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Monthly Career Horoscope March 2020

career horoscope march 2020 (all signs)

All Signs Career Horoscope in March 2020

Aries Career Predictions March '20

This month is very busy for those of you involved in careers to do with publishing, teaching, communications, and logistics – the pace of events is fast and business is brusque. In business, you can develop plans, write reports, and produce your accounts with speed and accuracy – your business sense is heightened, and your ability to produce forecasts, projections, and create budgets is enhanced. So while this is not the best month for actual investment decisions, it is a good one to plan ahead for the year or to prepare forecasts to apply for loans in the future. Your analytical ability is sharp in March; your mind is keen, and you can get through more work, with more efficiency than usual. This month is great for increasing your earning potential by undertaking new skills training, especially if the skills are highly practical in nature. This is a highly productive month when you can get stuck into difficult and laborious chores and get them done. You are rather dogged in sticking to your guns when it comes to matters of principle. The motto for this month is steady and consistent, and you can channel energy and focus mentally until you achieve what you have set out to. Results should be concrete, and financially you can open up some new income streams and exceed targets. This month, motivate yourself by working towards a material goal – i.e., putting up a picture of that new golf club, piece of jewellery or even the ideal car you want, and this tangible goal to work towards will help motivate you.

Taurus Career Predictions March '20

You can work long and hard this month to achieve ambitions close to your heart – you are more competitive than usual, and so a head to head battle will spur you on. You are ready to stand up for yourself, and so you will not allow superiors or colleagues to push you around, sideline you or ignore your ideas. You can make a good impression on others as you come across as enthusiastic and capable. This month is good for initiating activities. If you have loads of routine work to do, you can feel bored and demotivated – in this case, you will need to be working on some long-term plans on the side or doing a few hobbies. The ideal situation is where you have leadership roles to fulfil or where you have to work with speed and accuracy, i.e., in exams or where you have deadlines. You have more confidence in your ideas, and you can debate with energy. This is a very good month for learning as your mind is alert and ready for new information – you also have more mental energy, which aids all work. You can be impatient, and you are likely to gloss over details, but this month it is not the details which are so important, rather getting the main part of the job done – you can always go and tweak it later to get the finer points in order. This month is terrific for jobs and careers where you combine physicality with art, i.e., dance, gymnastics or where design meets the physical world, i.e., architecture, landscape gardening, hairdressing. You are physically dexterous and also fast with your hands. Taking in enough water and getting iron are important this month. You need a very varied diet and should avoid stodgy, heavy meals.

Gemini Career Predictions March '20

You are not necessarily practical in the way you are going about work this month. You can be rather elusive and hard to pin down in your professional matters, but this can play to your advantage, helping to outwit and confuse your opponents. A haphazard way of going about tasks can be quite effective as you can capitalise on changes to your advantage that crop up along the way. There may be peculiar conditions that arise in your job, and some adaptability, and Gemini flexibility will be required. It is best not to become wedded to one idea or way of doing things, be prepared to change tactics even at the last minute. Keep an element of secrecy, and do not reveal your hand until the last possible minute. Minor changes that happen right now could portend towards greater changes that will happen throughout this year, and so if you get a feeling about changes afoot, do not ignore that feeling. This is a year of flux regarding career and your work situation, and you need to be alert to changes that can affect your conditions, ability to get ahead or your authority. In some situations, changes in management structure which start now can affect your ability to be as effective as you want to be or may undermine you, and so watch out for these changes and look to circumvent them or alter your course appropriately.

Cancer Career Predictions March '20

This month is very good for those in music, the arts or entertainment from the perspective of composition, performance, and being well received by the public. Arts which aim to uplift or convey a universal message can have greater impact. This month can be highly successful for your promotional or publicity events, especially if you time them well or are tuning into the public mood. This time, it is vital to acknowledge the undercurrents in society and tap into those. Conventional data analysis, market research, and surveys can prove useless, and you will have to look deeper and use unconventional methods to find out what really matters to people and how to access them on an emotional level. Sales, persuasion, and campaigning on a topic needs to be light on facts and heavy on emotional appeal – using body language, mirroring, and eye contact to reach and sway your clients. There may well be chances to travel regarding your business although you may often travel to pursue an opportunity that is somewhat vague or speculative, and thus the aims of your trip may not be achieved or may yield surprising results. Writing or publishing on mystical or esoteric subjects can bring you success and help you create a following. If you are in an alternative field, i.e., alternative health practitioner or even a tarot reader, you may need to blog, vlog or use Twitter to get your message out there and create a following. This month is an ideal time to bring attention to your field (especially if in medicine, diet, etc.) and attract followers who can help you create your brand. In all areas of work, you need to think of yourself as a brand and do more to create a coherent narrative around yourself, and that means streamlining your social media and professional web pages and LinkedIn. Do not be a wild party animal on Facebook and a serious health care worker on LinkedIn – make sure you stay on message and do not damage one image with another frivolous one. Alternatively, if your main focus is comedy or music, do not alienate fans with your strident political views.

