Sagittarius 2021 Predictions

sagittarius horoscope 2021

Sagittarius 2021: Yearly Horoscope

A year of achievement and progress due to discipline, effort, and application.
2021 is a time where you assume responsibility, take tough decisions, and make them work. You will make solid advancement to be proud of.

Sagittarians are highly focused, driven, and motivated this year with a keen desire to tackle key long-term goals. Your work rate will be superb, your input unrivalled, and your results excellent.

You have excellent energy this year, and this will bring you optimism, strength, and a faith in yourself that will keep you buoyant no matter what else is going on. There is just this feeling that it will be OK, and you will land on your feet – which is wonderful because 2021 is a year when you are going to tackle some tough life tasks head on. You are inclined to aim that little bit higher as bigger goals seem in reach and the extra effort well worth it. Strong relationships with people in power can be cultivated to help you achieve these goals, or you may meet people (experts in their field) who can prove to be valuable assets. Often, good karma is to thank for good fortune; a long forgotten good deed may come in handy this year.

This is a good year to push yourself to complete on an important goal or to start something which is rather daunting, but which has some excellent longterm prospects. This year is ideal for work requiring discipline, hard work, endurance, and perseverance; it is a time for ambitious goals and setting a high bar. 2021 is the perfect time to start a new business, complete a doctoral thesis or take professional exams to improve your career prospects. This year in many ways is about the bigger life goals you have set for yourself, and although you may not feel ready, you are more ready than you will ever be, and so it is time to take the plunge. You know the saying, success is 10% talent and 90% sweat – well, this is the year when you can put in that 90% sweat to make the most of the talents you have and to get ahead of the others out there who are lacking in the sweat department.

You are highly focused this year, and you will tend to gravitate to those who share your goals or who have an interest in your experiences. You will also enjoy the company of friends who are similarly focused on achievement, and you will find yourself becoming more distant with friends who are into the partying and frivolous side of life. You will also enjoy the company of older acquaintances who can see where you are at and who have advice and wise words to offer.

Relationships with others are good; however, it is business relationships that will be the most exciting this year as you connect with people in your field of interest who share your enthusiasm and drive. It is also a good time for friendships with people who share your values and beliefs and who you wish to work with regarding awareness, activism, or politics.

You are more than willing to accept limitation and self-imposed austerity as your goals matter to you and are worth the short-run sacrifices. In general, sacrifices this year are self-imposed rather than imposed by fate, and they are for a reason, which makes them easier to bear.

2021 is also an excellent year for training for a marathon or an endurance sport or activity. You have great stamina, but the best way to get the most from yourself physically is to work consistently rather than in fits and starts and to have schedules. You can get away with less sleep, but you still need you rest, so make sure you fit that in.

This year is not necessarily fearless; there are hurdles to be overcome, and you may wrestle with self-doubt, especially if you are tackling something which you have failed at previously. The beauty of life is that failure is actually fertile ground in which success can grow. You are wiser and more mature this time around, and you will not make the same mistakes, and when you do encounter difficulties, you will have the willpower to press through.

While confidence may be thin on the ground at first, the wonderful thing is the way in which it grows stronger and stronger throughout this year. Each obstacle circumvented or overcome leads to a stronger inner belief and a greater inner resilience.

Facing fears this year holds great dividends. 2021 is a year of freeing yourself from the shackles of pessimism and self-doubt and shaping your future and your destiny. However, if you shy away from the challenge, you can increase the power your fears and anxieties have over you, and this will result in more limitation and a feeling of learned helplessness in your life.

Some of the inner battles you face are the toughest, and yes, in many cases, these are inner battles even if they appear to be a struggle against authority or a person. Someone only has as much power over you as you give them – if you back down, they take more of your power away. This year is not so much about striking out as chipping away at that power – that hold they have over you until you have enough confidence to make that break and take back control. Do not project your problems onto the outer world; look within for the answers and ask yourself what is it about you that allows these forces to control you. Small steps that rebuild your belief in yourself and your own power, soon amount to something quite significant.

Sometimes this year, Sagittarius need to walk away – this can be hard as you never know if it will backfire, but you need to ask yourself, “What have I got to lose” and in 2021, the answer may be NOTHING.

Pragmatism is key to your success this year – all your actions are well planned and timed and tend not to be emotional. No matter how emotionally charged the basis for your actions is, you can act disparagingly and with reason. You can mix idealism with caution and conservatism with risk, getting the right blend.

sagittarius in 2021

Duties and obligations are accepted and not resented this year as you can see how they fit into your overall plan, and you will have more patience with details. You are hardworking, but not ready to be a doormat; you are focused on goals that further your aims and will be less patient when it comes to assisting others – each man for himself. You are thrifty this year and will invest wisely in products or assets that are key to your business or your aims.

