Monday, June 29, 2020

Cancer Love and Life in August 2020

cancer love predictions august 2020

Cancer Love Horoscope: August 2020

As mentioned in a previous month, there can be some resentment if you spend time supporting your partner either financially or emotionally and feel that your needs and aims have suffered as a result. Even if your partner does appreciate what you do, no amount of appreciation may be enough for you, and thus the only way to go forward is to make sure that you no longer feel that you are neglecting yourself – so devote more energy to what matters to you and do not blame your partner for your own frustrations. Sometimes we focus on helping others as it can be easier to deal with their problems and support them than to look inside and deal with our own problems. If you focus on others’ problems, it provides you with a convenient excuse not to address your own and is thus a cop out. So the message in relationships is that you will have more to give if you sort yourself out first. Only you know what you really want, and so stop expecting others to guess what you want and give it to you; go and make it happen.

Relationships with the in-laws can be especially challenging, and you may even become estranged for a period. This can put a strain on the relationship, and it could be hard for you to get your partner to understand your point of view; silent treatment may be the best method.

Your partner needs to take a firmer line with their parents and stand up for you rather than sitting playing helpless piggy in the middle.

cancer monthly predictions august 2020

Cancer Monthly Horoscope August 2020

Confusion and intense situations hanging over from last month will continue to disturb your inner peace; it can be hard to switch off from the issues that are going on around you and relax. It is very important this month to find an inner space that feels safe. You need either a physical or mental outlet which allows you to escape from the emotional environment around you.

What is very important in August is re-examining your coping mechanisms and maybe looking at how they work and if they could work better; you may even need to develop new coping strategies for new situations which have arisen.

What is rather special about August is that even unusual situations can provide you with chances to uncover hidden talents or abilities. You may be able to cast off incorrect perceptions of yourself like: I am not good under pressure; I am not good at maths; I cannot lead. Often, these unhelpful beliefs we hold about ourselves were put there by other people and are not reflective of the truth, and this is your chance to throw those beliefs away and discover what you are really made of.

Unreliability from those around you can cause hiccoughs to your plans.

Relationships with siblings may be strained due to misunderstandings and conflicts of interest in family matters.

Travel this month is very frustrating, and you should avoid unnecessary journeys both long or short – increase the amount you work from home.

Look after data and make sure you are backed up and all your important files are well organised and accessible. Often with Mercury retrograde this month from the 13th, your devices cannot be relied upon, and so have good oldfashioned paperwork back up and all your contact details in a diary so even in the event of a digital failure or phone loss you can stay in touch.

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