Sunday, January 26, 2020

Virgo Weekly Predictions February 2020

virgo all weekly forecast february 2020

Virgo First Week Forecast February 2020

Relief could be expected from a long lasting worry; your heart will itch for helping the poor and needy. Before relying on anyone, check all the details. Between 3rd & 4th using your prudence and discretion you’ll finish all your worldly job. Success in the govt. related cases is also expected. Court cases may also be favourably decided. Between 5th & 6th your lie could be nailed as Ketu in 6th may provoke disturbance from your foes. On 7th guests may come. You will love to study some interesting book.

Virgo Second Week Forecast February 2020

Luck will favour you in love affairs on 8th. Keep a check on expenses. Between 9th & 10th you may receive some good news about your some friend or relative. You’ll be full of new power and energy. Your house decoration may keep you engrossed. Between 11th & 12th despite not achieving any spectacular success, you’ll feel satisfied about your efforts. You’ll be caring for your senior family members who shall also bless you liberally. Routine work will be normally accomplished. But between 13th & 15th you could be trapped in an financial crunch; may have to borrow money for running your day to day expenses. Enemies and opponents may try to overpower you. Some false allegation may be leveled against your name.

Virgo Third Week Forecast February 2020

On 16th the tide may turn favourable once again. Students will study devotedly. You’ll get much enlightening information from a channel or some books. Mentally you’ll feel quite strong. Between 18th & 19th in the work field your awe and authority shall grow. You’ll be quite attentive to your domestic issues. But you’ll manage to strike balance between your professional and domestic duties. May receive some exhilarating news. Between 20th & 21st you may better off. Between 22nd & 23rd some unpleasant news will upset you. Keep a check on your partner’s and subordinate’s activities.

Virgo Fourth Week Forecast February 2020

On 24th you may face the crunch due to less income and more expenditure. Poor health of some family member may drive you to the hospital. Between 25th & 26th you may unexpectedly get some refund from the Income Tax or some company or even from some good agency. Between 27th & 29th Feb. your trade/business combinations may not be satisfactory. At the month end you’ll indulge in a bit of self appraisal. Using some technique you’ll manage to recover some of your old due money eventually. May participate in some auspicious ceremony.

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