Sunday, February 16, 2020

Weekly March Horoscope 2020 for Libra

libra weekly forecast march 2020

Libra First Week Predictions March '20

Between 1st & 2nd your growing expenses will outclass your income. Despite your hard work you may find your work getting hurdled. But you’ll feel very less mental tension. Between 3rd & 5th some senior or aged person’s blessing and inspiration may help you grow fast. You’ll do every work with zest and redoubled enthusiasm. Those in service may get promotion. But between 6th & 7th clashes and fights may mar your mood. Check your tongue and temper, else you’ll ruin all your plans.

Libra Second Week Predictions March '20

Between 8th & 9th for some reasons for study and research work may be hurdled. But in service your boss or seniors will be extra considerate to you. Between 10th & 11th your friends and colleagues will be very helpful. You may have a journey programme all of a sudden. Some advice given by your family member may prove very vital for you. Between 12th & 13th spouses will have a sweet rapport. You may plan a new venture. But between 13th evening to 15th you could be trapped in a sinister conspiracy as you could be betrayed. So remain alert.

Libra Third Week Predictions March '20

The tide will be favourable; you’ll achieve your every desire with confidence and high morale. You may learn a new trick in your trade. May purchase land or even golden ornaments during this phase. On 17th March guests may come. Between 18th and 20th March, its Moon’s to amsit in 10th will ensure your excellence mounting. An intelligent investment made now will give you good return later on. May get very good professional opportunities. Working with patience and intelligence you’ll have success in whatever you do. However progeny’s health may cause concern. On 23rd March you may suffer a hefty loss to feel quite disturbed.

Libra Fourth Week Predictions March '20

Between 24th & 25th nothing of consequence will be achieved barring long drawn negotiations. Some family member’s health may add to your worries. Between 26th & 27th domestic jobs may take up most of your time. Success in the govt. related cases is indicated. Closed friends will be quite cooperative. You may indulge a bit in the phase of self realization. Between 28th & 30th results achieved will be of mediocre quality. Property related dispute may remain unsolved. Domestic problems may mount though professionally you’ll remain quite satisfied. On 31st you may suddenly get some bad-debted money given on loan long back. You may take some important decisions during this phase.

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