Capricorn 2021 Predictions

capricorn horoscope 2021

Capricorn 2021: Yearly Horoscope

2021 is a year to feel your own power and sense of personal achievement.
You need to pit yourself against the odds to test your ability to make things happen. Success leads to more success as there is a cumulative nature to this year’s activities, things build on what went before, and so you move ahead in a linear way rather than like a rollercoaster going up and down. Sometimes events may take you by surprise and be more successful than you imagined or indeed may have unintended but pleasing consequences.

Things you begin this year can lead to quite onerous responsibilities in the coming year – it is like you begin something which snowballs and takes over your life. Now this can be very exciting as it may mean great job success or a business taking off; however, you may not anticipate how much commitment and energy these projects will require to keep going and develop. Delegating is not always easy this year; you will want to be in control and very hands on. You have the desire to take control of anything in your sphere, and you are likely to plan in detail and carry out plans to the nth degree becoming rather discombobulated when things beyond your control happen. You need to be more adaptable and develop Plan Bs and Cs as this is a time when even the best-laid plans can go awry as you are not as in control as you would like to be. Capricorn need to focus on controlling your internal life, i.e., emotional reactions, thoughts, personality attributes rather than looking to control the external environment or others. The best way to control your life is to pay closer attention to your project – your attitudes, triggers, and flaws and what effect this has on the reactions you engender from others. This is the perfect year to think about what you do not like about yourself and begin to change it – this can mean being less rigid, more open to change, more spontaneous and more broadminded. Often those you attract into your life reflect those aspects of yourself you do not really like or which you do not even acknowledge; you need to be aware of when this is happening. You may befriend someone or employ someone who becomes increasingly annoying to you – this person may reflect back at you someone you once were, and this is why you are becoming so aggravated with them.

Every time you communicate with them, you confront the old you – the question is how much have you changed, and have you changed enough?
Why are you so uncomfortable with the old you? Perhaps you need to resolve a part of your past and forgive yourself for it so you can be free from it.

The cardinal square is indicative of action, being proactive and also initiating. Energy will be expended in different directions, and there can be conflicts regarding priorities and your own needs – this means it will be a year of decisions, and none of them will be straightforward. Your heart strings will be pulled in opposite directions as will your attentions. You have a terrific amount of energy available, and thus with some crafty planning you can satisfy your many needs and keep others fairly happy too. Being impulsive is actually vital as some opportunities can slip through your fingers if not acted on fast.

Internal tension can be a big driver for action. This is a year when being passive and doing nothing is not an option, you are compelled to act as circumstances will jolt you out of complacency, and once you get started, you will enjoy the feeling, and you will go with it.

It is important to own all your emotions rather than projecting them; the most important need to acknowledge is the inner restlessness and desire for selfdetermination. In any situation, you can no longer suffer suppression.

There can be a seesaw feeling to this year where you shift focus from career to family, going from neglecting one or making sacrifices in one to doing the same to the other; however, the seesaw swing gets less dramatic as the year wears on, making it easy for you to get some equilibrium. However, you have to exert control,; if you sit back and feel helpless about the situation allowing yourself to feel torn, it can escalate. Solutions are there as long as you are happy to shift personal perspective. In many cases, seeking advice from a legal or accounting expert or even a personnel officer/recruitment consultant can help provide that added perspective, giving you a solution.

You should not act alone and sit feeling frustrated; bring people to your side by seeking advice as sometimes that input from a professional or concerned stranger can be the difference and provide the missing puzzle piece.

This is a year of unusual, but not always predictable friendships – you may mix with people who are very inspirational but also erratic. It may well be a time in your career when you are working more closely with creatives, nutty genius types or techie wizards.

