However, your monetary position will not improve without some planning, and if you are running your own business, you may have to assess your pricing structures and make sure you are paid more in line with the effort and time you put in. If you feel undervalued in your current employment, this will now provide the impetus to go freelance or take your skills and set up your own business. This September is actually a very good time to start up a business – you should set your sights on moving through the key phases over the next 10 months, i.e., research, funding, set-up, recruitment and start-up.

This is the month for new financial practise and possibly new software to help you manage the financial side of your business yourself. No matter what career you are in, you need to get a better grip of your financial situation, and I do not mean by hiring an accountant to do it for you; I mean by becoming better informed, more aware and more hands on. This will mean you become better informed and more in touch with expenses and your underlying financial position. If you are already very financially minded, this can be the month where you begin more detailed business management or learn new financial skills, i.e., tax, risk management, pensions, financial analysis or modelling Be more fiscally alert, and you can save money – look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves is an apt phrase.

Leo: Career of September 2020

This month is wonderful for creative and independent thinking, although the thought process can be erratic jumping from thing to thing. You will get bored fast and may not have the necessary patience to do routine or administrative tasks to the best of your ability. Accuracy may suffer for the sake of speed.

There is the chance to break new ground, and you do best when working with ideas in a dynamic work environment where spontaneity is welcomed. In your own business, this is a good time to brainstorm new solutions to problems or start different initiatives that can circumvent problems and allow more growth. Freedom of action is essential, and in all careers, you need to be able to express yourself and be able to implement some of your ideas, or it can be highly frustrating. This can be the month Leo realise that if they are working in a highly authoritarian, structured workplace with a hierarchy which is hard to rise up, it may not be for you, and you may need a change.

This month has great potential for those Leo who invent or develop software or who write on philosophical subjects. It is highly advantageous for publishing on social anthropology, religions subjects or international politics.

Leos in politics can be highly successful as they can get beyond deadlock and find new ways to approach problems that get away from party politics and get the focus back on the public good. This is a time for progressive ideas on education.

Leo in formal education may decide to ditch school/uni and teach themselves a far more open and broad-minded agenda.

Virgo: Career of September 2020

This is a month where you make a fight for your rights at work. Know your rights, keep in touch with personnel and keep updated. This is a month to possibly get more involved with your union. Virgo who work in very big companies or in government are favoured this month – you can advance in rank or achieve more power; however, in some cases, you need to be more involved in your union or more aware of your rights to achieve this. Virgo who work in the massive great machinery of government or a conglomerate can achieve more power and influence in your department, and you will not feel as if you are just a cog in a wheel.

Collective action can be a very useful tool, and Virgo may be leaders in this regard.

Virgo who work in hospitals (especially as nurses) can achieve promotions; those who work in admin at hospitals can also gain wider responsibilities and some recognition. Virgo who have medical degrees or diplomas may start working towards enhancing their skills, i.e., a doctor who decides to become an anaesthetist, a nurse who goes into occupational therapy or becomes a theatre nurse. You will have opportunities to enhance skills and advance your career.

Virgo who work in acting or who are writers could be researching a role or a topic intensely during this month. This is a very good month for those who go on retreats so that they can focus and concentrate and also hobnob with like-minded people. If you are working on something very intensively and almost need to go into lockdown, working alone for long periods to get the most out of yourself, this is an ideal time.

September is an ideal month for research, especially psychological studies related to mental health.

It is also ideal for any work-related issues that are highly in-depth, specific, and very involved. Aspects of your work can be so totally engrossing and absorbing that the hours fly by.

Some Virgos may expose corruption or work to bring the attention of society to those on the margins, i.e., prostitutes, the homeless or mentally ill, so that these people can get help and social acceptance.

Libra: Career of September 2020

This month is one where you will have to bend the rules to find creative ways to get more freedom within your professional remit. Bureaucracy can feel especially restrictive, and you may be inclined to disobey orders from your manager as you may feel you have a better grip on what is really going on than he/she does. I am not saying you should jeopardise your position or get into trouble, but I can see Librans quietly and subtly rebelling and pushing the boundaries. Librans may decide to go freelance to be less restricted by your editor, your boss or your company’s modus operandi.

Even if you do not break rules, you will take a step back and ask yourself if you agree with them; it can be a time when you see that the way forward is other than the way which you have been sold. You can become very vocal in pressing for changes: these can mean making your workplace more progressive, more inclusive, more diverse or greener.

This is a good time to work on projects which need some solitude and intense concentration. You may need to separate yourself from your colleagues so that you can find your own sense of direction, and your own achievement will thus be more unique and reflective of your own ideas.

You are entering a six-month period when your pay in real terms will increase: you may get an above-inflation pay rise, a company care scheme which works well for your budget, added tax credits or a new commission/salary scheme which reflects your effort more accurately. You may be headhunted by a new company who see your talent. It is also possible that you can find a new job doing exactly what you do now for better pay – so keep an eye out.

Job opportunities can come via friends – they may be starting a business and need you on board, or they may tell you of openings in their office.

Scorpio: Career of September 2020

September is the month to pick up the forward momentum again. You can make some decisions, and you will feel you have a better grip on all the factors at stake.

Recognition begins to come your way, and this is a far better time for publicity and self-promotion. Hard work and diligence will now be rewarded, and the extra effort you have put in will stand you in good stead.

