Thursday, February 6, 2020

Taurus Horoscope March 2020

taurus overview in march 2020

Taurus Horoscope Predictions March 2020

There is intensity of feeling this month, and you will succeed at any activity in which you feel emotionally involved – in fact, emotion is a key part of what drives you to succeed, and it can provide a secret ingredient to any project you are busy with. This emotion can both help and hinder you in personal contacts – you can impress people with your obvious passion and drive, and yet if not kept contained, you can come over as so intense that it is intimidating.

This is a very creative time and a period where you can express deep emotions and also psychological concepts via art – you can reach people at a deeper level and move them emotionally via your words, images, or music. You need to widen the circles within which you move this month to attract attention – look beyond the obvious.

This month is one where you should not shy away from highly competitive situations; you should also not be put off by the actions of others, which may well be driven by jealousy. Support may come from unusual sources rather than from those closest to you.

Again this month is one of tackling unconscious reflex reactions that may no longer be productive for you, i.e., your pleasure seeking and pain avoidance reactions. Live in the present and face reality for what it is rather than looking at it through the prism of the past. Try to delay acting in situations where there is a strong impulse to behave in a certain way – ask yourself if this behaviour reflects the new you or an outdated you.

You have a great deal of energy this month, and the energy will help you to have more stamina to work, exercise, build muscle or compete in sporting events.

There is a selfish side to this month as you put your needs first – but as Taurus are often people pleasers, this is never a bad thing.

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