Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Gemini Love and Life in August 2020

gemini love predictions august 2020

Gemini Love Horoscope: August 2020

With life at home rather hectic and even chaotic with extended family tensions and repairs or maintenance to be done, your home may not feel your own. You may feel invaded, and this can dampen the romance and intimacy that flowed so well last month.

This is a good month to get away from it all and take a short break or even a longer break away from home and from your respective families. You need to be patient in your love life as you may expect too much given the circumstances; try and take each day at a time and enjoy the moment without pre-judging how things should be.

Gemini tend to have the upper hand in terms of steering the relationship in August – it is not so much about controlling things, it is more about setting the tone, the values and the foundations on which your future is to be built.

For Gemini in new relationships, your attitude is very conducive to the forming of strong bonds and the development of a mutual respect and understanding.

gemini monthly predictions august 2020

Gemini Monthly Horoscope August 2020

Another active month where health and vitality get a boost – a really good month to recharge batteries if you have been ill, stressed, or run down. You can turn your health around with healthy mental attitudes where you focus on being positive and tackling situations head on without letting them drift.

Seize the day is the message and do not leave until tomorrow what you could do today. You will take a more active role regarding leadership in day to day activities, and you will be forthright at expressing ideas and opinions.

Head and heart are in sync, which will make decisions easier as you will not feel pulled in different directions. You can be decisive and confident in the choices you make.

Mercury retrograde can bring issues to do with your home from problems with your utilities and wi-fi to issues with damp and water. Check your home insurance. If you run a business from home, disruptive events can affect your ability to meet deadlines and get things done, and so make sure you build in extra time and leave nothing until the last minute.

Family matters can be complicated for no good reason – make sure you do not react to rumour or hearsay, and make sure you get all your information from the horse’s mouth. Tensions and undercurrents which plague relations in your family are especially apparent and may be impossible to resolve and so are best ignored. Misconceptions about a family member’s motivations can cloud the relationships.

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