Thursday, May 28, 2020

Gemini Horoscope July 2020

gemini july 2020 horoscope

Monthly Horoscope 2020: Gemini in July

This month is a perfect one to apply your focus towards personal development, strengthening relationships and using social networks to improve your visibility and help you achieve promotional goals. You have a great deal of energy, enthusiasm, and determination; your will is resolute, and you have staying power.

There may be ups and downs, and yet you are able to take these in your stride, and they will not deplete or discourage you.

July is ideal for setting up new structures in your life that can aid your progress and allow you to act with independence: this may mean working with new partners who complement your skills; job share arrangements, contracting out work or making arrangements with friends to share childcare.

You can instigate changes now without upsetting the delicate balances in your intimate relationships or compromising – you can find more time and save money to make your life easier. It is not all about being selfish as many of the changes or systems you initiate can be helpful for your wider social circle or community.

This is a busy month for family gatherings and events, and also a rather hectic one at work, but events should be stimulating and enjoyable, with less of the weight of responsibility as events go your way.

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