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virgo horoscope 2021

Virgo 2021: Yearly Horoscope

This is a year of coming into your own, it is a time when you enter the stage and connect with your character, playing your role and making your mark in the world. 2021 is a time when Virgo, find their place in the world – if you have been confused about who you are and what you really want, this year things will slowly become clear. It will not happen overnight, but more like a photo developing where initially you see outlines and blurry colours, but slowly things come into focus, and the image develops with clarity.

This is a year of pivotal events in your life, and you will look back to this year in decades to come and see that it was the time the tide shifted, and you gently drifted onto another course which morphed into a major shift in life focus that created value in your life.

This is a key time for getting the cooperation of others and bringing people on to your side to support, compliment, and encourage you. Your dynamic approach to problems can be motivating and inspiring to others. You will tend to come at things from a novel angle – there are many ways to crack a nut, and although your ways are possibly more subtle and even convoluted, they can be more effective than an aggressive, direct strategy.

2021 is a year when things start to click, and you will have your timing just right when it comes to starting new ventures, launching products, beginning trips or making investments. You can rely on gut feel to guide you as to when the right time is to press the ‘start’ button. Opportunities come your way as you are open to them and observant and present about what is going on around you.

The influence of Neptune means that your development takes place on many different levels and that some quite important changes are subtle. You are more aware of emotions, of the meaning in certain situations and of the lessons to be learned in this life. It is not so much about material development, but being proud of your moral and spiritual evolvement and what you contribute to the world on a human and intellectual level.

Why you can be very effective this year is the harmony that exists between head and heart. Internal and external goals come into alignment, indicating a free flow of energy in one direction. You are suddenly able to assimilate conflicting needs and desires and make them work together; so you can achieve things with less compromise or sacrifice. Career and family goals may actually complement each other, leading to a happy medium.

2021 is a year of breaking loose from set patterns and habits which have confined and limited your development – these can be habits or mindsets, anything which generates negativity or reflex reactions which inhibit growth.

Your energy and drive are high, and you have a great deal of emotional impetus and enthusiasm behind you with a large dose of sang-froid. You can achieve in life socially, and your composure in stressful situations sets you apart. Your memory and powers of observations are sharp. This is a wonderful year to sow seeds for future ambitions, and so this bodes well for those starting university degrees, especially in medicine or where there is a long developmental phase until you reach a fully-fledged professional status.

There is restlessness and an unwillingness to accept things as they are; you have a strong desire for change, and yet you are patient and will to go step by step rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater. There is more immediacy to your actions, and so you are less likely to procrastinate – you will act now, without delay.

Virgo men are especially in touch with their feminine sides, and this enables them to react with more sensitivity and understanding in relationships which bodes well for resolving problems and improving intimacy. All Virgo are more in touch with their feeling nature and willing to discuss emotions in an objective and constructive way.

There are opportunities for leadership and for assuming more authority or autonomy in your field. Some Virgo may find that they get recognition for being an expert in or having made extraordinary progress in their field of interest. Regarding leadership, you may be selected to become a right-hand person for someone who is in a leadership role and who has seen something in you that they believe in, and they want to nurture your talent and teach you the tricks. Many Virgo may get probation roles, where you are given a chance to prove yourself at a higher level of management or complexity (regarding your role).

There are benefits from teamwork, and comradery around the workplace environment can help you not only regarding your career but also in terms of personal growth. Virgo are known for perfectionism and attention to detail, and this year that trait is one of your key assets as you work with dedication and determination to reach key targets you set for yourself. The danger this year is that at times you may be like a three-legged table; out of balance as you may neglect aspects of your life due to becoming obsessive about other areas. There is a great emotional attachment to some projects, and so you may throw everything at these projects, letting them take over your life – know when to step away and calm down. In other cases, Virgo may avoid emotional or personal issues altogether by immersing themselves in things going on in the wider world, i.e., politics, social issues, or the climate. While these activities can be very exciting and also make you feel connected to something bigger than yourself, you can get immersed to the degree that you lose perspective. What is powerful this year, however, is that by being involved in the big issues of the day you can meet new friends, and the sharing of ideas, ideals, and passion for an issue or subject can be life enhancing and very intellectually stimulating. You make a very eloquent advocate for a cause, and you can distribute information with great effect and make people understand it. You come over as informed, and you are highly persuasive at present, candid and enthusiastic.

Thus year is excellent for those studying art, theatre, or literature as you have great artistic sensitivity, and your ability to perceive deeper meaning and relevance to a time period is enhanced. You are more attuned to subtleties in art, and these can stimulate your interest in both history and sociology.

