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Libra 2021 Predictions

libra horoscope 2021

Libra 2021: Yearly Horoscope

Libra are heavily engaged in the world this year, and you can financially benefit from changes that are taking place politically and socially within your business, regarding job opportunities and also in terms of speculating on the markets.

Libra have a clear vision for the year and are single-minded in their approach; your great optimism and expansiveness allow you to forge ahead with a pioneering attitude. Libra thrive off challenge, and this is a year of adventure and opportunities to do things you have never done before and discover new talents and abilities. Regarding your personality, you can grow into a more confident and rounded person – think of yourself as a diamond that is not quite polished to perfection, 2021 is a time when you as a diamond become more polished and sparkling.

2021 is a revolutionary time for your self-image; you can begin to see you and your place in the world quite differently. You will start to see that you have achieved more than you would have believed over the past 3-4 years, and you are now spurred on to take one more and set the bat even higher for the next few years.

2021 is going to be a very significant year regarding world events: new President of America, Brexit negotiations, German elections, French elections, Italian banking crisis and Syria at the very least, and I see that Librans will be very involved in the politics and also in the upheaval created by these changes. Many Librans’ lives will be affected by the changes and also the opportunities these global crises create.

Many Librans will become more heavily involved in truth activism, in groups like Anonymous or will be becoming more politically vocal and joining a party or movement. Politics will become increasingly relevant to you, not only regarding the way it hits a nerve when it comes to your values; changes will also hit you in the pocket. Changes in the wider world are affecting Libra in personal ways and stirring you to action. Librans who work in banking can be heavily influenced by events this year, and it can be exciting and nerve-wracking; you can throw out the rule book as nothing will be predictable or follow the models you one relied upon.

Librans will look to make major changes regarding their finances this year – you may change the way you invest or save; you may decide to buy property and rent it out rather than pay into a pension. You may change the currency of your savings to guard against exchange rate changes, or you may reject credit cards and go back to cash. It is a year of managing your money differently; you may go without to pay off debt more quickly or decide to avoid debt where at all possible. You will look into new investments which you feel reflect the new risks posed by world events.

This year you will perceive things in a very personal way – this can make you more touchy, more reactionary and even more paranoid. You may jump to conclusions and react with too much emotion. Feelings are closer to the surface in 2021, and you identify strongly with your views, which is why you may feel personally attacked when your views are challenged. You need to develop more detachment. You are likely to pick a side and defend that position with zeal; this is not a year of fence sitting or trying to be diplomatic (despite your peace loving nature). Libra will be very effective this year as you are not constrained by your people pleasing nature; you can strike a balance between diplomacy and strident advocacy of an opinion or position.

2021 will be a year which you will long remember as it will have an impact in many ways. It will be remembered for being a year of turning points, changes and journeys begun and also a year where you discovered a new side to yourself. Aspects of your personality will be unleashed from the shadows, and you should not shy away from hard tasks or tough challenges as only by tackling these can you prove to yourself what you are made of.

This is also a year which you will remember as you were part of something bigger than yourself – you know that saying, “One day you can tell your grandchildren, you were there.” Indeed, you will bear witness in person to things this year, events that can alter modern history and which you will be able to participate in.

This is a year when you will fight for what you believe in; causes and rights matter to you, and you will stand up with enthusiasm and vigour. Often a belief (which could be a relatively new one or one you have always held) suddenly becomes very important to you, and it can be an energising or motivating factor. Belief in an idea or cause can give you a new lease on life and may open doors to new careers.

Over-exertion and a tendency to misjudge the mood and steam roll ahead regardless can arouse opposition – it is best to step aside and take the mood temperature now and again to see if you are hitting the right chords or playing off key. Do not hold onto the reigns obsessively; you can lead more effectively when you delegate or even when you invite greater input from those around you, either family, friends, or colleagues. You are impatient this year and can be unwilling to wait for results – you must be careful not to over-egg the pudding, i.e., spoil something by trying too hard to make it perfect or by not waiting for it to develop. You may not get the results you are after as you have not taken time to formulate specific stepping stones and milestones towards your goal. Every goal is made up of stages, and you need to be clearer about what those stages are. Your energy tends to splay out, and you need to concentrate on keeping efforts focused and consistent.

2021 brings new business opportunities and also cooperative financial ventures. Corporate business projects will show progress, especially if they are related to consumer goods, entertainment, the arts or accounting and business service.

You are socially outgoing and will develop meaningful and loving new contacts with friends. You have the willpower to smooth over difficulties in relationships and will have the desire to make things work and find solutions – this is not the year to walk away from romances or relationships that are not working, it is rather a time to dig deeper and expand understanding and awareness. You are both charming and alluring this year, and potential lovers will find you mysterious and fascinating. You can be emotionally quite demanding and may want to turn your intensity level down as although it is the thing which draws people to you and gets them under your spell, it can be a little too much full time. Know when you are coming over too strong or perhaps talking too much and take a deep breath. You can get carried away in 2021 and a little hyper, and that can drain those around you, so bear that in mind.

