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gemini horoscope 2021

Gemini 2021: Yearly Horoscope

This is a very good money year, and hard work done last year will pay off as you begin to see rewards. The year starts with a continued focus on the financial and planning aspect of your business and work. You are seriousminded and incredibly mentally determined. You are impelled to strengthen up any weak areas of your life which need attention so you can function as effectively as possible.

You are formulating clear goals and are single-minded and self-denying in pursuit of those. The first part of 2021 sees you working consistently to bring plans to fruition; this is not the time to ease off on the pressure. The foundations are there, and you need to build on them in the months to May: using your charms, social skills, and persuasive ability to build relationships and extend your networks.

Money should be set aside and saved or reinvested in the first few months as in the second half of the year there will be many investments and also pleasurable opportunities where you will want to spend.

The first half of the year is frenetic and often your nerves will feel frayed, but you need to keep calm and hold your tongue as words said in haste can be counterproductive.

Relationships can be challenging in the first part of the year for a few reasons; you can be careless with your words and insensitive to the values and feeling of others. You are in a tough love mood, but that may reflect your own feeling of self-sufficiency. You can come across as distracted and abrupt, and you may want to take more time to invest some emotion in your relationship and pay attention to what is going on with your partner.

This is a very ambitious time for Gemini; despite uncertainty you will press on, determined to make every aspect of your plans viable.

Your relationships with others can be complex – while on one hand you are very supportive and encouraging to your friends and those close to you, having their back and defending them, you can be guilty of manipulating them in a game you are playing.

You are skilled at directing conversations and interactions, then engineering them to your advantage. This is a powerful time for Gemini in business or any Gemini looking to nail a good deal. You should not try and get ahead of yourself; at times you think you are ahead of the game when suddenly things change, and you end up caught in a trap of your own making. Gemini are powerful at using illusions this year – you can get others to react to an image you project while you keep your true aims secret; while this can be very successful, you can get tripped up if you go in for the kill too soon.

The problem for Gemini this year is awareness and concentration – you can sometimes be so focused on one thing that something fairly innocuous crops up and throws a spanner in the works. Nothing should be assumed as this year, last minute changes can often swing a situation 180 degrees.

Denial is a problem for Gemini; often, you just close your eyes to what you are doing, almost holding your breathe and just doing it, knowing that some consequences will be unpalatable to others. There is often opposition to your plans, and so some tough decisions will have to be made. You cannot please all the people all the time, and while it is hard for you to wield the axe (by ending some relationships/friendships or activities), you know it has to be done.

Confrontation during the first half of the year is vital as it helps you establish the ground and clear the deck for your next phase.

This is an excellent year for inspired self-expression and the generation and use of new ideas. Impatience can mean that not all your ideas are as well thought through as they could be; however, this will work well for Gemini who can work on the ideas as they are in progress. This is an excellent year for trial and error style activities where you test out ideas and can afford to trial out even outrageous options. This is a very creative year where those Gemini in the arts or entertainment can achieve sudden fame or acclaim.

Originality in your use of communication tools and novel ideas to grab the attention of either new clients, customers, or even lovers can bring fast results. You need to remain more approachable, as often you can get disconnected from your roots or from what made you what you are, and that disconnection can be a downfall. Your need for freedom of thought and action can make you irritable at suggestions even if they are meant to be helpful. Do not jump to conclusions and check facts well, especially in financial dealings, as you can be impulsive.

You are very changeable this year, and this adaptability can help you act like a chameleon, taking on the colour and attitude required from situation to situation.

Uncertainty this year is both exciting and also nerve-wracking – things are changing fast, and you cannot always rely on the outcome or on support from superiors or parents. You will have to stay on your toes, and this might be stressful – you need breaks from the action to allow yourself to settle.

However, no sign handles this topsy-turvy forward momentum like Gemini, who thrive off change and novelty.

The first part of this year can mean the severing of relationships from love to business which have served their purpose. As the year goes on, you will find it easy to cut ties in favour of fresher, more invigorating new love and work relationships which reflect your future orientated, inspired state of mind.

You cannot maintain connections that are backward looking and not as progressive as you feel.

Motivations and energy levels are high this year, with strongly developed competitive instincts and a more combative slant to your behaviour. Gemini are not known for being confrontational, and yet this year you have more impetus to take the fight to people with whom you need to establish some ground rules. You can take on bullies and also settle scores. You will face any attacks on yourself (verbal or back-stabbing) with courage and honesty.

You won’t shy from disputes, and you can gain confidence in yourself by taking up challenges (mental, verbal, or physical) and winning them.

Physically, you feel vital and will look to be more active and improve fitness.

Money luck comes in the second half of the year when efforts begin to show fruit. Money can come in fast and go out fast – you may sell more products but incur more expenses. This is a time where you need to spend money to make money, and yet you have to be prudent about where you spend and keep track of the ROI on each spend, or you may lose track on how and why you spent and how effective it was.

From May to Dec, you will make many financial and investment decisions, and many will have to be made quickly; this is why it is so important to have a clear financial strategy in the early part of the year to refer to. Make sure you stick to your overall strategy and do not get carried away with peripheral spending.

This is very competitive time for Gemini in sales who seek to hit targets and outsell others. You can be rather inventive about how you promote or reach consumers.

