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Pisces 2021 Predictions

pisces horoscope 2021

Pisces 2021: Yearly Horoscope

“Hot love, drugs and rock ’n roll!”

Pisces are looking for excitement in 2021; real life can seem rather drab, and you will crave both escapism and colour in your life. Your indulgence in arts, drama, music, and the creative arts often provides this entry into a world of glamour. You will look to be transported away from yourself and into a world where you can experience things that you would never usually experience. It can be a year of experiences that sweep you off your feet: a whirlwind romance, a unique travel opportunity, working with creative people on an important project or involvement in a movement which could have deep national or even international significance.

2021 is a year where you engage in the world and experience life vicariously through a person or team you identify with. On one level, this can mean experiencing success via your favourite sports team or being involved in a political movement. It could mean that you are attracted to a cult, or you begin following the teachings or writings of an author who opens your mind and begins to influence you. This can indicate the beginning of a whole new way of life which starts on a mental level and becomes all consuming. On a negative level, this can mean an unhealthy infatuation with a person (a person you know who is unattainable or a person who is famous) – while this can cause its own disappointments in a way, it can fill a gap. 2021 can be a time where the unreal is preferred over the real, as the real ultimately disappoints while the imagined is always perfect and can be replayed over and over again.

This will be an exciting year with long journeys both in the real world and regarding your imagination. Much of what is significant takes place in the abstract which makes this ideal for Pisces as you are excellent at making connections and thinking laterally. Your ability to use your vision and to latch onto concepts that are only emerging and take them forward is enhanced. You can nurture ideas and help them to grow even in difficult circumstances.

Your sensitivity and compassion for others are greatly enhanced, and you can achieve growth and develop your own personality and sense of self via service to others. Sacrifices you make can lead to exciting changes in your own life; they can actually be a catalyst for new avenues opening up. Often this year, what is important is under your nose, even though you are looking everywhere for it. 2021 is a year when you need to follow your intuition and listen to your inner voice. You need to silence the voices of reason and logic as, during this phase of your life, it is what is unseen or unquantifiable where the answers lie. You can use your powers to visualise to great effect regarding both escapism and planning important events, speeches, or strategies in your head. It is very important for you to rehearse anything which you have planned to do in your head first – this can be the way you approach your boss, a potential partner, an interview or even a sports match – preparing all the possible outcomes in your head leads to success and better anticipation and confidence when you tackle things in real life.

Often in 2021, the barrier between what is real and what is imagined is a blurry line. You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere or vibe of an event quite vicariously. You can experience a great deal via your ability to visualise and engage emotionally with events that may be remote to your usual life. This is a year of strong emotional identification with causes, people, or groups of people. You can become devoted to a humanitarian or consciousness raising movement which develops into a life-enhancing passion. It is a year of becoming immersed in matters. Often these matters may not concern you personally, but you make them personal; such is the extent to which you begin to identify with the person or group involved.

Often you can convince yourself that this movement really does matter to you on a practical level. This may be unlikely however; the movement is often a vehicle for your own development and expression. You need to expand beyond your boundaries and limitations, and this can be achieved not by simply working hard or booking exciting holidays – it needs to be achieved via association and involvement in something which you feel is greater and more important than you as an individual. Along this theme, this a year when Pisces will project their emotions outwards and seek others who are experiencing similar transitions or feelings to connect with and carry on your journey with.

2021 is the year of the dream, the vision, and the development of ideas – it is time to unite with others to achieve the impossible. You have a great reservoir of inspiration upon which you can draw ideas, especially creative ones.

This year is one when many Pisces will be more involved in the area of medicine, healing, alternative nutrition, and natural therapies. Anyone involved in these areas can experience growth in their business and may also add to your repertoire by taking added qualifications in related subjects. If you have ever had an interest in healing or any form of medicine, this is the time to pursue it.

Pursuing goals which fulfil you at a deep and very personal level matters to you, and that is why many Pisces may leave careers where you do not feel you make a meaningful contribution. You may gravitate to careers where you are creative and create value for others via art; it may be that you will enter a caring or healing career where you provide both emotional and physical support and care, or you may enter a career which is very people orientated. Whatever you do, you want to see and experience the value you create first-hand. Many Pisces who perform as a career will thrive off the vibe and applause of the audience.

pisces in 2021

This is another great year for those who earn money via their ability to express emotion, to engage and arouse others by appealing to their emotions.

It is a very good year for those who need to persuade others due to a chameleon-like ability to slip into a role, mirror others, and sense their needs. This, of course, can also be used to charm and manipulate on a negative level, but bearing in mind that only selling or promoting something of real worth can bring you karmic reward regarding own satisfaction; nothing will be gained if your heart is not true.