You will definitely be turning money over a few times before you part with it, and you will drive a hard bargain.

What makes this a great year is that the vision is there, but the practical ability and perseverance to make it work is there too.

While you can be a little intolerant this year (especially when it comes to feet draggers and lazy people), you will not waste time on pointless arguments, and you will rather cut yourself from those whom you feel are negative influences.

Your energy is flowing in such a way that you can act with foresight and also a pioneering attitude. While you may face opposition from individuals, you should garner help and support from groups, society, and the community.

While you are ambitious and are pursuing personal goals, you have a strong need to do things in the right way – thus, you have integrity and also respect for others as you push ahead. This is not a year of riding roughshod over others. As I have said, you are blessed with confidence this year – believe me, it is there no matter how nervous you may feel. Just rub that bottle, and the genie will emerge.

There is the potential to make a great deal of money this year! However, karma will have much to say about the outcome, and so it is very important to do things by the book and not cut corners. The more your personal goals are in tune with the prevailing socioeconomics trends, the more successful you will be. This is a great year for those in manufacturing, independent publishing, alternate medicine and also reform or reorganisation. This can be an excellent time for management buyouts, regeneration of land or business rescues. Sometimes it is wise to go with your gut instincts even if your opinions make you a little unpopular – there is no need to go along with the crowd just for the sake of keeping everyone happy. You cannot keep all the people happy all the time – do not be afraid to make the odd controversial decision.

Financial matters are strongly indicated this year, and so you are bound to be spending quite a bit of time with the bank manager sorting out loans, extending credit or dealing with your finance. Sagittarians’ lives will be strongly linked to global trends and the worldwide economy. It is best to avoid crowdfunding or flotations; loans, secured debt or savings are the best way to finance. While you are not likely to take many risks, it is worth mentioning that you should not look to expand so fast that it requires massive outlays – you need to work hard to generate growth organically, there are no shortcuts and growth cannot be hurried along. Do not think you can solve problems by throwing money at them. Sudden business trips undertaken on a whim are often not successful. Do not take business advice from regular friends or lovers either and this is not a good year to go into business with friends or romantic partners. While you can make many new good friends who can give you wise business advice, you should not go along with friends who have big ideas and no experience to back it up. Remember, talk is cheap; pick your allies wisely.

Partners of Sagittarius cannot be demanding this year – as the Sag needs space and some freedom. Relationships need adaptability and openmindedness.

This is not the year when Sag can expect their relationships to mirror others; you are not your friends nor your parents, and so why should your relationship be like theirs? Your relationship is reflective of who you both are and where you both are regarding development and life, and thus it will be a unique cocktail of your unique attributes. Comparison is the source of all unhappiness, and that is why you should embrace the quirkiness and eccentricities of your relationship and not try and put labels on it or force it into a box.

Changes will happen in intimate relationships this year, and this is a positive thing – the only danger is stubbornness and a resistance to change. Honesty and the ability to talk about what is no longer working or what should be done to make things better is essential. If one of you thinks the relationship should be perfect and any problem is a major crisis, then perhaps you are with the wrong person as relationships all need work and can all get better; they are not meant to be perfect. Sagittarians enjoy finding out new things about their partners, and they quite enjoy dynamic changes within a relationship, and so this is an exciting year for love as even long established relationships can take a new turn. You should expect the unexpected regarding love, and you should embrace some spontaneity. Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder, and so periods spend apart can be great for the relationship. The last thing any relationship needs now is rules, control, and manipulation – Sagittarians do need to walk away if they are feeling boxed in or emotionally manipulated. There should be respect not rules, and so if the relationship is all about demands, rules, and punishment, why are you bothering?

Sagittarians who have been single for a long period can look forward to a very exciting year – love and romance are very much on the menu. The course of true love is never smooth, and love affairs this year will follow an unorthodox path; treat it like an adventure.

This is a year of looking within and then projecting onto the world; you are more in touch with what you want and need from the next few years and thus are putting your back into the work that can get you there. Things that are a distraction will fade away as you focus energy and willpower on breaking the emotional and philosophical taboos that you have created for yourself. You can remake yourself in the image you want; this is a time of shedding any identity or value system that was painted onto you. Relationships will improve as you become more self-assured and act with confidence that builds as the year goes on, and you successfully surmount hurdles. You can shoulder greater responsibility, and this will bring reward and a greater sense of self.

This year, you can do it – you can do more and be more than you have ever imagined. You are the only barrier, so what are you waiting for?

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