Leo Career Predictions March '20

This month is ideal for tackling finances and is a perfect month for implementing change within your business or restructuring. You can restructure debt, change gearing, apply for loans, crowdfunding or community funding. It is also a good time for doing research regarding new product lines and product development. You can use the energies this month to shift your focus regarding career and work and perhaps increase the amount of work you do in areas which are of great interest. You may be required to establish a greater proficiency in one particular area of work, and this can lead to some interesting discoveries and possibly to a new direction. Possibly, you will get the chance to develop a skill to a very high level, making you an expert in a field and thus someone who is in demand and that has greater career prospects. This month is not a good one for promotions, ad campaign or launching new products or enterprising. Put any publicity on hold and limit motivational work events, rather concentrate on the financial and organisational side of the business than marketing. It is better not to book time off this month as you may end up taking so much work with you, you get no rest, or you may be bothered by calls throughout the holiday. If you travel for work, do not mix business and pleasure.

Virgo Career Predictions March '20

Where you were reluctant to accept advice last month, this month advice, especially from an expert, can be very helpful and more on point. It is vital that you can narrow your questions down to something very specific to get more from experts. Vague questions give vague and useless answers, and so narrow your problems down to carefully formulated questions which will generate answers that are actionable. Virgo who work as tarot readers, clairvoyants and psychics will have added insights and a clear connection can be established with clients. ESP to do with your clients can mean that Virgos who work as doctors, pharmacists, nurses, or vets too can make accurate diagnosis of physical and mental conditions which is beyond the clinical in terms of analysis. This is a very powerful time for Virgos in medicine or the caring professions as you are more sympathetic, understanding, and intuitive and will gain as much from helping others as they can from you. Virgo who work with energy fields like chiropractors, Reiki, reflexology, or hands-on healers can have outstanding results. Virgo could be attracted to careers where a certain level of faith is involved, i.e., faith in the unseen and unproven such as astrology, psychic work, homoepathy, religious instruction, hypnotherapy or herbal medicine. Virgo may look more to alternate fields for answers. In work with others, you need to be a leader rather than a follower – you must give direction as you are the clear thinker with the practical matters in mind while others could be a little naïve and idealistic. Do not be swept along; be the one to say, “Whoa, let’s think this through a little more logically.” You do need to keep a certain guard up as your psychic nature is porous, and you may imbibe too many unsettling emotions from others. Know how to switch off from the vibes others around you are generating or else you will become anxious and out of kilter.

Libra Career Predictions March '20

This month is very challenging for those of you who do not have their heart in their job; this can be a eureka moment when you suddenly realise that due to changes in personnel or working environment it is no longer fulfilling for you. Often for Libra, this month is the one when you begin to see that the role you are in is no longer challenging or satisfying you and you are ready for something else. You may not know exactly what you want to do next, but it could be the start of an experimentation period where you try out various jobs or even temp for a long period until you discover what inspires you. You may in the process of becoming self-employed, but you are having a period of uncertainty and financial deficit while you seek premises and build up a client base; it may be a while before you are fully on your feet. In some cases, you have not physically left your old job, but you have mentally checked out and are thinking ahead to pastures greener. This month, temporary work, zero hours contracts, acting as an extra or volunteer work can be very helpful for those in between jobs to gain experience, references or extra money. In some cases, Libra may feel in a limbo regarding their work – you may be waiting for a major announcement from your employer or waiting for a client to make up their minds so that you can proceed. Many Libran (who are young) may get their first job at the supermarket, delivering papers, waitressing, etc., and this can prove to be quite an awesome experience which can teach you about the subtle aspects of working with people. This is a good month to approach a potential business partner about forming a working relationship – this month could be the first contact, and you should not be put off if it does not go well; exchange details, and you will be surprised when they get in touch a few months later.

Scorpio Career Predictions March '20

Scorpio are ready to take the limelight, and this month is an excellent time for all performers and artists who are launching projects or promoting themselves. This favours creative pursuits and also those creative projects which rely heavily on technology, i.e., graphic design, music production, film editing, etc. Development of ideas is a key part of this month; not all ideas have to be creative in nature, they can be in terms of business plans, marketing strategies, investment options – whatever they are you need to flush them out this month and get them ready to take to the next level. Scorpio are happy to task risks artistically – you will take some gambles and see if you can pull it off and make it work. Scorpio have a daredevil attitude, and you will back yourself to pull off more daring challenges at work and personally. You have a nothing to lose attitude and win or lose, you will gain by the experience. Work with children is very rewarding, and great progress can be made. This month is great for teachers, paediatricians, social workers, and any person who works with children as you can establish a rapport which will aid you in understanding the child/children and addressing their problems or issues with sensitivity and effectiveness. A great month for Scorpio seeking patents for inventions and also for branding of your products, trade name or indeed yourself as a personality.

