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Leo 2021: Yearly Horoscope

Sexual, emotional, and physical energy run high in 2021, and Leo are exceptionally creative and inspired with ideas and vision. This is an ideas year where you can envisage possibilities and find ingenious and original ways of tackling problems or creating opportunities for yourself. ‘If you can dream it you can do it’, this is a cliché which is not always true, but for Leo, it is true this year as your ability to visualise and actualise is real and has power potential. What is more is that there is great purposefulness and a turbo charge to both creative and business ambitions. You have phenomenal energy in 2021 to throw behind projects which can alter your life course and help you achieve a greater sense of self. Self-determination is key to this year, and you have more power than ever to express your creative side, direct your life and rediscover yourself.

Your personal power is very strong this year, and that means you can achieve success by sheer force of personality. This is of great benefit to any Leo who are heavily personally involved in or invested in projects: those project could be humanitarian, business, creative, or social. This is a year of great personal development where you can take aspects of your personality and develop them into assets which can propel you forward.

This is a year when you have to motivate and rely on yourself – be a selfstarter and do not wait for others to support you; be your own support system and jump in and get going.

This is a year where you will act as an individual rather than as part of a team – this can be because you have decided to go freelance, have been promoted to a management role or are going it alone in any other walk of life. There is a theme of discovery, developing your coping mechanisms, striking out and taking a pioneering attitude to life. There is something rather exciting about the year as you are not quite sure where things will go, but you are eager to test yourself and push out the boundaries of your expectations.

Health improves greatly and steadily as the year goes by, but the message is slow and steady; no crash diets or cold turkey as you need to slowly reduce reliance on things like coffee, sugar, pre-prepped foods, and alcohol. The best approach to health is improving diet by slowly starting a new exercise and healthy eating regime rather than jumping from one thing or one way into something entirely new.

2021 marks a year of solid progress, and you are determined and quite patient as you can see that this is an important developmental phase in your life and that fast results are not actually needed as the gradual change is less disruptive.

You are effective as a leader this year as you come across as authoritative and firm, you are well liked and can encourage others around you by setting the tone with your own hard work and commitment. In management roles you look the part and can shoulder the responsibility with confidence; your confidence in your leadership ability grows throughout the year, and you will become more audacious and courageous in your leadership decisions. By the end of 2021, you will feel you have the impetus and momentum to make some exciting and very bold moves that can launch you or your business and help you reach new levels of attainment.

In the first eight months of the year, you can work well within a framework or structure – this means you can handle bureaucracy and authority and can work well in jobs where there is a chain of command. You will be inspired to work within that system to climb the ladder and obtain more authority and more scope for yourself. However, in the last part of the year, you will crave more autonomy and will use the power you have cultivated slowly in the first part of the year to start doing things your way and putting your stamp on affairs. It is as if you have to bide your time and then when you have manoeuvred into a good position and have enough leg room, you can begin to get to work on what really matters to you, and you can set about implementing your vision.

In creative and artistic endeavours, planning is very important, and although the first seven months of the year can be a time that is slightly frustrating, you really need to keep a lid on the impulsive, creative side of you and concentrate on clever and thorough planning and foundation laying. The end of the year will allow you more of an explosion in self-expression and an opportunity to strut your stuff with flair and more flamboyance. You need to know how to play the game; play the politics of any situation carefully and bide your time until you have everything in place before you play your hand.

In creative careers or professions related to research or invention, secrecy, and legal protections like copyright, patents, etc., are very important as is protecting your data. In 2021 it is vital to protect all your content, personal data, and also business ideas and plans – make sure you have multiple backups, malware, and ransomware protection, and also spyware protection.

You should also be careful of where you share any information – do not let others get a glimpse of your business plans or creative ideas.

You are mentally versatile and adaptable this year and can think with more clarity about obscure and non-linear issues. You can make leaps and join dots to make sense of complex problems, especially those to do with social, economic, and philosophical issues. You are adept at foreseeing trends and then adapting to those ahead of time – these may be political, fashion, or social trends.

leo in 2021

While your emotions can inject your work with added intensity and give you the edge regarding motivation, they can also cloud your judgment somewhat making you less objective. This is certainly not a year for crystal clear, logical, hard factual analysis; it is much more about taking on information and absorbing it and then coming up with intuitive deductions that make emotional and perhaps logical sense. Often you can understand things from a gut level first and later facts will emerge that support that instinctive reaction.

