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Aries 2021: Yearly Horoscope

Aries are on a charm offensive in 2021; while 2020 may have been about burning bridges, 2021 is all about building relationships, forming new business and personal relationships and making these work for you. Aries are excellent at networking, social media networking and the more traditional methods as you are very personable and also intuitive regarding anticipating and catering to the needs of others.

This is a year that is very sociable both at work with events and conferences and within your personal life where there will be more functions to attend and new friends with which to get involved in activities.

2021 is a very positive year for new businesses involving working closely with the public in services or regarding direct selling. Word of mouth is a powerful way to grow, and if you focus on building and maintaining relationships, you will see dividends. Bring people towards you by including them in your goals and in your success and focus on the team element of your work – 2021 works well when everyone around you wins.

Expansion in your client list or a great improvement in your relationships with suppliers and customers is possible.

Aries are very romantic and also sexual this year, and so this bodes well for all relationships. You are more sensitive than usual and sexually more attuned to touch, feel, smell, etc., and so willing to take your time and savour the moment rather than wham bam thank you, ma’am.

2021 is about soft pressure or the soft sell – in all aspects of your life, taking a guns blazing approach will not yield results, while if you take a very diplomatic, skilful, and subtle path, you will be amazed at what you achieve.

Hold back and do not look too eager; take the foot off the accelerator and pump the brakes until the other person gets hungry. Appeasement and compromise, initially, should help you to expand and gain far more cooperation; so much so that you may end up getting exactly what you wanted all along.

If you have recently broken up with someone or have been out of the dating game, then this is a terrific year to dip your toe into the love ocean and see that there are indeed many fish in the sea – it will not be too long before you take a swim.

This year is both expansive and daring; you are thinking big, and you have loads of plans in the pipeline. There is a strong need to throw off the shackles of restrictive thinking, and you will allow yourself to give free reign to your imagination as you act on your vision. This year is one in which you have a clear plan in your head, and all you need is the oomph to get cracking on it, which will be with you in 2021.

To expand or fulfil your ambitions, you need the right people around you, and this year is one in which you can make lasting relationships with professionals who can support you, i.e., lawyers, accountants, business associates or even politicians. It is important to look at how your plans affect others and to bring them all on board – listening to their opinions or even concerns can bring them onto your side, and they could give you valuable advice.

Advice is key to this year, and it is very important to listen to other’s opinions or ideas – even if what they say is not meant to be helpful to you. It is a year of observing and taking note of how others work and seeing what works for them. You can build on what others have done and use your inspiration to take their ideas forward. This is why listening and keeping your ear to the ground is vital.

You have strong, consistent streams of energy and can focus that energy towards goals more so than usual. You have great concentration and powers of persuasion in 2021, and you are good at implementing new strategies and systematically moving towards goals. This can be a very productive year for you as you have not only the vision but also the financial and common sense ability to know how to turn these ideas into something concrete. 2021 is very much a year of concrete progress in life in terms of goals that have material or quantifiable goals.

There is a sense of shaking off fears, worries, and anything which holds you back, and you are looking at life with optimism and excitement while putting concrete steps into action to make things happen.

There is a certain people pleasing element to this year, and you should be careful of not promising to deliver more than you actually can just to appease or impress – it is important to be upfront with others about where things are going as there is this tendency just to say whatever and think you are going to wing it. Over-optimism and a feeling of being lucky can mean you act unwisely at times; however, most of the time you will land on your feet – but do not count on your luck holding 100% of the time.

This is a very good year for marriage; especially where the marriage is based on shared religion or moral values.

This year is also ideal for those starting businesses where the thrust of the service you offer is counselling or some kind of guidance, i.e. marriage guidance, grief counsellor, psychologist, pastor or if you write motivational books on building confidence, achieving success, etc.

2021 is an excellent time to sell an idea or concept where you have to convince others of the merit of a business or a more personal proposal. This is also a good year for crowdfunding and community-based fundraising efforts.

2021 is wonderful for Aries who are in the arts and who rely on cultivating a good public profile. Not only will you have much work this year and also added impetus regarding creativity, but your reputation will grow as will your popularity.

Aries’ desire for money is powerful this year, and much energy will be put into increasing financial well-being – if you work on commission, you can achieve and exceed targets, and in any career where you get a bonus for achieving certain targets, you can bring in much more money. Those of you who work in careers where you are on a set salary that remains constant no matter what work/hours you put in can feel very frustrated, and in this case you will start looking for a new role or new career where your enthusiasm and efforts are better rewarded. This year is a good one to invest for the future and arrange insurance and your finances so that you save money.

aries in 2021

You have a great deal of mental tenacity and willpower this year, and so you can apply your mind to tough problems and work out solutions that are practical. You are highly persistent and far more patient in the way you go about things. Aries are known for their entrepreneurial skills and ability to get the ball rolling, and yet they are not always good with building projects – however, 2021 shows a high degree of effort in consolidation, financial planning, working out logistical issues and growing your business.

If you are studying, this year will be one where you learn in a thorough way and where things stick in your head once learned – your memory is good as is your ability to apply knowledge to the real world. Those studying business and also music or artistic based subjects should be very successful.