You can achieve personal growth when you learn to understand your partner better and learn to adapt to their needs. A little understanding goes a very long way, and so when you spend time really listening and asking questions about how you can change to make the relationship better, things improve fast. Loyalty and perseverance are the keywords in relationships. You are taking relationships seriously in 2021, and those which are formed will mean a lot to you.

You may meet someone who pushes your buttons – they may enrage you and fulfil you in equal measure. Relationships now are very satisfying but not always easy as you will confront deeply hidden feelings and emotional complexes via love relationships. Do not walk away, as the more you commit, the more you will learn, and the more you have to gain from the relationship.

In all relationships, you need to be ‘shaken and stirred’ emotionally – both good and also fiery or angry emotions are an indication of true feeling. The only time to worry about your relationship is when you just don’t care and have torpid emotions – this could signify the relationship has run its course.

Relationships need to step up to the next level regarding both understanding and insight. Relationships will be redefined as you begin to examine what LOVE actually means – it means something different to everyone, and as we get older we revise the way we understand it and interpret it in the context of our life. If your idea of love differs to that of your partner, then you may be giving each other what you both do not want or need – can this be resolved? Relationships which do end this year, end amicably. Usually, relationships end as you are moving in two different directions and have grown apart.

New relationships that begin this year will be significant and may have a fated feeling to them. It is very likely that new relationships will be connected to the projects you are excited about in 2021 from causes to politics. New relationships are passionate regarding sexual energy and your enthusiasm for similar values.

libra in 2021

Established relationships can experience a revived sex life and increased passion in 2021. The reason why sex life improves is you have a more active fantasy life this year fuelled by a great imagination; this aids romance.

Romance is what happens in the head as well as what happens physically, and so your vivid imagination and also enhanced appreciation of music and moods are conducive to a sexy atmosphere.

You can get much support from others this year, but that all hinges on how you manage the massive amount of energy you have. You have an impressive amount of willpower and drive and can literally move mountains; on the flip side, you can be inclined to go steamrolling and quashing the hopes and needs of others in a way that can seem insensitive. Librans are excellent at man-management, but in 2021 you need to work harder at this side of yourself as you can neglect to nurture important relationships with colleagues and business partners, taking them for granted and not consulting extensively enough before acting.

2021 is a phenomenal year for building – this means building something concrete, i.e., a house, a new office, a block of flats, boats, bridges, dams, roads. So for any Libra involved in architecture, construction or any activity which involves a big infrastructure project, this is a very productive year.

You can win bids for big contracts, and you may get enough work from one project to last all year. This is also a great year to build up your business by making investments into plant and equipment and other immovable assets.

This year is profitable for those of you who sell or construct luxury property improvements, i.e., swimming pools, tennis courts, hot tubs, gyms, greenhouse, etc.

2021 is a year of great doggedness and resilience. You can look after yourself and will stand up to opposition with enormous guts.

This year is ideal for competitive physical activities, especially adventure sports. You will throw yourself into many activities heart and soul and can make quite a name for yourself. You thrive on challenges, especially ones new to you, and you get a buzz out of pitting yourself against the odds.

The daredevil is alive and well in Libra, but take care when you take risks. Be very careful with gambling as you are attracted to risky activities, as you do not feel like you can lose – do not let logic and caution go out the window.

You are opening doors for yourself this year, and if need be you will kick them down; no barrier intimidates you, and the more they say you cannot do it, the more you want to. You can be quite contrary and will take delight in proving your detractors wrong. You will cultivate new pastures in romance, career and regarding personal goals that matter to you. Often political, social, or justice related interests provide you with recognition and satisfaction even if they are unconnected to your career. Success in non-career-related pursuits is very likely. You need a great deal of self-reliance as you cannot always garner support from others due to your ‘path less travelled’ approach. You will need to dig deep for support, and you may look to the unconventional or unorthodox regarding financing or business models as your unique ideas need a unique plan. 2021 is a year where NO, is not a word you pay attention to; you can be inventive and ingenious in finding ways to get what you want.

Anything is possible, although you will have to go about it in a roundabout way.

Others can benefit from your enthusiasm and pugnacity – it is like you are the icebreaker ship, crushing through sheet ice allowing others to come after it in clear water. What you do this year can clear the way for others. You are bound to arouse opposition, and yet you will get support from surprising sources.

Rest and taking time to recharge your batteries is important, so do not neglect your health or push your body to extremes as it is a burn the candle at both ends type of year.

A year of opportunity and success where you can discover more about yourself by breaking new ground regarding love, career, and interests. Do not wait for things to drop into your lap; seize the moment and do not let this exciting year pass you by. Trust in your talents and innate abilities and have faith in the divine plan that is unfolding for you. Start that ball rolling and make it happen. It’s in your hands!

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