Sunday, May 10, 2020

Aquarius Weekly Forecast June 2020

weekly horoscope 2020 for aquarius in june

Aquarius First Week Horoscope June '20

The 2nd Moon may give you only mixed results. May meet some old friend or relation to indulge in old memories. Some long drawn tension causing factors may vanish. Between 2nd & 3rd you may get due profit from your profession. Old investment may give you good return. If in service, your boss or seniors will be happy with you. You’ll easily achieve your stipulated targets. Between 4th & 5th June a mistake committed by you unknowingly may cause you a big financial loss. But keep your tongue and temper in check. Between 6th & 7th students will fare well. However, be alert while dealing with the strangers.

Aquarius Second Week Horoscope June '20

Between 8th & 9th June you may get some good news. Working with confidence you may achieve all that you want. Your morale will be upbeat. May plan for business expansion and may also execute it partially. In your business or profession you may get a big order or contract. Between 10th & 12th June your rivals or foes may try to put hurdles in your way. Guests constant arrival may disturb your busy work schedule. You may enthusiastically participate in public welfare schemes. But be cautious while driving your vehicle as accident might occur. Always use your seat belts or helmets while driving the vehicle. Health may deteriorate. On 15th, you may gain from the govt. Hot weather may unnerve you. You may like to start something new.

Aquarius Third Week Horoscope June '20

Between 16th & 17th your progress will be faster as luck will help you. May receive total mental support from your family members and relations. You’ll take some new measures to ensure your concern or organization’s progress. Your colleagues may feel jealous about you. New contacts may prove quite rewarding at this moment. Between 18th & 19th your hard work maybe amply rewarded. May plan for holding some auspicious ceremony like marriage or birthday of your kids at home. May succeed in getting your ward admitted in the desired educational institution. Between 20th & 22nd a hefty financial gain is indicated. With little effort you can also recover your long due money. However the tide may remain adverse between 22nd & 23rd with many unknown fears assailing your heart.

Aquarius Fourth Week Horoscope June '20

On 24th some relations ill health may send you to the hospital urgently. You may have a tiff with someone on a trifle issue to upset you. Between 25th & 26th your morale will be quite upbeat. Your professional competence will improve. You’ll work with total devotion in your work. Love affairs may also give you success. Between 27th & 28th you may get the much awaited draft or cheque. Your imagination may dominate over your creativity. Mentally you will feel quite relaxed. Between 29th & 30th you’ll complete your project with a great flourish. Business may improve. But keep your business tricks as a closely guarded secret.

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