In all walks of life, you should be wary of confidence tricksters, those who offer a path to your favoured career (which seems a little too good to be true) and scams. Be careful when responding to adverts or posts on Twitter – it is best to stick to conventional recruitment methods when either looking for staff or for work. While Capricorn are disciplined this year, you are less likely to stick with boring or routine style jobs and will seek job moves or career moves that can offer more in the long and short term regarding travel, and the ability to learn and work in a stimulating, progressive environment.

A certain amount of introspection is vital this year. You need to take on information, and instead of acting on it right away, it is as if you have to allow that info to percolate; filtering into your consciousness until you discover what relevance that information has for you and how you can use it.

2021 is an excellent year for psychoanalysis or counselling as you can access memories and understand how your thinking is linked to the past and to subconscious triggers planted a long time ago. This year is an important time to review information sources and also memories – sometimes we lock onto something that happened, and it is more a perception gleaned at the time than a reality. It may be a year when you go back in time to find out what really happened – it may be asking a parent about a childhood issue that vexed you or setting the record straight with a friend or sibling about an issue which has lingered in the back of your mind for a long time.

Select your confidantes and advice givers with care; friends may not be the best people to help you as they may echo what you already think and affirm your beliefs as what you need now is not more of the same but rather a new perspective.

You are very open to looking at things from a new perspective without judgement. This is a time of exploration and quite aggressive pursuit of anything illusive or intriguing. You do, however, have to be a little sceptical as scattered among all the exciting new information are pitfalls and illusions, and you will have to sidestep these to get the best of your new avenues of mental adventure. This does not mean you have to abandon certain subjects, but you do need to be selective and highly discriminating. You need to start each mental adventure with the objective of finding what is there and not filtering in whatever you need to find. You should be uncomfortable with some of what you discover as it can make you feel insecure or untrusting, but it can also be liberating.

capricorn in 2021

Secretiveness may be a hallmark of this year – it is perhaps a need to play your cards closer to your chest, or it may be that you want to think twice about expressing views as to be less opinionated, perhaps just to have a quieter life. You may be a little shy of social media (i.e., Twitter and Facebook), or perhaps you are just bored of the pretentiousness and want to focus on more meaningful interactions. However, if your contacts on Facebook and Twitter are meaningful and deep (as they are for me), there would be no need to steer away. Indeed, you may focus more on your online friends and avoid real life friends – the point is that you will look to have deeper, more fulfilling and more substantive conversations and connections that stir you on a deep level.

This is a wonderful year for writing – this writing may be for your own benefit as a cathartic or coping mechanism or it can be with a view to publication. You may begin to keep a diary as a vehicle for self-expression.

It is also a good time to blog about your life – especially if you are going through a process, i.e., setting up a business, recovering from an illness (physical or psychological), a pregnancy or child rearing experience as what you have to share is more relevant than you think and can benefit others, people you have never met. Psychological links can be made with people far and wide who are perhaps very different to you but share something important regarding how you are evolving spiritually at the moment.

This year is ideal for communication on the subconscious level – this favours those who communicate via the theatre or art and also those in advertising.

2021 is less favourable for those who teach or are studying technical subjects like applied maths, structural or mechanical engineering, and even law. The planets this year are very helpful to those who study subjects which require creative or lateral thinking, and so this encompasses all artistic pursuits and also subjects like pure maths, quantum theory, and also chemistry. You are highly inspired and can glimpse what is not yet proven and then get to work on finding formulae or ways to bring that vision into a reality that is useful and can be the basis for more study. Speculative science and also speculative literature are things Capricorn can excel at – you have the vision right now to see what the future could look like, and you can begin to model that for today. This is also a very exciting time for those who love science fiction – regarding writing about it, finding new favourite authors who inspire you or in terms of working on high tech futuristic ideas to be used regarding film and special effects or software applications.

There is a desire to approach difficult questions and subjects with a unique perspective; you want to look with understanding rather than judgement, and this can make you quite effective in finding answers and ways out of problems rather than focusing on punishments and recriminations.

