Friday, May 22, 2020

Taurus Love Horoscope July 2020

monthly love predictions taurus july 2020

Monthly Love Horoscope 2020: Pisces in July

“Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be.”

Communication is vital in relationships new and old this month – you need to feel free to talk about all aspects of the love life from sex to affection to joint activities. The more you are able to chat with ease, the better things go, so do not hold back. Total ease in communication leads to things flowing in the bedroom. It is a good time to chat about what you want or what you would like to change about your love life and for couples who have recently met; it is a great time to learn more about each other with an open heart and mind.

All communication assists understanding, and so it does not have to be verbal – use text, email, love letters, little notes or anything unusual, even body language to get your point across.

This again is a month where you and your partner will be very social, and this will bring romance and fantasy to the relationship. Taurus are craving variety in love right now, and some of that need for variety can be achieved via having friends around to chat and laugh with, and who can increase your perspective on life and love.

Single Taureans will have no shortage of invitations, which will include cultural trips, sporting and theatre events. Cupid can strike at any social event, but especially work-related socials or where you compete in a team.

Fickleness can be an issue in new relationships, and this is certainly something Taurus must look out for as they hate that as a character trait.

Monthly Career Horoscope 2020: Pisces in July

Your memory and concentration skills are enhanced, and you can get your work done quietly and efficiently. This is a preparation time in which you retreat, assemble information and compile your reports or your strategy.

This month, money can be made by teaching. You do not have to be a teacher as such, you may have a specialist interest or skill, which would enable you to coach children or young people part-time. You may have done ballet or played piano to a high level, now may be the time to pass on those skills to others and make some cash. You may also be more involved in teaching your own children and helping them out academically – for this purpose, you may need to become au fait with subjects you have not had experience with since your own schooldays.

More work will be done at home this month – you may be able to arrange things so that you can spend more time at home away from the office, or you may be a stay at home mom who has spotted some opportunities to earn money by doing writing, admin, proofreading, marking (i.e., exam papers) from home.

July is a time when you may finalise a real estate deal or exchange on a house deal. You may also find a new place to rent. It is unlikely you will move far; you are more likely to upgrade houses/flats in the same residential area.

This is a fortunate month for those involved in conservation and the environment. You may work to create awareness or distribute literature on these issues, or you could attend a national convention to learn about new development. Even if you are not in the conservation industry, you may well become greener in your behaviour or think about saving money with solar power or some other technology.

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