Your beliefs and moral code will undergo a change this year as many events make you question your current attitudes and as you move to a more enlightened and broadminded approach. Experience will count for more than theory or ideas, and you will put anything new you learn to the test in the real world where you will either reject or refine it. You will have many new attitudes to people, and those who you previously respected may lose that respect as you experience events that alter your perceptions of those people and their actions.

Balance and the give and take in relationships is an important lesson – you will become more aware that what you give is not always what the other person expects or wants and that you need to listen to what your loved one needs from you rather than projecting your own needs onto them.

You are more sensitive this year, and thus your social activities will be undertaken with a more serious touch – you want to get more out of your social life in terms of deeper and more meaningful contacts which provide not just momentary pleasure but a lasting connection. Love is a very important part of this year, and even though it is a good year for love, you may actually feel a little more shy and reticent than usual, possibly because love follows an unorthodox course in 2021. You may experience a romance with someone unlike anyone you have met before, which unsettles you and perhaps puts you off your normal gung-ho approach. A love affair may have to be hidden or kept secret for a time. Some deeply held insecurities may surface in love causing you to self-sabotage as a way of avoiding those feelings. In some cases, many different dates or keeping loads of potential lovers on the go at once (i.e. online dating numerous people at one time) can be a way of avoiding intimacy or commitment; however, commitment is just what you need right now and so do not hide away with these avoidance tactics which are not fair on others either. Do not be tempted to keep loads of love interests hanging on, just to boost your ego.

2021 is a year of shaping and refining – while 2019 and 2020 were about making changes and initiating new ventures, cutting out dead wood and restructuring your life to reflect a new you, 2021 is about keeping the momentum up, not sliding back but rather creating concrete new structures in your life to replace the old ones. It is as if your life is on the potter’s wheel and you still have a chance to shape it into what you envision. For those of you who have not felt the winds of change yet, Uranus is creating a restlessness designed to wake you up to new possibilities and not accept what you can now feel is not right for you.

Events in April this year may well relate to events in November 2020. It is possible the lives of Arians will be affected by social and economic change during these times – often events in the outside world out of your control can present you with opportunities as well as changes that can suddenly alter your direction in life.

Aries can use events to their advantage, and there are chances for those of you who are inventors or developers of technology to introduce new products to the market.

Aries may find a sense of individuality and purpose via involvement in a mass movement or political venture. There is the drive to be more involved in world events, protests or direct action in some way. You are motivated to make an impact in the world or to improve it in some way. Aries are more interested in alternate fields and are open-minded, which aids you in finding unique solutions to problems which can help get you out of squeezes or open doors for yourself.

In career, 2021 is a harvest period when you will experience the result of preparation you have been doing for many years. Responsibilities will come your way, and these can often cause a work-life balance dilemma making it hard to find enough time for everything that matters. Parties and functions to do with marketing and publicity are likely – often the arrangements are quit onerous.

The responsibility and leadership opportunities that come this year will provide some frustration as they may limit your creativity or freedom of expression in some way, but this is a necessary evil in many ways.

Aries will have a more complete view of who they are in 2021; you will experience an enhanced sense of individuality via your achievements, especially creative ones.

This is also a year when it is essential to conduct damage limitation and to use all the diplomatic skills you have in 2021 to dilute opposition. This year is one when negative energies or issues from the past – to which a great deal of angst was attached – can resurface, and you will do well to resolve these issues before they arise as they could arise at a moment that is inopportune, thus overshadowing a more successful event.

Romantically, you are very mature this year, and single Arians will attract partners who are either older or who have an ‘old soul’ feel to them. 2021 is an excellent year to begin a long-term relationship that can lead to marriage. New people you meet may have a stabilising effect on your life and may also help you achieve in your career. Relationships can get serious very quickly. Established relationships will need work this year as with career so busy, you can easily take thing for granted; however, it can also be a very rewarding time where relationships can offer a new level of depth and deeper understanding. It is quite a serious time in relationships, so less of the frivolity and more of the deep and meaningful.

You can be highly organised in 2021 as well as being able to work with speed and accuracy. This is a good year for working with finances or for work involving mathematics and scientific details. This is a very good year for teaching and conveying ideas to others where you need to be clear and precise. 2021 is great for all times of study. Again, there is a seriousness to 2021, where you are able to tackle long-range and complex problems, especially those where you deal with government.

You can encounter people who can help you out, and you should look to cultivate mutually beneficial business and personal relationships. A love partner may introduce you to people who can be valuable to you in business.

Uranus is enhancing your ability to express yourself creatively, and this bodes well for those in the arts and for those who need to present facts and figures or even business plans in a way that comes across as inspiring, innovative, and forward looking.

Concrete results matter this year; your business and management abilities are sharp, and you will take a common sense approach. You will not look for arguments this year; your approach to getting things done is to be conciliatory and encourage ways to resolve disputes which are productive for all. You have the ability to get into a zone where nothing can affect you and where you can work long hours extremely productively.

Sexual satisfaction is vital this year, and you will take more time over lovemaking, appreciating things you would not usually notice as your senses are heightened.

2021 is a year of ideas, innovation, and creative expression along with an improvement in your financial position and status at work. You have a great deal of oomph, and you also have staying power, concentration, and excellent planning power to make sure that plans take shape. You are more patient and have the tenacity to keep working at your creative and financial ventures to ensure that the results come in. Financially, you can improve your position – pay down debt and increase savings.

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