Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Cancer Love Horoscope July 2020

monthly love predictions cancer july 2020

Monthly Love Horoscope 2020: Cancer in July

There can be a battle of wills in relationships as much of the anger and tension from other areas of life will spill into the relationship sphere.

It is better to be patient with loved ones and not to try and change them. The danger this month is feeling you have a greater right to say and do things in the relationship than your partner; you will tend to be the forceful one, and while you may feel you have the power, it is better not to use it.

Step back and bite your tongue. Conflicts about money and how to spend it are common during this month; you will probably get your own way, but it may not work out as you anticipated.

In broken relationships where you have reached the point of no return, this may be the month to call in the lawyers and start formal proceedings.

Privacy and boundaries are important in all relationships, and periods of disagreement or quieter times spent apart could be very beneficial in setting a new tone or establishing some new relationship rules. Rules and red lines are important in all relationships, and you will react to situations where you feel these red lines are approached.

Single Cancerians are attracted to the strong silent types – often sensing their inner strength matters more than any outer bravado which may be a front.

Monthly Career Horoscope 2020: Cancer in July

This month presents a number of opportunities for those who work in journalism, politics, the military or government, as you may have increased work due to conflicts, wars, terrorism or natural disasters in the world.

Indeed, world events (especially cataclysmic ones) can have an impact on your career and present opportunities and also call for your skills in impact assessment and crisis management.

During this period, you should exercise caution in using machinery, weaponry or any fire-causing chemicals as there can be accidents with these products.

This month can also result in battles with work associates or competitors – you may engage in price wars or strong tactics to win more business or capture clients from your competition. You are aggressive and sharp in business, and you will be strong on protecting your rights or even fighting for your rights. This is a month when you may take debtors to court or sue those who have cost your business money – yes, you not only want to settle scores, you want to ensure justice for yourself and your company.

This can be an uncertain time financially as payments in may be slow to come through and there could be confusion about future costs due to fluctuations in input prices. Sales may be lower than expected this month or it may be quiet at work, thus delay expenditure this month that is avoidable.

Financial uncertainty will be present from this month until next year and so be savvy, make savings and keep costs low. Much of the problems financially that are rumoured to occur will not happen, but you never know which will happen and to what extent and so caution is the way forward. Do not count on getting the rise or bonus – wait until you actually get it before you get excited.

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