If, however, you have cut corners, the light could be shone on your failings, and so make sure of your remedy and shore up your work before putting it out there. Remember that your reputation is at stake now, and so be careful of having a consistent image and message and watch out what you commit to Twitter and social media. The past will catch up with you this month, so either reward or trouble is on the way, depending on how you have acted. If you know this in advance, you can make sure you have acted appropriately in the run-up.

Those who are self-employed can be very successful this month based on the strength of your personality and your ability to be in touch with the public and satisfy their needs. Those who are very hands-on in the business can react faster to changes in customer needs or trends, and this leads to success and good performances.

Learning and mastering professional techniques or joining professional organisations is important this month. If you can take extra professional qualifications and get more letters after your name, this can enhance your credibility and the chance of moving ahead.

As leader, you need to motivate and enthuse those you employ or those you manage; you cannot lead by authority alone, it is about leading by example. If you are an employee, you need to show initiative and the ability to carry out instructions but also to use your own judgement.

Sagittarius: Career of September 2020

This month, in keeping with the pioneering vein of both mental expansion and of spreading knowledge, it is an excellent time for publishing, especially if you write or promote self-help, diet, alternative, awareness or philosophical books.

This is an excellent time for any business wanting to sell more overseas or establish an international presence. If your business or work already has an international dimension, this is the month when that comes into focus, and you may travel to shore up contacts and logistical matters overseas.

International trade where there are significant cultural or language barriers is favoured this month and getting over these hurdles can be a great adventure.

If you have started your own business this year, this month is launch time! Yes, this is the perfect time for advertising, social media campaigns, opening nights, talks, promotions and anything you need to do to make a name for yourself and drum up business. Be bold and daring, and give it your all.

Belief is vital right now – you are not just selling a product or service, you need to be selling a belief, a lifestyle, a solution or a dream. Products or services need your personal touch, and so make sure you sound enthusiastic and energise by what you are selling or promoting. Remember, is it not just about the ‘thing’ you are selling; you are selling a part of you, and that must be conveyed.

This is a month when you may travel to symposiums, trade fairs, conferences or as part of your professional training. All travel must be done with an open mind and a view to improving your contacts, knowledge, and cross-cultural communication. Travel should not be seen as a ‘jolly,’ or you can waste a massive opportunity.

Capricorn: Career of September 2020

Just as this month can be great for your own psychological development, it is also highly productive for those of you who work in careers where you help others to deal with issues from addition to grief to depression. You can see beyond what your client is telling you to the real issues. It can also be the case that those of you who work as lawyers and accountants may be offered work that is not quite what it seems. You may have clients who are operating on the edge of the law, and you may have to distance yourself from them for the good of your own reputation.

This is a month when you could get one up on an opponent, and you may be inclined to gloat – never kick someone when they are down as enemies can become vindictive. Revenge is an aspect of this month as you could feel such an affront at a business colleague or competitor that you could seek to get one over on them as soon as you have an opportunity. Revenge should never be taken for revenge sake as the feeling will be hollow; revenge is appropriate via legal channels if you have a claim and have been done down.

This September, you should take legal action regarding problems you are having such as probate, tax or insurance claims as there may be hidden clauses that you as a layperson may not understand.

In legal matters, you must be more proactive; do not leave it to your lawyer – supply them with more information, get on their back, nag them, and have many discussions to keep them updated and abreast of developments. Keep an accurate log of all conversations or correspondence to do with legal matters.

Aquarius: Career of September 2020

Managing controversy and dampening down reactions can be a part of this month. Your ability to put a positive spin on things and play bad situations to your advantage is key. This is a month of turnabouts, where you can change something to your advantage despite the odds. In terms of publicity, even bad publicity is better than no publicity.

In your work, you can gain attention and dominate the agenda in a variety of ways – you may do this by arousing opposition and in turn creating interest; you may be highly controversial to gain attention, or you may simply be outrageous. These are all classic ways in which Aquarians gain attention.

This is a successful month for legal actions, and the law should have a remedy for issues you are facing bringing you peace of mind.

You have to be careful of not overextending yourself – there is this need to go overboard thinking that it will all work out and you do not have to worry about details. You can be over-confident, and so you need to take a breath and make sure the sums work out, and things will progress in reality as well as they do in your head – often the gap between theory and practise is very big in this phase.

Pisces: Career of September 2020

You may enlist the help of a specialist this month – indeed, advice from an expert could be very helpful, and you should not hesitate. Sometimes, problems can be fixed with some application and help of the web, and other times, you really have to admit that you do not know what you are doing and relent and get advice. So do not be stubborn, admit when you are stuck and get help; this is the fastest way to move things on.

This is an excellent month for team brainstorming – you can generate solutions and new ideas via bouncing ideas of each other in groups.

There is a desire to take risks and gamble this month. Pisces are rather impatient for results, and you may think that throwing more money at a project can speed things up; you should hold back – bad decisions can be made in haste this month. Your judgement is impaired right now as there is much at stake for you emotionally, and you are very impatient. Your hunches have in general paid off and been accurate this year, but this month is the month for facts, figures, and logic, and not intuition. So listen to advice and hold back. Think twice before you pay out. In any investment, do thorough risk assessments and make sure that there is a return on your investment that can be measured and quantified. Pisces are inclined to spend money on things like promotions or advertising on which it may be impossible to even know how effective they were. You should also desist from spending time or money on vanity projects.

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