Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Leo Love Horoscope July 2020

monthly love predictions leo july 2020

Monthly Love Horoscope 2020: Leo in July

This is a very good month for love as you feel relaxed and happy go lucky.

You are fun loving and playful, and this bodes well for affectionate and loving interaction leading to good sex and good relations.

Leo newly in love can feel like a teenager again, and you can become quite carried away in a love bubble. Love can be a wonderful anecdote that can put you back in touch with the young person within, and this can give you a less cynical more open outlook to life which enables you to enjoy things that you have not had pleasure in for years.

This is a month where you are working hard and playing hard; there is much time for recreation and parties, which in turn put you in the right frame of mind for good marital relations.

The only downside this month is Leo’s are impatient with problems – so they are likely to gloss over any issues their partners may have and sweep them away for another day, “Don’t rain on my parade” kinda thing. I think you may want to be diplomatic, i.e., where you express that perhaps this is not the time for major discussions due to the fact you are in a light-hearted mood and don’t want to be brought down, but you do take note and you will make time for a much more heartfelt deep and meaningful debate or confrontation.

Monthly Career Horoscope 2020: Leo in July

A very important month for social networking both online and traditional methods. Networking via local business networks, attending meet ups and looking for ways to link up with complementary businesses for marketing.

No man is an island is the motto in business, and the more you reach out and extend your network, the better.

In business contacts, keep your touch light; there should be a line between real friends and business colleagues/partners. Your colleagues as much as you may like them are not always real friends, and so you should know the difference.

This is a good time to seek a raise or a promotion; hard work can be rewarded, but do not expect something for nothing, don’t just go for something on the off chance, make sure you earned it.

Sometimes work suffers this month as you are torn between the desire to fulfil work commitments and the need to focus on personal needs. Since time is limited and both are priorities for you, it can be impossible to meet all aims adequately. Some conflicts with others can actually bring out a selfish side of you, where you think, “To hell with it, if that’s their attitude, I am doing my own thing, etc.”

Failing to recognise your own needs while overemphasising the needs of others can lead to anger; so in work situations, do not forget that it is a competitive environment and so you need to watch your back and look after number one.

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