Sagittarius Career Predictions March '20

This month is an auspicious one for starting up any business which you intend to run from home – even if only initially. It is ideal for businesses which start off with a relatively small investment and grow organically. It is important for you to try things out on a trial and error basis as you may feel constrained by limitations that are imagined – you need to work out by experimenting or testing what can and cannot be done. In many cases, you are exploring new ground, and there may be no valuable data or evidence which can give you an indication of how to proceed. Do not toss out any idea without trying it as the unexpected can work out right now and certain limiting factors may not prove as problematic as you think. This is also a time when Sagittarians who have served an apprenticeship are finally ready to break away and get started themselves as sole practitioners or traders. It really is time for you to cut the apron strings from your current boss, mentor, employer, professor, or parent, and start making your mark regarding the profession you have trained for. This is a powerful time of manifestation of ideas and a very good month to sow seeds or establish new roots for projects which are long term. A wonderful month to begin a new career or start a major new project. This month is a strong one for those who work closely with nature, i.e., in conservation, green energy, farming or with animals. Managing scarce resources and coping with drought or extreme weather conditions is a common theme. Sagittarians in both academia or on the ground can be involved in research to do with climate change, sustainability, and evolution of species. This is a month when many Sagittarians may ditch the office or lecture hall to go and do practical studies in the field – this is a very hands-on time when you need to get first-hand experience to get a grip on situations.

Capricorn Career Predictions March '20

This month is wonderful for study, exams, and other activities which require you to be intellectually astute and mentally active. It is a time when you feel confident in your ability to debate, present speeches or do public speaking. It is great for doing interviews or auditions, and in general, you can give a very good account of yourself. This is a very good month for raising awareness – so if your work involves activism or you want to get those you work with fired up about the issues, this month will be productive. It is also great for public awareness campaigns like stop smoking, eat less sugar or the promotion of tolerance. March is really an ideal time to learn a new language or improve your communication skills by doing something like elocution, voice projection training, coaching regarding connecting with an audience and selling an idea. You can improve interpersonal skills, telephone manner, and persuasive techniques by attending online seminars. The point is that learning techniques that can change your life (from social media based businesses to blogging) is at your fingertips and maybe just as far away as a click on a Facebook advert. March is very effective for those of you who communicate using non-verbal methods from dance to cartoons to art. You will find added ways to inject your work with relevance, especially when it comes to satire.

Aquarius Career Predictions March '20

This is an excellent time for planning how to grow your business. You need to focus on social media, linking with similar businesses, being more involved in the community and also perhaps bidding for government contracts. You are highly motivated and also practical in the way you approach new investment or growth. You can manage future goals without becoming so involved in them that you neglect current priorities. You have a great deal of balance in the way you approach business decisions, and that makes this a wonderful month for major decisions. This is also a very opportune time to change jobs or positions; this should not involve a major career shift, rather a new job with a better pay structure and benefits or a department change which offers better long-term progression. If you have waited for a very long time for a position you desire to come available, this may be the month it happens. For those who are unemployed this month, you should redo your CV/resume and do a concerted blitz on employers. You do need a clear strategy of applying, following up, and preparing thoroughly for interviews. You will tend to have greater success with job applications this month as you can separate real opportunities from those which are no-hopers and so will streamline your energy to the openings with the best likelihood of success. Aquarians may be more involved in work which involves popular movements in politics or the arts.

Pisces Career Predictions March '20

Career changes and also those beginning careers this month will see the benefits of the change about a year from now. Often the benefits of a career move now are not felt right away, and you need to give yourself time to settle; be patient and allow for an adjustment phase before you push yourself. In all careers, preparation is essential, and you need to lay plans and also to plan and visualise your approach under different seniors. The motto in 2020 is to expect the unexpected, and so remain flexible and ready for last minute changes – do not be rigid or narrow-minded in your approach, or you will not be able to make the best of things. Financially, you will need to do some careful juggling to make sure that all your bills are covered. You may have less money than you would like to spend on promotion, advertising, or enhancing your business – it’s all boring essential spends. You may need to review bad debts and make some writeoffs. You should be careful about extending credit to new clients, and you should also look out for slow paying clients who may be struggling with their own cash flow – do not extend their credit. In employment, you may have some tough negotiations to deal with; these can be protracted, and you may have to contend with complex vested interests, and in some cases, you may not even realise all the factors at play until some time later. Dealing with people who are narrow-minded or very old school can be frustrating, but try your best to keep building bridges as although things are slow, you can still thrash something out eventually. This is an excellent time for Pisces who play in orchestras, sing in choirs or travel as part of a musical production. Working in tandem with similar creative people, especially in music where you are acting in harmony with others to create a unified melody and seamless performance.

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