2021 is wonderful for all of you in the visual arts – film, photography, graphic design or any industry which has connection to the mass media. 2021 can also be a make or break year for those of you in non-mainstream news or media. Right brain activities will predominate, and while that can cause you to neglect or be careless with details, you will have a better feel of the pulse, the vibe, the atmosphere, and what is thus really important.

This is a time of fulfilling interactions with both siblings and those you interact with on a daily basis as you have a greater empathy and are more willing to open up regarding your own fears, anxieties, and sensitivities. This year reality will not be quite what you imagined in the past – thus if you are very religious or indeed a staunch atheist, what you discover this year may pose some tough questions in terms of your beliefs and life philosophy; however, this can also free you to expand your consciousness and discover there is life after dogma.

This is a year of romance, and Capricorn are likely to develop love interests connected with their spiritual development and also artistic interests. Love relationships new and old need to inspire you and also indulge the emotional side of your personality. Relationships that are very practical or revolve around routine and responsibilities need to find that core of mutual ideals and dedication. Commitment is tested via your ability to sacrifice for each other and see beyond the material. Capricorn will tend to look to the very heart of the relationship and ask themselves what is really there. It is a time when Capricorn may realise that they are in love with an idealised version of the person rather than what they really are, and this can lead to an emotional crossroads.

In new relationships, Capricorn need to be aware of seeing what they want to see rather than what is there. Are you in love with the person, or what you imagine the person to be? In some cases, you may shun advice and delude yourself that someone is indeed what you want to believe of them, rather than what has been pointed out by others. You do need to avoid setting yourself up for disappointment by having a blinkered approach in relationships – you may turn a blind eye to what you do not want to know. However, since this is a year of taking a unique approach, your ostrich style of dealing with issues may be the better way for you – avoidance can be better than confrontation.

In established relationships, understanding and compassion are often the anecdotes rather than taking a moralistic attitude and condemning your partner for mistakes. In fact, this is a year where both you and your partner will make mistakes and the theme or lesson is how easily you can forgive and move on. The harder it is to forgive, is an indication of how deep the feelings run. Is the basic level of attraction and even the psychic or spiritual connection strong enough to withstand the realities of day to day life that can lead to hurt feelings and bad judgement calls ?

Romance goes hand in hand with the feeling that you are saving someone or being saved – there is this need to see the relationship in the context of a wider life transformation for you or someone else. You should not see any relationship as good or bad as nothing right now is black or white; it is all about an emotional connection or that both of you are somewhat in a parallel universe and the relationship is part of a becoming.

Not all relationships that begin this year will stand the test of time as they may not be the kind of union suitable for the long term regarding building a family and a future – however, the person you meet right now could sweep you off your feet and be the love of your life; a relationship that ends up fading away, but which you never forget. Someone you meet now may not be available or may be elusive in some way, but the feelings and connections are very real.

Sometimes the one you love romantically is not always the one you make a life with. If you are only looking for love and not to settle down, then this year can mark the start of a lasting love affair. 2021 is wonderful for those in same sex or alternative relationships which often have different rules or expectations to conventional relationships. The planetary themes are often more conducive to affairs and alternative relationships that have an element of escapism, rebellion, or fadedness to them.

Capricorn are essentially a very responsible and practical sign who honour commitments, and while that will not change this year, you will see things as less black and white, and that can cause you to delay decisions and often to change your mind. You are far more reactive to what is subtle and unseen, and this can confuse those about you who are used to your clear-cut approach and consistent personality. However, you will touch people and get more from them emotionally due to your increased sensitivity and compassion.

Capricorn are not just looking to create change in their life by shuffling the pieces around the chessboard: you want a new chessboard, new opponents, new strategies, and maybe even a new game to go alongside the chess.

While many events are fated this year, the outcomes are not – it is all to play for, and you can determine the outcome with the right attitude or with renewal of attitudes. Do not assume that things have to happen in a certain way; a combination of sheer willpower and application of wits can mould the outcome in the shape of your vision.

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