Friday, April 3, 2020

Virgo Weekly Forecast May 2020

virgo weekly horoscope may 2020

Virgo First Week May 2020

May get some happy or auspicious news between 1st & 3rd May. But be wary in your social activities as Saturn in 3rd may give you a bad name. Students will devotedly study. A minor banter is indicated between the mother-in-law and the daughter in law. Between 4th & 5th progeny’s some activity may cause worry. But you’ll feel quite confident. May go out to some movie or enjoying picnic. Legal cases may give you some relief. Be careful about your health between 6th & 7th. Your political contacts may land you in some trouble. Enemies or opponents may try to damage your interest. May receive some bad news about your some relation or friend.

Virgo Second Week May 2020

Between 8th & 9th you may get success in your all govt. related cases. You’ll also love to enjoy this phase in entertainment. Despite your hectic schedule, you’ll extract some time for your family. Your contact with the high officials will give you much advantage. Your associates will be quite cooperative with you. Between 10th & 11th all your efforts regarding education or employment will be quite successful. Those connected with export-import business may fare well. May spend liberally on luxury items. The domestic issues may cause you some headache. You’ll enjoy the good results of your achievements. Love-affairs may succeed in their efforts. Between 14th & 15th your beloved and fiancée may take you away on date. May plan a change for leading a better life. Parents’ blessings will be received.

Virgo Third Week May 2020

Between 16th & 18th heavy loss is indicated. But you’ll like to consolidate your relationships and shall derive their advantages. Spouses may be involved in mild banter. Professional hold may become lax from your side. Between 19th & 21st you may have to seek a legal advise from some expert. During this phase you’ll come forward to help the needy persons. You’ll continue to get success in your efforts. Religious rituals may keep you busy. Between 22nd & 23rd you’ll get mental peace as a long lasting cause of worry may vanish. Although you may not get any spectacular success, you’ll remain satisfied with your achievements.

Virgo Fourth Week May 2020

Between 24th & 25th May you’ll be blessed by your senior family members. But despite hard work success may not be as good. This may shake your confidence a bit. But family members will be quite supportive. Between 26th & 27th those in govt. service must stay doubly guarded and avoid any under the table deal, as your boss or senior may admonish you for insincerity. Health will be better between 29th & 30th, may participate in some auspicious ceremony at home. Owing to the Moon and Ketu’s presence in 6th growing expenses may neutralize your enhanced income. On 31st you’ll become quite busy in your domestic duties.

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