Monday, April 6, 2020

Pisces Horoscope June 2020

pisces in june 2020

Pisces in June 2020 Predictions

Pisces are very open to spiritual concepts and the paranormal, and this month your experience of those things may be enhanced. Pisces will find that dreams and also perceptions are both accurate and also come over very strongly; sometimes your intuition will overwhelm you. Feelings that spring from the subconscious are powerful and also enlightening, and they could radically change your views on people or situations. In business, Pisces have a keen feeling about whether deals or plans are going to work or not, and that feeling should be recognised and not ignored. You can perceive what others are missing as you can grasp the important undercurrents that drive attitudes and motivations, and that is why you are ahead of the game.

This month, Pisces may consult with psychics, tarot readers, or clairvoyants – you have a desire to connect with the mysterious side of life in your quest for meaning and answers; however, you already have the answers; your intuition is telling you, and you don’t really need to look further. There is also an interest in life after death, and that can fuel a desire for reading in subjects from the occult to religious texts to accounts of near death experiences.

June is a quieter, more contemplative month than last, and you will turn your attention to family matters and your home. You may borrow against the value of your home to do home alterations or improvements. You may decide to redo a room or extend so that you have a den or a quiet area for your personal retreat – you feel the need for more personal space this year, somewhere where it will be all about you.

Events from the past come back to haunt you this month either via dreams or consequences of actions in the past which still affect you. Some of these events can make you doubt yourself, and you may want to seek out additional perspectives from someone who can affirm your memory. You may need to revisit these past events, not to linger or dwell but to get some greater clarity on the who, what, when, and why for the sake of quieting your conscience.

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