Aquarius 2021 Predictions

aquarius horoscope 2021

Aquarius 2021: Yearly Horoscope

“Live your life be free.”

Aquarians are looking at which restrictions are necessary compromises and which are becoming unbearable regarding your self-expression and ability to live life as you see fit. You are very energetic this year and having fun is a top priority. Romance and sex life are also key elements to making you happy and contented. You are alert, highly strung, and also restless in 2021 – you cannot wait for the year to begin as you are curious about what can happen and are keen to take advantage of changes you see happening in the world around you. Aquarians want to be part of the changes and not sitting on the sidelines watching it happen. You may not like all the changes you see happening around you, but you will not walk away; you are going to join in and see how you can influence events.

It is very important for Aquarians to work to their own rhythms – if you are a night owl who feels inspired and alert at night, there is no reason you should not adapt your schedule to accommodate that need, especially if you work from home. This year is ideal for those of you who work in security, the arts, radio, transport, or as medics who have changeable or unsocial hours, as this fits in with your personality and needs this year. If you can go freelance or get a home office where you can work to your own hours without interference, that is perfect. Some Aquarians will semi-retire, get involved in job sharing, or if you run your own business, you may delegate more work so that you can free yourself from the 9-5 drudge. Indeed, freedom from the 9-5 grind but changing the way you work or your career is a key feature of this year.

Aquarians may also undertake rather unusual methods for improving their health or fitness – you may look to the East and techniques like tai chi, taekwondo, aikido or yoga, and you may even devise your own diet based on a trial and error experimentation period. Aquarians may look to the timing of meals, sleep, and exercise to find methods of weight loss, rather than the actual foodstuff you eat, i.e., late lunch versus early eating, not having liquid with meals, food combining (never proteins with carbos) or periods of fasting, etc. Detox diets can be very effective, but they should be well researched, not just an off the shelf detox tea.

The desire for something special within your career is intense. It could be that you have harboured a secret ambition for many years or that some specific achievement has eluded you, and it is a sore point; this is the year you will address this. However, as you begin, you will not know quite how you are going to do it, but you need to have faith that you can indeed do it, and once you start trying, the methods will begin to unfold before you. In many cases, you will have to conquer the memory of the many failures you have had in this vein to achieve success; this is part of the struggle – eliminating that cycle of failure. This failure can be in stark contrast to all the other successes in your life and is something that you certainly have on your bucket list.

Speaking of bucket lists, this is a year where you will aim for those achievements or experiences which are close to your heart and which represent a special and unique level of satisfaction.

This is a year of very special romances and falling deeply in love. The person you fall in love with may share in your most important values or interests. This is a time when Aquarians may find their Bill or Hilary or Tony and Cherie or perhaps Marie or Pierre (Curie), i.e. a life partner who can share and actively participate in your career drives, joys, and disappointments.

You are highly creative at dealing with finances this year, and that will come in handy as financially you may suffer unexpected losses and also unanticipated gains. Things should even out over the year; however, cash flows can be hard to predict, and while you may be flush one month, you may be short the next. It is important not to overextend nor rely on credit – do make sure you have a reliable overdraft facility and do not abuse it. If you are the sort of person who is irresponsible or reckless with money or has a tendency to spend impulsively, you need to be careful this month as when offered credit or when temptation is dangled before you it can be hard to resist. If you tend to be very financially savvy and restrained, you should be able to resist the pitfalls this year can offer. You need to be super vigilant about scams and fine print in contracts. You should also be aware of hidden costs or clauses in contracts (especially with phones) that make it easy to get into and hard to get out of. Be careful when investing in fast depreciating assets like cars or diamonds which do not hold value. In precious minerals, only invest in the real thing, not paper contracts, and since the banks could be very shaky this year, make sure your bank is passing the stress test.

Money can be made via original ideas and creative ventures this year, so this is wonderful year for Aquarians in the arts, science, or engineering. It is not only about money; you can be recognised for your unique creativity and the quality of your ideas via awards and praise. In many cases, you may be vindicated for a position you have taken.

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Aquarians who produce physical products, i.e., garments, jewellery, pottery, paintings or who even have vineyards can produce more than ever this year; your rate of work and productivity is high. You are very practical about the way you go about your creative projects and can produce more with less.

Cutbacks in funding or ability to buy inputs for your production can be a blessing in disguise as you will be forced to use more efficient sources and make better use of materials.

Those who work in financial markets or other industries, i.e., retail, where recognising trends and acting ahead of time is vital can have added insight and ability in forecasting this month.

This is a year where Aquarians could take life-changing decisions regarding lifestyle, i.e., growing your own vegetables to avoid GM or pesticides, getting solar panels and going off grid, getting a green car or using a bicycle or by prepping. The idea is that Aquarians will look to be more independent, and that will mean being in control of your own energy, food supply or transport to save money and make more healthy choices.

