Cancer 2021 Predictions

cancer horoscope 2021

Cancer 2021: Yearly Horoscope

This year is filled with a vast amount of activity. You will have many different areas of focus, and this may result in you feeling pulled in different directions and trying to juggle balls and fulfil priorities left right and centre.

You can achieve a great deal, and you will be amazed at where you find the energy, will, and staying power.

Your projects this year will be clearly defined, focused, and with the aim of fulfilling personal needs and ambitions. This is not a year of wasted energy or effort, there are strong links between effort and input. Prioritising can be a headache, and some sacrifices will have to be made, and so from the outset think about what your most important goals are and how to achieve them; goals which are less pressing or which conflict too much with other unavoidable tasks much be dropped. The most important message this year is that you cannot please all the people all the time, and if you run yourself into the ground, you are no use to anyone – do not neglect yourself and know your limits.

Set your goals clearly and stick to them without getting drawn into activities not central to core focus as you may end up procrastinating and creating crises which will add to stress. Learn to say no. 2021 is a year where planning is very important; you can be called to make decisions under pressure, and if you have a game plan to fall back on you will have a framework or reference point from which to make those decisions and this can reduce anxiety and help you make fast choices. Being organised and writing everything down can help you recap fast and provide assurance of what has been done and what needs to be done.

Cancer will feel the impetus to initiate major changes this year, and in doing so, you will take risks and push the limits. In many ways, you will look to test yourself or push yourself to the limit and at other times you may take a ‘what the hell approach’ by burning bridges or taking leaps of faith on impulse. There is something highly instinctive about the way you approach new situations – you get a gut feel and react to it.

You may stop depending on old friends and seek new friendships which are more helpful to you in achieving your goals. Negativity is pervasive and toxic, and if your friends are Debbie Downers who cannot support you and who can only criticise, then you do not need them in your life; surround yourself with positive, supportive friends who understand if not share your goals.

You need a certain amount of freedom this year as some of your goals involve taking risks and questioning the rules or structures within which you have always worked. Don’t play safe, and do not shy away from goals that are not part of the established norms of your life. Stretch beyond your usual boundaries and do not fear to fail as others failed; their story is not your story or your fate.

This is a very individualistic year where events will encourage if not force you to shift the microscope back onto your talents, abilities, and dreams, and how to redirect your life to be fulfilling on a personal level. This means more focus on you and your needs and goals and less energy spent on the needs of those around you. Think about how you define yourself and how you want to be defined, i.e., wife, mother, business person, socialite. What labels do you put on yourself and do you like those labels – time to re-label yourself and that starts with refocusing energy on you.

Changes that come your way via fated or circumstantial events are welcomed; often even disruptive events can play out in your favour by opening a door and forcing you to close a chapter which you may not have otherwise.

There is an element of insecurity to this year as you cannot be exactly sure of how things will work out, but you know that there is no going back. You may jump now think later, and yet the unstoppable forward momentum feels good and necessary.

cancer in 2021

2021 is excellent for all creative, artistic, musical, and theatrical endeavours as you can draw on your fertile imagination creating emotionally inspired works.

Your empathy and ability to show compassion is enhanced, and this is perfect for your intimate relationships and work with your own children or children you may encounter at work. This is a very effective year for Cancerians who work in careers where they care for others or rely on their ability to interpret situations or read the emotional undercurrents to assess a situation. Your intuitive facilities are well honed, and this is useful in business to sense movements in your industry or the mood of those you are negotiating with.

You can be oversensitive to the emotions and attitudes of those around you, and you may take things personally even when they were not intended that way. Being too quick to take offence or believe that things which have been said are directed at you, can cause you to complicate relations with marriage partners and business associates to your own detriment.

2021 is a good year for those studying in medical fields, but you do have to watch the patient-doctor/psychologist boundary becoming blurred.

Cancerians can find that certain professional relationships, especially those where you have a duty of care become complex and your involvement tricky as you are drawn in deeper than you should be. Cancerians work well where they are emotionally involved in their work; however, this year there can be so much emotional involvement to the extent that your perspective is skewed and that makes you ineffective. You need to keep objective at work and in your dealings and negotiations with others knowing when to take a step back and get a second opinion.