Pragmatism is important in relationships during the first quarter of the year, and you need to work on things; sometimes, the simply things in day to day life, i.e., who washes dishes, takes the kids to school, mows the lawn can become big issues when it is perceived that one is not doing his fair share.

gemini in 2021

Gemini need to show the small tokens of consideration which when added together mean a great deal. Offering to make dinner when you see your partner is tired or calling ahead to say you are running late may seem insignificant, but these small things can help Gemini to make relationships run far smoother. It is a good year to get financial obligations between you clearly defined, especially if you are in a new relationship or a loosely defined relationship. One of you neglecting your financial obligations and being seen to be freeloading can damage the relationship and break trust.

The later months of 2021 are wonderful for new romance and sex life for all Gemini. There is the ability to combine freedom and individuality with the need for warmth and companionship. Friendship as a factor in relationships is important, and you will get on well and may begin to enjoy aspects of each other’s personality that have been suppressed in the past. There are excitement and spontaneity in relationships and willingness to try new things to be more open-minded and more accepting.

Gemini who are single will have quite a few sudden romances – some may not last, but you will enjoy the experiences, and they will enhance your selfesteem and self-confidence. You are more carefree in love, and this free and easy attitude helps you attract positive romantic experience as you are not coming over as intense and needy. Keep your options open; you are lucky in love and do not need to take the first person who comes along, so do not commit too soon, as you never know what is around the corner.

In relationships which are stuck in a rut, disruptions later in the year will bring a breath of fresh air. Stale relationships need a shake up, and a period spent apart due to work or some time spent with separate groups of friends can help you to appreciate each other again. Variety and change are vital to your relationships, and you need to establish communication again, but not dramatic and intense communication, rather discussions about life and opportunities.

This year shows long distance trips away for pleasure – these trips can be very beneficial for existing relationships, and for single Gemini, they could well be the start of a new relationship.

There is wanderlust and the need to be a free spirit; there is the desire not to be constrained by convention, and you will strike out in original ways. You will be very eccentric within your artistic endeavours, using diverse and interesting techniques and methods. There is a desire not to be retrained by convention when it comes to relationships or financial dealings, and you will embrace modern ways and attitudes as you try new things and experiment.

This is an inspired time regarding money making, and there is a great desire to use new tools, technology, and ways of thinking to capture new markets, and you may well be involved in selling cutting edge and innovative products.

You are in tune with social and cultural thought patterns, and this can help you to strike a chord and either make an impression or gain a following for your service, product or blog. This year, recognition will come your way, but with that will come some scrutiny and also some detractors, and so be prepared for any trolls or negativity. While success will come your way and your exposure will increase, so will the extent of scrutiny, and so plan well and make sure you can always back up what you say and do. Artistically, you may set a trend or come up with something which others may imitate or copy, and so be sure to protect all your intellectual and artistic property.

You are popular this year and can meet more people and expand socially as never before. For writers, journalists, comedians, or entrepreneurs, this is an ideal time to gain acceptance for your ideas and also funding. This is a year when your time has come in terms of being able to make your ideas a reality.

2021 is also a perfect time to advance any theories or proposals you have – especially if scientific or socially reforming.

What you do have to watch out for this year, is getting so caught up in an idea, movement or activity that it becomes all-consuming and totally distracting. One problem this year is that you are very impressionable, and while you are tuning into others and communicating with great effectiveness, hitting all the right notes, etc., you can become overwhelmed by everything happening around you to the extent that you lose focus and wander off on a tangent.

You can have a problem with the practical application of some of your ideas – many of your ideas, while exciting, cannot be concretely applied, and so you need to come down to earth and grapple with some boring application and number crunching. You need to be more patient with other people and take time to express your ideas and opinions in a clear and concise way – you must not assume that everything you say will be understood. Get people on side and prevent misunderstandings by spending more time on your presentation.

This is a nervy and fast-paced year; not everything you start will get finished, and you need a clear strategy to stick to. Energy levels can be high at one moment and at others it can desert you, you will work in a stop-start way.

Eating right and taking regular fluids and attempting to keep a certain routine in your day to day life can help you maintain some balance and keep your energy constant in a year which can be highly unpredictable. When you are stressed, take time to take on board added vitamins and eat extra nutritious food to ward off illness.

Timing and using intuition is vital this year as not everything is black and white and success will not be linear – there will tend to be disappointments mixed with successes and each has to be taken in context and learned from.

This up and down motion should not disconcert or demotivate you. It is all part of the process.

Anything you do not fully believe in will fail, and you need emotional belief to make projects or relationships work, and so do not be talked or cajoled into something your heart is not in as it will be a waste of time.

Believe in yourself, and do not be afraid to learn new things about yourself; be open to new directions, even if your motivations baffle you – go with it and be open to learning from your subconscious yearnings.

You should steer clear of involvement in anything very risky. You are rather adventurous right now, but before you do anything, access whether you can handle all the possible outcomes financially or emotionally, and if the answer is no, do not do it.

2021 is a year of originality, creativity, vision, and inspiration. You are in touch, in tune, and independent. This is a free-thinking year where new ideas and activities will make your life more exciting and help enhance business opportunities. Hard work done in 2020 and first part 2021 is really paying off, and you can reap dividends and gain recognition. Your open-minded attitude can help you open doors, start trends, and inspire others.

Relationships will undergo changes that will bring you closer as friends and reignite the spontaneity. New relationships that start will open up your world to new people and new ideas. Long distance travel for pleasure can have some unexpected externalities that will change your view on life and help you to become more prosperous. Gemini will adapt well to the unexpected which will be thrown at you, and while in many ways this year is a rollercoaster, there is much to be learned from the ups and downs, and the ride will be enjoyable.

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