Aquarians will adopt new technology quite readily and incorporate it into their lives. This is a year of firsts regarding travel: you may go on a ship, in a small or private plane or helicopter. You may even decide to train in navigation or aviation as a hobby or in connection with a new career. It could also be a year when the mode of transport is the essence of the trip you go on, i.e., caravanning, taking a Winnebago across a continent, driving holidays or a trans-Siberian rail trip. Travel is likely to be a big part of this year with major holidays planned – holidays that are about adventure rather than relaxation.

Aquarians are attracted to new partners who are challenging and who are an equal both intellectually or even physically. Although you are open to good advice, from your partner especially, you will want to do things your own way in most cases; in this, you will defy the obvious.

The one drawback of this year is a tendency to be a little self-indulgent and to rest on your laurels. You can make assumptions and thus fail to notice changes which will undermine these assumptions. You will tend to focus on what you have done for others and pay scant attention to what they may have done in return, or you may expect someone to be perpetually beholden to you for some imagined favour.

2021 is a year of graduations – many of you may graduate from university or get an honorary degree. This is also important for those of you doing post grad degrees, PHds or undertaking a professional qualification – the chances of success and recognition are high. This is also great for improvements in rank for those in the police or army.

The highest principles in love are important to you – if you are a man, you may see yourself as a knight in shining armour looking to rescue your loved one; if you are a woman, you may see yourself as Scarlett O Hara, a fiery lady who pursues her man. Love trumps all and practical consideration will take second place, by a long way, to desire and impulsiveness. You can be quite competitive when pursuing the object of your affections, and you will be possessive in marking your territory when it comes to confronting those who are making advances or flirting overly with your partner.

Aquarians are an asset to the social circle this year with your effervescent personality and enthusiasm for events. Aquarians are not always diplomatic in love; however, you are very honest and will get right to the point when addressing issues or approaching problems in your love life. Sexual relations will see a boost this year, mainly because the fun element of the relationship and also a sense of shared purpose is back. Relationships thrive this year as you are more sensual, more inspired to relate intimately and ready to put energy into improving relationships. New relationships will get off the ground fast and will provide romance, and a fair degree of fantasy – the relationship can inspire you on many levels both artistically and also altruistically helping you to become a better and more spiritual person. Often relationships bring out your higher nature, encouraging you to pursue goals which are humanitarian or universal.

Aquarians are often rather insecure and easily hurt; however, you guys come across as cool and even rather detached or invincible like you can handle anything that is thrown at you. When you are hurt in 2021, you will express your disagreements and displeasure in a subtle yet powerful way. You may delay acting or act in a carefully orchestrated way to avoid opposition. What you need to avoid is brooding or focusing on past resentments or defeats – you are only stunting your own growth and wasting energy. Aquarians do need to pace themselves and make sure they have adequate periods of rest this year as your energy levels can sag as you are likely to funnel energy into emotions. Yes, emotional matters can drain you and so you need to compensate for that with rest and periods of mental or physical seclusion.

2021 often has significant moments: moments which could come and go in a split second but which often portend wonderful chances for new experience and also an opportunity to release yourself from onerous obligations and commitments. There may be a sudden break in a limiting circumstance, something like a get out of jail free card. Your way of life or daily routine could change drastically in a way which gives you more quality of life, more freedom, and more choice.

There is a powerful urge within you for some change and some excitement, and that can act as a magnet attracting bizarre and stimulating experiences towards you. You are very open-minded and are eager to expose yourself to radical modes of thought or indeed mingle with people whose viewpoints and methods are revolutionary.

Aquarians are in quite a revolutionary mood in general, and this year is ideal for those of you who are in the alternate or indie media; you can become very well known for breaking news stories, exposures or your unique analysis.

This is a year when Aquarians who commentate on politics or social issues can make waves with their views.

Dreams and hunches should not be ignored as they arise from a deep connectivity you have to the universal consciousness this year. Aquarians who have latent psychic or mediumistic tendencies will feel this greatly this year and could begin to explore and develop these talents. Often, these feelings can be dismissed as paranoia; however, soon it becomes apparent that they have a deeper meaning.

Aquarians are important protagonists in an ongoing global drama; you are often the catalyst for change or you may be the one to put the last straw on the camel’s back. You may be held up as the example; you will take centre stage to highlight the issues. You are the ones who take movements to critical mass.

Aquarians have an immense amount of sexual, emotional, and intellectual energy at their disposal – you are on the hunt for excitement, challenges, controversy, and expansion. You will embrace new ideas and look to disseminate these. Sexually, you have an aura of enchantment about you and are very appealing to the opposite sex – when you are in love, you revel in making sacrifices and doing what you can for your loved one as it feels good and right to put them first. You can have great success in publishing, writing, and communicating, especially where you express original or groundbreaking ideas of new takes on old subjects.

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