2021 is a year of separations where you leave one mode or phase of life behind for another. You may undergo a life transition, i.e., leaving uni for your first job; leaving one country for another; leaving an office job for a job that is more risky yet with greater potential for fulfilment. 2021 is ideal for Pisces embarking on a career in an emerging or growth industry – you may leave a solid and secure job to begin a new adventure in an industry which is still developing or even in its infancy but has great future potential. Pisces in 2021 may become involved in fields of science or technology which are highly speculative or totally unchartered. In fact, unchartered territory is very much a theme of this year, and that is why logical deduction and past experience go out the window – your vision, intuition, and gut feel are essential to make decisions. The key is following your heart; the more you feel a sense of value and deep connection with your direction in life, the more you can rely on your gut. However, if you are on a course you do not believe in, you will encounter disappointment and increasing despondency – in this case, your inner voice may lead you on wild goose chase after wild goose chase until you can connect with that thing which truly represents your life course.

As you transition from one phase of life into another, you can experience a false sense of nostalgia where you cling to which has slipped away thinking it was far better than it was. Lingering in the past and harbouring an idealised version of that past can only hamper your progress in life, and you need to fix your energies on the future. Often immersing yourself in helping others can provide a boost to your ego and sense of self; it can also be a welcome distraction that takes you away from your own problems providing perspective.

So much of what is significant this year will only be perceived later on in life as much of it happens quite by accident or indeed quite organically. It is a time when one thing leads to another and often snowballs into a whole new adventure.

Travelling with others to pursue joint interests is an important part of this year – the enjoyment in any moment is enhanced and magnified when shared. Even if you are with thousands of other people you do not even know, you can experience that interconnectivity and divine bond between all humanity.

This is not a year to follow rules and to try desperately hard to be organised and systematic; it is a year to adapt and go with the flow, letting life take you on a magical mystery tour. Do not be rigid, allow yourself to take mental flights of fancy, and when opportunities arise for unique experiences, embrace them and toss routine aside. This is not a great year for major financial investments; however, if you are in finance for a living, then you could act on hunches that can prove to be very successful. Those who regularly trade in stocks and shares will have added insight which can help you make money off sudden market movements.

It is vital to be careful with money this year as your financial situation is prone to ups and downs and so you need to keep commitments to a minimum. Incremental investment in your business is better than one off large scale costs that take a long while to recoup. This is not a good year for big sunk costs or taking on onerous contracts or re-mortgaging; you are best with short-term debt/overdrafts, etc. 2021 is a year when you may accept a pay cut to follow more emotionally rewarding career paths.

In some cases, financial constraints may push you to the limit so much so that you uncover or develop a talent you would never have without that pressure.

You may take on a ‘what have I got to lose’ attitude and throw everything at a goal – this can be very effective for you. There is this sense you have in 2021 of fighting a war, and yet you don’t know against who or what, but you feel as if you are winning. You are partly in a battle with yourself – an old you versus a new you emerging, and the new you has not yet fully defined itself and shaken off that old skin.

While old ties are broken, new roots have not yet been set down, and you feel in a state of flux, and while this can be disconcerting, it is also inspiring as you feel that there is great potential there waiting to be tapped. The way forward is not obvious; it must be taken step by step and with patience.

You have a great deal of power at your disposal this year, and yet it needs to be used subtly and with regard to timing. Nothing can be forced; you need to bide your time and wait for the perfect wave before you attempt to surf. Your greatest power comes from leading by example rather than leading in terms of telling others what to do. Do not wait to be asked to lead; show them the way by going out and being it, doing it, and living it. Many chances that arise now can slip away almost without you noticing, and so you need to be observant and vigilant. No time like the present; you can be very effective, but you need to be proactive and harness the energy available.

Good relations established in the past with authority figures can prove useful right now. You have a powerful ability to persuade and influence others via communicating in a way which is highly visual – whether you sell, teach, or trade, you need to paint pictures with words in people’s minds, and so select your words with care as they have great power.

Pisces can have great success in all fields of visual communication from photography, cinematography, film, graphic design, marketing, product design or using exciting graphics for presentations. If you have ever wanted to study filmmaking or any career in the visual arts, this is the time.

Pisces who work in teams within NGOs, charities, or government can reform these organisations and create more progressive agendas. Reform and changes can be achieved via nudging others gently in a new direction with sustained pressure and also exciting ideas. It is not enough for you to encourage change in others, you have to inspire them to believe in that change, and so much of this year is about you selling your ideas or your vision, and that is where your power lies. Leadership for Pisces in 2021 is about seeing the future and selling that vision to those who have the practical skills to make it work.

Pisces in sales can do incredibly well in 2021 for reasons already mentioned, i.e., your ability to sense needs of clients or customers and so home in on them.

Many of your objectives will change this year as your true destiny becomes clearer, and you can effect changes with little turmoil or conflict. In all matters be true to yourself, the new you, the real you.

In your life, you may realise that you can make a living doing something that really matters or make a killing doing little of real importance – which will you choose? This is a consciousness and awareness expanding year of potential, possibilities and often mystery – but then life is the greatest mystery of all, and that is very exciting.

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