Thursday, April 2, 2020

Libra Weekly Forecast May 2020

libra weekly horoscope may 2020

Libra First Week May 2020

On 1st clashes/confrontation and fights may ruin your mood. You could be trapped in a secret conspiracy. You may be butt of people’s criticism and censure. Between 2nd & 3rd you’ll do business with utmost seriousness and reap its favourable consequences. The project related to house may gather momentum. Venus in 7th will make the spouses enjoy great marital bliss. Between 4th & 5th despite your much effort, you won’t be able to check the rising expenses. You must try to develop good rapport with the high officials. On 7th friends’ cooperation will give you much relief.

Libra Second Week May 2020

Something untoward may occur between 8th & 9th May. Drive your vehicle carefully. Domestic issues may cause concern. In order to lessen the evil effects of the Sade Saati, wear an iron ring made from the horse-shoe of a black horse. Between 10th & 11th success in the govt. related matters is indicated. You will have good rapport with the high officials which will help you progress fast. But be wary in reposing your confidence upon anyone. Between 12th & 13th business conditions will be favourable. Owing to your busy schedule you won’t be able to give any time to your family members. Routine work may keep you quite busy. Between 14th & 15th you’ll have a good financial position. May recover money given on loan. Your progeny will give you full satisfaction.

Libra Third Week May 2020

Between 16th & 18th you’ll be much tension-ridden. Worthless pursuits may consume most of time. Tension in family may rise as you may have a tiff with your neighbour and friends. Some home-appliance may go kafut. Do your work sincerely as your boss may admonish you. Between 19th & 21st family disputes may perturb you. But your awe and authority at office will hold. You may become more serious about your work. Avoid important decisions in business between 22nd & 23rd. Health will be better but no development is foreseen in the business field.

Libra Fourth Week May 2020

Between 24th & 25th you’ll enjoy all comforts at home. May plan for your work’s expansion. New addition in family is also possible. But between 26th & 28th May your all projects will be held up. Your trusted persons may stab you in the back. Your recklessness in believing all will cause you a severe loss. But you shouldn’t be nervous about the criticism and censure targeted at you. The tide may turn favourable between 29th & 30th May. You may enjoy your time with your some friend or relation. On 31st May you may plan a new venture and draw its blue print.

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