Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Gemini Love Horoscope March 2020

gemini in love march 2020

Gemini Monthly Love Forecast March 2020

This can be a time of playing the field for unattached Gemini who do not want to commit. You want to enjoy the dating game with none of the strings which come later when you are more involved and when there are more bones of contention. Relationships now need a light touch; this is not a time when you want to grapple with heavy issues. You need to enjoy each other’s company, chat about non-contentious issues and drop any unhelpful attitudes. Often playful and social activates enhance the relationship more than analysing and trying to thrash out major issues.

Double dates, social gatherings or community events can be a way to meet new potential partners.

Couples with mutual friends and a shared social circle will thrive more than couples who go their separate ways regarding their interests and hobbies.

Weak relationships will tend to break down this month as temptations will be hard to resist, and the grass may seem greener; in fact, the grass may well be greener, and meeting someone new could open your eyes to what your current relationship is missing. Question: can your relationship evolve to fulfil you, or do you need to move on.

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