Thursday, January 16, 2020

Virgo Monthly Horoscope February 2020

virgo in february 2020

Virgo Horoscope February 2020

Last month you were not quite in top gear regarding your organisation and efficiency, and now February is the month to get back into control and make arrangements, plans, schedules, and start delegating. It is back to details and back to basics regarding your plans and goals. Virgo love making lists and being well prepped, and so this month you will be filling up the diary, marking out calendars and setting targets, budgets, and milestones. It is also time to ensure your contact and email lists are up to date, backed up, and secured.

New routines for your health, diet, and to cope with practical issues are implemented. A good month to start a diet or new health regime. Feng Sui is something that appeals to Virgo as a way to structure and organise the home and work environment. You will strive to make your life more efficient and ergonomic.

The more you feel on top of the mundane things in life, the less anxious or stressed you will feel.

Boundaries are important this month, especially when it comes to employees and co-workers as they can become emotionally dependant on you in a way that becomes draining. In some cases, they can even take advantage of your sympathy.

Work and health are linked this month, and so health problems experienced now are often related to work – poor quality of food in your canteen, not taking proper lunch breaks or heavy reliance on packed meals. You need to make sure you make time to eat in a peaceful environment, not ramming food down while you bang away at the PC or while driving or rushing between appointments. Respect food more, not only regarding what you eat but how you eat. Your health can improve.

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