Sunday, March 29, 2020

Aquarius in Love May 2020

aquarius love horoscope may 2020

Aquarius Monthly Love Predictions May 2020

This is a month of love triangles. In many relationships these days, there are three or more people, i.e., the exes. It is not always possible to move on from your ex if you share children or even a financial or work relationship. This month that feeling that the past lover or spouse is never far away is very acute and can impact on your current relationship in an uncomfortable way. You will be challenged to find new ways to deal with the 3rd person, whether it is your ex or your partner’s ex – it is as if you need to isolate the issue; be bigger than it and do not allow it to contaminate your good relationship. In cases where the influence of the third person has become totally pervasive, you need to draw a line and issue an ultimatum to your partner telling them to man up (or woman up) and get the situation under control. Or you need to man up if it is your ex. Either way, the ‘issue of the ex’ must be dealt with once and for all.

In relationships where there are no significant ex’s; the sex life can have a healing and transformative effect, i.e., it can help relieve stress felt in other areas of life and enable you to experience greater fulfilment. Sexual satisfaction is directly related to a feeling of security and strength of commitment, and so if those are missing, something will be lacking in the sex life, no matter how good the sex itself is.

This is a wonderful month for the beginning of relationships where you share a key desire or ambition – this ambition can be the solidifying force in the relationship.

This May is one where relationships which are seen as part of a life process in which your partner is part of your journey both mental and spiritual will become closer. Relationships that have no core or no purpose will suffer. In fact, relationships where you are battling financial or other serious problems can do incredibly well right now as the bond and sense of being in battle together is strong.

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