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scorpio horoscope 2021

Scorpio 2021: Yearly Horoscope

This year is ideal for pursuing goals of which you are the heart. 2021 is about developing your ideas, becoming clearer about your motivations and getting more resolved in your stance. It is a good year to make important decisions; especially ones where you have to deal with much information. This is a good year for dealing with bureaucracy: you can deal with the forms relating to setting up a business, immigration, applying for funds or jobs. You can take on a great deal of information or facts this year, and so it is perfect for remembering lines, giving presentation or writing papers. Words, not deeds is very much the phrase that is pertinent this year as you can have a great deal of impact with the power of what you put out regarding information or views put across in the medium of prose, fiction, lyrics, or poetry.

You are very passionate and staunch in your views and can be very persuasive if not downright dogmatic; however, your passion and unswerving belief can inspire and motivate others. Scorpio can be the voice that gives other voices the courage to come forward.

This is a productive and busy year that is both varied, exciting, and nerve wracking. There may not be radical change, but there can be loads of little changes which add up to an exciting and dynamic year. This is a great time to begin new projects, hobbies or set goals – the most successful goals will be those related to learning, distributing information, trading, starting new business contracts, writing and speaking. You have a clear vision and are single-minded. This is a very powerful time as you have conviction and will nail your colours to the mast, going your own way and sticking to your guns.

This is an exceptional time for using the law of attraction: positive thoughts and internal attitudes become positive realities which bring your confidence levels up and further inspire you. As you see things in your life taking shape and moving forward, you will become happier and more content, and this aids all your relationships and also your sense of inner ease. Scorpio are a sign that suffer emotionally in that you are often turbulent and fiery emotions play havoc with your nerves or digestive health; however, this year a great amount of inner peace aids general health and vitality, which is great news.

2021 is a year when you accept challenges with a greater level of detachment; you will not let them get you down or change your mindset; you will greet them with vigour and a spirit that says, you will win and prevail.

This is a wonderful quote for Scorpio this year:
"If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
 If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
 If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same."
Rudyard Kipling

You will feel on top of your game and will take events as they come seeing both the good and bad as part of a cycle of development. This year is all about your development regarding thinking more strategically, planning better, improving consistency, sticking to resolutions and aims and being tactical. 2021 is also about being observant and vigilant regarding keeping abreast of what you need to know to keep ahead in your workplace or in terms of family politics. This is a great year to use words wisely for conflict avoidance. Scorpio are known for rushing headlong into situations, but in 2021, you will be a little more artful in the way you approach delicate situations.

This is the year to solve problems with both determination and a little cunning – Scorpio will not let obstacles deter them, and you can be enormously resourceful in the way you approach hurdles, no matter how daunting. You will be amazed at your ability to problem solve and follow through; this can be exciting, and in many cases, you will feel vindicated when things start to turn your way.

You have the power to handle your emotions and channel all energy (both positive and negative) in a constructive way; this means stress will be less of a problem. What aids your concentration and also achievement levels is the greater balance between head and heart – your ego and spiritual will are lining up, and this lessening of inner conflict means you are not undermining yourself with negative subconscious motivations.

Everyday life has more significance and your work, your love life, and even somewhat innocuous events have importance and relevance. Often, little messages come to you via random comments or coincidences, and they often endorse what you are doing, feeling, or saying.

2021 is the time to get your message out. That message can be about your business and how you can help people via your services, or it could be a motivation or political/health related message you are trying to get out there to wake people up. Your own research or evidence gathering may help you uncover something important and little known.

Scorpio have good instincts this year; in general, Scorpio have a gut feel they can rely on, but this year, your intuition is enhanced as your mind is clear, and you can combine logic with emotional intelligence to make excellent decisions about long and short-term goals as well as personal issues.

Friends are significant to you in 2021, and you are often the to go to person for some TLC or mothering; you may act as a spiritual guide to those who are close to you or who become close during the year. New friendships with people beyond your usual social circle will be established due to a spiritual or emotional connection, i.e., you may connect with people who have gone through a similar experience. 2021 is a year when you will link up with groups for support regarding prenatal groups, postnatal support, weight loss groups, post-traumatic stress meetings, addiction groups, menopause support, LGBT issues, etc. – Scorpio are often loners, but this is not a year to ‘suffer’ alone or struggle alone; you can experience healing and also positivity via connecting with those at a similar stage of life. In a similar vein, Scorpio can be the catalyst for others to experience an epiphany regarding their own personal development.

In relationships, you are more sensitive, more in tune, and more willing to adapt to your partner’s needs. You enjoy being caring and will see the things you do for your partner as a pleasure not a burden. Single Scorpio are ready to mingle and eager to meet an eclectic mix of new potential partners, but you will be slower to commit – it is a year where you are open to new relationships but want to take things at a slower and steady pace, not jumping right in. Scorpio’s air of mystery will make them alluring and appealing and enhance their renowned sexual appeal. Scorpio are happy to embrace unusual romantic situations and will reserve judgement until they have really got to know the person – Scorpio will give lovers a fair chance, which is unusual as often Scorpio dismiss potential partners out of hand. In love, Scorpio will enjoy quality time with their partners, and this goes for new and established relationships, and so no hectic partying or socializing; more cozy times by the fire or long walks in the forest.

scorpio in 2021

This year, Scorpio win when those around them win, and so it is not a selfish year – there is joy in being part of a team, a family or a movement where efforts are pooled and success shared.