Virgo are known for being minimalist and chic, but your taste this year is more bohemian and even flamboyant. More is more in 2021. You feel as if you can give yourself permission to be expressive.

You have big ideas in the pipeline and can be very successful with your intellectual projects, i.e., teaching, publishing, spreading information, and also travelling to give seminars and lectures to either raise awareness or help individuals on a similar journey. Key pieces of information can come your way which act like a missing puzzle piece helping a full picture to form in your mind. Public relations and any legal negotiations will go well.

You have stamina and the capacity to work long and hard, often alone where necessary. You have courage and great resourcefulness in tackling problems.

virgo in 2021

This year is very good for any of you involved in military careers, especially if you are sent on foreign assignments. 2021 is also favourable for you in law enforcement as you are suited to gruelling work over long periods where strong discipline and adherence to codes and principles is important.

One negative this year is that you can develop hard feelings or strong dislikes for people or ideas, and they can actually make you less objective.

Sometimes their hard feelings can be quite pervasive and perhaps take up too much mental energy.

Virgo can be crusaders this year for many different causes, but the focus may often be of a patriotic nature, although matters relating to conservation, climate, and green issues can be a key area of concern. Your motivations are often deeply held ideals which develop into a desire to change society and the world around you for the better. It may be that a local issue which affects you makes you more aware of the fact that something greater is at stake and you are called to action.

This year is great for home repairs and enhancements regarding creating more space, better organisation or cost saving, i.e., solar panels, biomass boilers, etc.

Your financial life shows more stability and steady improvement this year.

You can experience uncertainty with respect to your partner, i.e., he/she may change jobs or have an existential crisis where you need to take the lead and offer guidance and even counselling. Your words of wisdom and ability to give sound advice and stay positive are a must in all relationships. While your partner may be questioning everything, you are more firmly grounded and can help him/her through.

In new relationships which have proved to be unstable, you may feel that the burden is greater than any benefits regarding affection, companionship, or pleasure, and in this case, you may call off the relationship. It is important in all relationships to become more distant from those who perpetually drain you and exhibit no willingness to change, grow, or tackle their issues. Some people make their problems yours, and you do not need that. Virgo may find that someone new who is very solid and reliable comes into your life making you realise that your current relationship is inadequate in many ways, and that can make you reassess. You require an orientation to growth in relationships and also a spiritual element in relationships where the significant other is permanently stuck or unwilling to change and open up.

Good relationships will solidify, and relationship with older partners are very successful in 2021.

Harmony in relationships, especially marriage, is possible this year; your innate ability to understand the feelings of others, the way you look to cooperate and your ability to be a good lover and a good companion promote excellent relationships. This is an excellent year for marriage and also the start of very long-term relationships. You have a desire to please your partner, which bodes well for your sex life, and yet you are at ease within and in touch with your feelings so that you can give freely and also receive graciously. 2021 is a year when you get a lot out of your relationships and their priority rises for you. You may also discover how much certain people mean to you. Your ability to give love and be demonstrative physically is higher, and this is wonderful for sex life and general relations.

Your social life is satisfying and can bring you security and solid support for your aims; new friends who become firm and solid can come into your life.

First impressions can be wrong, and so do not judge on first appearances.

2021 will see stronger ties with important business colleagues and work partners; you can network with aplomb and extend your sphere of influence.

While there is a possibility that your life could swing out of balance if certain interests trump others, there is, with some thought, the probability that you can achieve greater balance and perspective with a clearer insight into your deeper needs and also your spiritual leanings.

You are well placed to take advantage of opportunities that come your way, but sometimes your emotions can pull you onto tangents that may be more emotionally fulfilling but also distracting regarding concrete goals – with hindsight, you will see how one actually fed into the other even if at the time the goals seemed at odds.

This year is an important one for any person on a transgender journey or who is redefining their perception of their own sexuality. It can be a very exciting time to be involved in LGBT issues or getting to know people in this community as part of your evolvement.

2021 is an optimistic year, where you embrace life with confidence and the knowledge that you have the power to steer events and control your destiny.

Things may not always happen as anticipated, but adapting to the unexpected is part of the evolvement process. You should not overestimate incoming and underestimate outgoings as you are more likely to see the glass as half full, which may mean your risk assessments are not always reliable. This is a year of surprises when preconceptions or even beliefs of yours are challenged by new information – in some cases, this new information is quite liberating.

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