Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Taurus Weekly Predictions February 2020

taurus all weekly forecast february 2020

Taurus First Week Forecast February 2020

Between 1st & 2nd you’ll get good wealth. You’ll work in total discipline and make your kids also do the same. May also indulge in your some favourite hobby. You’ll have quite an idealistic learning. You’ll be quite devoted to your family members. May try to brighten your image. Between 3rd & 4th you’ll have a very enjoyable time. May go out to attend some marriage. During this phase you’ll behave like an ideal son, father or husband or even friend. But the Moon’s transit in 8th may make life rather difficult for you. May attend some concert or conference where your performance may not be good. The work pressure may exhaust you. On 7th you may find high officials quite helpful to you.

Taurus Second Week Forecast February 2020

On 8th your business will improve. Your prestige and honour will also swell. May start preparation for some auspicious ceremony at home. Between 9th & 10th you’ll find things favourable everywhere. Children’s marriage proposals or educational prospects may reach a decisive phase. You’ll have a swell time. You’ll enjoy with your family as well while working for your job devotedly. Between 13th & 15th some death news may disturb you deeply. You may feel stunned or extremely unhappy. Extra work may also enervate you. Between 11th & 12th your friend’s or colleague’s total cooperation will energise you. May get good money.

Taurus Third Week Forecast February 2020

Between 16th & 17th you will be in an emotional vein. With sentiments you’ll achieve your aim. May get many opportunities to earn good money. Between 18th & 19th you’ll be full of energy. You’ll get happiness and profit simultaneously. You will help the needy ones. Between 20th & 21st the transit of the Sun in 10th will get you best results. Whether in business or in service you will surely rise in position. You’ll complete all your financial obligations. The tide will be quite favourable. You’ll fill up your coffers by your hard work and luck’s favour. Between 22nd & 23rd you may have a tiff with your beloved (or lover). The fear of transfer may loom large on your head. Stomach troubles may disturb you. Some of your secrets may be exposed which may embarrass you.

Taurus Fourth Week Forecast February 2020

24th won’t be a favourable day. You may pick quarrel with someone. Trade or service won’t give you any gain. Between 25th & 26th you may enrich your knowledge. The students will fare very well. Your seniors or parents will shower their affection on you. At home some hilarious event may delight you. Between 27th & 29th you’ll enjoy best of food and drinks. You will be encouraged to go for the renovation of your house. You’ll complete all your bank related work quite methodically. May enjoy a swell time with your pet animal.

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