Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Sagittarius Love and Life in August 2020

sagittarius love predictions august 2020

Sagittarius Love Horoscope: August 2020

Even the more casual romantic encounters have emotional intensity this month. You are not satisfied with superficial comments or reactions, you have this need to get to the bottom of things and draw out emotional reactions from others. You demand emotional honesty. If you get a sense that someone is holding back, you will delve deeper to get an explanation.

This is a month of meaningful communications as you are not prone to shying away from things that could be uncomfortable. You can deal with anything as long as it is not shallow. Relationships which lack an emotional connection will not survive much longer. In marriages where you have become a little complacent and take each other for granted, this is the month to get quality communication going again and get chatting about feelings, needs, and hopes for the relationship.

Sagittarians love to be surprised in relationships; you guys need to know that there is always another chapter to be read, another avenue to be explored – this month is perfect for opening that new chapter, and you will be the one to push the relationship forward into new territory.

Sagittarians can fall in love with people who are very complicated – however, this satisfies the need within you right now to be with someone you can explore and discover rather than with someone who is one-dimensional.

sagittarius monthly predictions august 2020

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope August 2020

You can be very subjective this month, and your perceptions are not always accurate. You are likely to surround yourself with people who will echo your views or reinforce your beliefs; however, the aim this year is to expand, and you cannot really expand if you want to cushion your views and opinions and never open them up for some scrutiny. You need to throw it all out there and get a reaction – you can then use this to test your ideas and see where to go with your ideas next.

Sagittarians are highly instinctive right now; you will get the feel for something and go with it. Logic and reason can play second fiddle to gut feel. Bearing in mind the first paragraph, you may be acting on the basis of skewed perceptions, but sometimes good decisions can be made even where the logic is faulty – it is almost as if you make the right choice for the wrong reasons or the right choice by accident.

Your emotional state has a direct bearing on your success in communicating this month – if you are feeling insecure or negative, others will pick up on that as you are very transparent, but if you are feeling positive and confident, that will be transmitted subconsciously to others. That is why you need to be cognisant of your emotional state and not push yourself to do anything that you are not really up for as it just won’t come off. If you are feeling a little off, wait until you feel in a better frame of mind before you take on any public role or attend interviews, etc.

If you feel really positive about something – GO FOR IT.

If you have a bad feeling – SIT IT OUT.

Female relatives can play a very important role this month, especially in a supportive role.

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