2021 will see an increased intimacy, especially for Cancerians who are actively looking to improve the depth of communication and commitment while being fair in the degree of control you both have – the more you strive for equality in your love relationship, the smoother things will go, but you will have to be the initiator and the person who steers these changes. This can be a make or break time in relationships regarding the willingness of your partner to adapt to the changes you are pressing for. If you want deeper, more meaningful commitment and your partner is busy or detached, you may sever ties or look for that intimacy elsewhere – not necessarily via an affair, but via close friendships or your work. Cancerians cannot expect easy or quick answers to relationship issues, and many answers must come from within – often you need to change before the relationship can, and that change may mean you have to ask yourself some difficult questions.

Examining the psychological crutches that keep you stuck in one place instead of embracing positive alternatives needs to be looked at, and often counselling or in-depth reading can help.

This can be a milestone year when sexual attractions are very much stronger; you may even become sexually attracted to someone you have known for a while but have never seen in a sexual light before. In some cases, a love long lost can return, and the passion may be rekindled. Cancerians are after indepth and meaningful encounters – emotional connectivity can mean more than a meeting of minds, and it is possibly more important to you to connect emotionally than intellectually. This said, this year can bring unlikely partnerships for Cancerians, who may surprise friends and family with whom they fall for.

Non romantic relationships can also have a powerful effect on you regarding the way you will learn about yourself in both positive and negative ways – for this reason, this is an excellent year for any psychoanalysis.

2021 is a year to play hard and work hard, and there will be fun times spent with friends to punctuate the more serious side.

This year is a fast-paced one regarding career and work – new technology to get to grips with, the need to innovate, and opportunities which come and go so fast they can slip through your fingers. Professional pride and independence are key, and you will be quite protective of your methods and your freedom to act as you see fit. If your goals are restricted by a parent or a structure, you will rebel – but your rebellions will be highly constructive and ingenious as this year is not about fighting blindly against opposition, it is about cleverly circumventing the obstacles before you. Creatively, you need freedom to be at your best, and if too constrained by budget or convention, you can feel frustrated, so much so it can precipitate a job move.

This is a year of many short journeys as you rush from place to place to fulfil obligations – it is well worth coming up with new transport or travel plans from the beginning of the year to ensure you economise on petrol and travel expenses. It is worth working out the relative costs of bus/train/car travel and benefits of sharing or investing in new technology to work at home. Since travel is a major time and money sink for this year, any time spent organising more efficient ways to get from A to B is worth it. If you spend the first part of 2021 working within the rules and framework, you will have more freedom in the second part of the year when you can give free reign to your ideas with less restriction.

Often during 2021, surprising events can come to pass via siblings, and there may even be a new sibling or half sibling you never knew about turning up.

Feelings run high this year, and your moods will undergo shifts – highs are higher and lows are lower, and yet you feel more alive. Your feeling nature is more intense, and this can increase your ability to perceive and also your motivation and impetus for change as suddenly you are less inclined to acceptance and more inclined to shaking the cup and rolling that dice. Your emotional responses to others can lack control, and yet you will be more aware of what stirs you and what angers you, and this gives you pointers to where change is needed. Sometimes we want change but cannot put our finger on the how’s or why’s; this year your emotions will give you the signposts.

The more fulfilling your life, the more pleasurable your emotions will be, and you will receive support. Negative and overwhelming emotions are linked to lifestyles which are stressful and in dire need of change and redirection.

Emotions are key this year: they can inspire, act as a compass to a destiny yet undiscovered or take relationships to a deep, more fulfilling level. Your drive and determination will help you start new projects and push them on to successful achievements despite obstacles. There is renewed self-discovery with a refocus on your needs, hopes, and desires, putting you at the top of your list. By turning the spotlight back to you, you can become a beacon of light for those around you, reconnecting with an inner self and whistling your own unique tune. Increased self-esteem and self-love enhance your love and sex life and bring you success via the law of attraction. When you allow yourself permission to be happy and successful, life begins to turn around.

Life in 2021 is exciting, inspiring, and mentally adventurous as you take on new mindsets which open up existing avenues of thought and allow you to challenge taboos or thought patterns that hold you back. Inventive, pugnacious, and innovative, this is a year of solutions to problems and a reawakening of your inner flame.

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