Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Scorpio Horoscope July 2020

scorpio july 2020 horoscope

Monthly Horoscope 2020: Scorpio in July

This month is one of creative change where you will have the inner resolve and also the tenacity to reform circumstances in your daily life that have become troublesome, time wasting, or intolerable. Often, you have had to put up with something for some time, and now it’s the month when you will put your foot down and say, “No more!”

This is a month when you need to seize the opportunities for taking power that come your way – these can come via your job or in your personal life.

The more you strive to improve yourself and your day to day life, the more success you will have as the energy is there to be used for this purpose. This month is thus also good for taking control of daily habits to do with food and exercise.

This is a good time to get more organised: clear out your basement, reorganise your office or change your computerised systems to save you time. Scorpio need to feel more in control of their daily lives, and that means making sure your family contributes to chores and you all carry your weight; it also means re-thinking the way you travel to work to save time or money or ensuring colleagues do not freeload. This is also a time when small changes like a chair that is better for your back, a quieter work space or a new piece of equipment can make a very big difference to your day.

This is a good time for taking on tasks where thorough and detailed work is required and where concrete, measurable results can be achieved.

Your persuasive powers are strong, and you are thus able to negotiate and sell your ideas or products with zeal.

This is an exciting month for Scorpio in higher education, and you may be involved in student committees and leadership positions – you may strive to get student issues high on the political agenda.

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