New goals and initiatives set in motion now will have a long-term impact, and thus you need a strategy and solid foundations. You can win favour and thus help from those in authority if your approach is systematic, disciplined, and controlled. While you are inclined to approach goals seriously, your mind can often be five or ten steps ahead, and thus there can be a disconnect between where you are and where you have leapt mentally. While it is great to have visions which can be like a carrot on a stick that keep you going, you need to devote proportionate time to current decisions and details as to future planning.

A positive attitude at the beginning of the year helps you to have the energy to smooth over and grind through the less inspiring tasks required to lay the ground for the year. You can work very hard, especially when you are alone, and so while Leos love the limelight, this year you will quite happily spend time cultivating and fine tuning ideas into the wee small hours.

Relationships this year are hot hot hot. Fiery and passionate emotions will not be running like a stream but more like molten lava. You are more aware of your sexuality and how you can use that sexuality in all walks of life, including relationships. You will feel sexy, and getting sexual satisfaction will be more important, which is why relationships can sometimes be a battlefield. If your relationship is new and the sex life is still very active, then the relationship will be sensual, amorous, and there will be much affection and certainly fun times. In relationships which have perhaps become stale, frustrated sexual energy can manifest in arguments and battles of wills. These arguments may mask the need to get the passionate side of relationship fired up. ‘Those who play together stay together’, they say, and so one of the ways to improve your sex life is by getting more physically active together; doing sports or recreational pursuits together can relax you both and get you in the mood for love.

Leo have a great deal of sexual magnetism, and there is the power to attract new partners and start love relationships. However, in relationships your timing is not always good; you may be hot when they are not, and so you have to learn to be more patient and less demanding when it is not really appropriate. If your timing in love is out, see what you can do about it in a non-sexual way, i.e., paying more attention to scheduling and perhaps sharing chores to free up time and energy for love. The physical side of love can be enhanced by giving each other massages, using touch, aromas and even playing strength games to arouse each other. Spontaneity and enthusiasm are vital in all relationships, and so this is not a year for allowing relationships to just chug along at some pedestrian pace; you want to speed things up, bring out the emotion and get back to a passionate place where you fulfil each other regarding intimacy, affection, and fun.

Relationships need work in terms of co-operation and strong decision making where you give equal input. What will damage relationships is one making a decision behind the other one’s back and not bothering to consult – agree, discuss, debate, decide!

This year is one in which new friendships can be especially inspiring and may even help you in the areas of exercise and nutrition. Friends can help push you beyond your usual limits, and since this is a year if expansion, that can be very helpful in keeping you on the right track.

Creatively, you are ready to embrace the offbeat, the untried, and in some cases, the obscure. There can be new alliances with other creative people to collaborate on a project – not where you cramp each other’s style but where you enhance the creative process by bouncing off each other.

This is an active year for your social life, and yet you need to stop the social life taking over and becoming a distraction. It is ideal where social life supports your career and life aims and then you can enjoy one not at the expense of the other. You can sometimes get carried away with ideas that seem great when you are in a social context, but which seem rather unworkable in the cold light of day – so it is always best to allow ideas to settle before you act, as not all is what is appears to be this year. You have an abundance of ideas, and not all are good ones, and so do not become welded to an idea or vision so much so that you are no longer able to be objective. Confirmation bias is a problem this year, and so do not surround yourself with people who only tell you what you want to hear as sometimes criticism and a firm hand from someone older who cares about you is important.

2021 is a curious year of formulating new ideas, seeing possibilities and putting energy behind your aims to create concrete results. It is about not only material goals as creative and spiritual goals matter as well, and many goals are a combination of all three, which is especially fulfilling. Learning and communicating take on a new relevance and happen in surprising ways – not all learning is formal, some of the most important learning in 2021 takes place away from schools and colleges and happens on travel and creative enterprising or by mingling with new sets of people. Your ability to understand the deeper meaning behind everyday experience and perceive wider patterns and trends can help you gain wisdom and understanding about your life course and to make savvy choices. Organisational ability combines with creative juices pumping to make your year start enjoyable, pro-active, and highly motivated. As the year goes on, your turbo kicks in giving added impetus towards initiating and tackling the challenging aspects of your work from promotion to publicity and brand building. 2021 is about a new improved you with goals and visions which are in line with your greater good and true purpose.

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