Thursday, May 28, 2020

Cancer Horoscope July 2020

cancer july 2020 horoscope

Monthly Horoscope 2020: Cancer in July

This month can be characterised by battles and a feeling of being up against it. In many ways, it is like wading across the tide; everything is pulling you one way, and you are resisting. Because of this and the fact that you are not feeling very relaxed or easygoing, this can be an energy sapping month.

You have a great deal of persistence and deep reserves of emotional energy, and this can help you endure storms and keep you focused. You are very single-minded and not in the mood to let things get on top of you, which means that no matter what you will achieve this month, even though it will not come easily.

Your energy is high and yet can be hard to control as you tend to erupt, burst forward then retreat; you do not always judge the situation well as you get hot headed. You may overreact to issues in relationships (and that means all relationships), say things that can be damaging and then decide when you calm down that you may have gone too far – so hold back and don’t write that email or tweet that angry tweet. Step away from the situation and spend at least one night contemplating whether it is worth the anger you feel.

You are not always reasonable this month; however, you do have passion, and that passion can help you achieve great feats against the odds.

Sometimes a ‘what the heck’ attitude can be quite liberating, but be sure you assess what the fallout could be before you act, and make sure you can handle the consequences.

This is a time of perfectionism and hard work when you can thrash out details and apply yourself to work that is exacting and gruelling. So this is a great month to tackle issues that would usually intimidate you, especially complex or highly-charged problems.

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