There is both novelty and spontaneity in all your personal relationships, and this favours networking, team building, and work involving the public. Scorpio are very sensitive to the needs of their clients or customers and can react quickly to changing trends. It is a phenomenal year for organic growth, and hard work done throughout previous years will now start delivering dividends.

This is a year of thinking carefully about spending – if in doubt, hold back. It is an excellent time to plan pensions, set money aside or in the case of business conduct long-term investment. It is the year to spend money on serious tings rather than on frivolous ones – you may invest in yourself by buying a training course or invest in your home by making improvements or invest in your business. There can be investment in fixed assets with a view to long-term growth. Scorpio do have to take responsibility this year for past spending – so if you overspent over many years, this is one to pay down debt and cut back. However, this should not be seen as a bad thing; in fact, getting on top of your finances, being more hands on, less dependent on credit and building up savings will feel incredible good. This is a year of shoring up your financial base, making yourself more independent and beginning to feel more in control of your future financially.

This could be a year when you cut back radically in one area so that you can spend more in another, i.e., starting a business. It could also mean that you take a pay cut to become freelance or begin your own business – this will be a building year where you plough efforts into creating a strong base and platform. Scorpio will feel good about the way they are cutting back and saving, especially due the massive uncertainty in the world – it is your way of establishing security for yourself. Scorpio may invest in gold, silver, or other minerals rather than in stocks; you may also put your money into property to get a rental income.

Often, Scorpio forgo physical comforts to spend more money on what is emotionally satisfying or fulfils a dream – there can be a great amount of joy from the emotional and non-material side of life.

2021 is the year to finally kick bad habits for good. You tend to be more concerned with long-term impacts and less worried about short-term, impulsive satisfaction. So a wonderful time to become vegetarian, get into regular exercise, buy natural supplements to boost energy, kick out sugar, switch to organic. Many Scorpio may think about going off grid (getting more independent by using solar power), growing their own vegetables, cycling rather than using a gas guzzling car or taking their health and future into their own hands by radical lifestyle choices.

Everyday events and activities can trigger important changes in your life, and so nothing can be set aside as insignificant. Focus on details and keep your finger on the pulse. Scorpio will find it hard to delegate, and while micromanaging may take up your time, it may be a necessary evil. There are things which have become a part of your life, but which although you are not happy about them, you have put up with them to such an extent that you now accept them as the norm – now it is the time you will revisit these issues and scrap them ruthlessly.

Scorpio are ready to tackle difficult issues and to negotiate hard. You have no time for superficial dinner party chat; you are ready to broach difficult topics and get to grips with key issues. Scorpio will go to the heart of things not skirting around the issues; your approach can be quite hard hitting as you often take a controversial stand. The power is in your message, and if you have to shock to ram that message home, you will.

This can be a cathartic year, and that could be expressed via writing novels, autobiographies or self-help books – you can tap into and address your psychological issues via the medium of literature. This could also be a time when you read and write extensively on subjects like psychology, transformation, or personal struggle.

It is vital to own your thoughts and fears, or what you do not face can boomerang back to confront you. Do not allow subconscious anxieties and angers to control you; you may find that others pick up on your hidden aspects, and this can undermine your message. Achievement this year is closely linked to power of thought; harness the power of thoughts to shape your destiny and increase your effectiveness.

The more your outer actions mirror your internal emotional climate, the more powerfully you can influence others or be creative in your work – if you are a phony or a hypocrite, your house will come down like a pack of cards. If you cannot follow you heart regarding the direction you take in terms of research, publication, or management, you are likely to rebel.

Scorpio are in a transformative, reformist frame of mind; you are attracted to subjects beyond the mainstream and are driven to get at the truth and then inform others. It is an adventurous year on the mental plane with many concepts taking on a whole new meaning or relevance, and you engage in the world with vigour.

Established relationships are a rock, a safe space, and a source of strength.

This is a good year for relationships – they may not be exciting or dramatic, but they will be solid, reliable, and comfortable. Commitment, loyalty, and the willingness of you both to work out problems and work at deepening understanding is emphasized in 2021. You are keen to help you partner and support him/her in their work and goals. You are a giver more than a taker in love this year.

New relationships are more romantic and experimental than the established ones but will progress at a slow pace. Scorpio are open to new love relationships, and potential lovers will be drawn to your gentle, mystical aura, but they will need to be patient, and you will not be rushed into commitment.

A year of revelations internally, of knowing yourself better, and of shaping your outer world to reflect your inner one. A time of joy from shared values and shared experiences, with new friendships that can enhance your life and show you new ways of thinking. A wonderful year for communicating and distributing ideas; you can become an intellectual leader or a trendsetting trail blazer in a world full of uncertainty. Scorpio are not sitting still; you are the people of tomorrow with your finger on the pulse.

This year is exciting on the mental plane, and you can be very influential. You can use words to help or inspire others and thoughts to reprogram your inner psychology and via that your outer reality.

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