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Scorpio Love and Life in August 2020

scorpio love predictions august 2020

Scorpio Love Horoscope: August 2020

This is a month when love affairs with friends can be tricky. If you have a friend who became a lover or romantic partner, now could be the month when you want to switch their status back to friend and that can be a problem as they may not want to accept that. It is best not to form romances with friends this month if it has not already happened. Be sure that there are no mixed messages between you and platonic friends.

This is a withdrawal phase where Scorpio will become non-committal in relationships – it is almost as if you are getting cold feet and you need privacy and a chance to think things through. I can see Scorpio not answering phones and emails, just to get a mental and emotional breather.

This is certainly not the month where Scorpio will want to formalise a commitment by getting married, moving in or going steady (if that is still the done thing) – so if you are going out with a Scorpio, do not plan a proposal or elopement this month.

In long-term relationships, Scorpio may come across as withdrawn and may need more space. There is much happening for Scorpio at a deep internal level right now, and they need time to think, ponder, and reassess. They will not tolerate nagging and pressure. This can often seem like a negative phase in the relationship, but it is not negative as much as a chance for pause and reflection before heading forward. However, in relationships that have been going badly, this is a time of drifting further apart – not arguing, just a fading of feeling and intensity.

The best relationships this month are long distance, alternative and age gap relationships. Open relationships also thrive.

scorpio monthly predictions august 2020

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope August 2020

This month, Scorpio may look to move house, relocate and rent out your house or even do a house swap as you spend an extended period away from home.

Home moves this month tend to be to a different town or environment, i.e., town to city or vice versa and can involve some adjustment of even learning a new language. This can be a disruptive time but also a chance to make a fresh start.

This is certainly a month to move on emotionally even if not physically from situations that have held you back. It is time to kick negative habits, i.e., holding on to anger, being resentful and even being over sentimental. You should not romanticise the past; it does not matter how good or bad the past was – it is finished, and the future is all you have, and so do not let regrets, pain, or longing for the past cast a shadow over what you should be striving for now.

While you should forgive yourself and others for events in the past, you should not necessarily forget as patterns tend to repeat, and so you do need to take the past behaviour of a person as a good indicator of their expected future behaviour.

Talking about patterns, there will be many events this month which strongly echo events which have happened before; this can thus be a fabulous opportunity to do things differently this time and thus break a cycle and even release yourself mentally from a block which had developed.

This is certainly a month to get back on the horse – do not be deterred by failure, get right back into it and try again. The only way you fail is if you give up.

In August, you are best going it alone regarding goals as friends can be a distraction; let them do their thing, and you do yours, and do not count on their support.

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